Part I:
Briefing on the Material
In This Chapter

The purpose of this chapter is to take all types of information, whether this be channeled communications through spirit or outward manifestations, and try to give a picture of how the Aquarian Age is and could manifest. We will take into consideration the information passed on by the Space Brothers, dis-incarnate spirits, mystical experiences, prophecies handed down generation through generation and a brief summary of current world conditions. However, due to the nature and the implications of this description of transformation, I am including this Introduction to prepare the reader for the contents of this chapter.

If one investigates the different sources listed above, you will find they all speak about great changes that are to occur in the near future. All facets of Earth Life, as we know it, will be affected. This is the most difficult chapter for me to compile (was the last chapter to be typed for this un-edited version) because I find myself in a quandary. On the one hand, I wish to share vital information to give an understanding of the Times. On the other hand, the essence of this planetary transformation can be seen in the wrong light, through fear and panic, which is definitely not the desire of this book. Our planet is already surrounded in an air of fear and negativity, I do not wish to add to this. Fear is truly our most deadly enemy. More so, than Man's inability to live in peace with each other. Fear is ignorance of Truth. So, I thought I would share some alternative ways to look at fear and how to deal with the events which could shape our world into a New Earth.

First, let us try to define 'Fear' more precisely and look at some of its implications. Above I said, 'Fear is ignorance of Truth', what does this mean? I have spoken before that the most basic Truth to my heart and that is reflected in all religions and major philosophies of the world is the Law of Oneness. That the Creator is internal and each of us is a fragment of the 'One Consciousness' of God. That we are made in His/Her image, that we are eternal spirit. But as most of you know, the world we live in today, the people on the whole do not accept this statement. If they encounter a spiritual person or have an inner experience of their own, since this is not their reality, they become afraid and move away. Since their reality is physical, they fear anything that will cause pain or suffering. They have forgotten, by their own choice, that they are Divine and eternal.

Another aspect of fear is the ability to not be able to have communion with the Creator. If one does, their is an unshakable faith that God will guide you to the right path. People who have fear control them, refuse to make changes in their life. Since they do not have total faith, unless they can see what the future holds in store for them, they will not budge. Or perhaps, when facing a difficult problem in their life, they would rather pretend it doesn't exist and maybe it will go away by itself. Sometimes I see this attitude by others when I discuss certain world problems that do not directly affect their lives. They feel someone else can solve it, they do not wish to be bothered. Lastly, how many times have you been afraid to do something but after you went through the experience, you thought, "Hey that wasn't that bad at all'?

When God created His/Her children, He/She did not foresee they would use their creative powers to produce a world of pain and. suffering. Fear is the energy of confusion which distorts our awareness, tries to bottle us up, and shield us from the Light. When I have experienced fear, I feel it as a pain in my stomach. My body feels heavy and their is great inner tensions and inharmonious vibrations. I feel as if someone is restraining me. I can't function properly. I feel useless and have no creativity. But Fear begins as a thought. We think about something we are afraid of and then fear attacks our emotions and body. It is almost like a cancer, out of control and raging. However, fear is only an illusion. It can only exist if we keep feeding this energy. All one has to do is get in touch with your inner Divine self and use Divine Will to stand up to fear. It will melt away like ice cream on a warm summers' day. Fear can only control a person who does not see what it truly is. To face the times ahead, we must defeat any of our fears. We must have faith in God. When one has total faith, there is no fear.

This chapter will not deal with exact prophecies but will use the essence of predictions as guidelines. David Spangler, a well known New Age speaker, views prophecies as warnings of potential futures if mankind does not re-direct their energies and take responsibility to create change. Thus, no prophecies have to happen. However, if the situations causing the future problems persist, eventually it will be too late to completely correct them. Another aspect of prophecy is that through Man's Free Will and the power of his collective consciousness, anything can be altered. If you consult some of the communications from the Space Brothers, they will talk about not being absolutely sure what is to happen. It still rests, to some degree in our hands. I would say the nature of any changes to the surface of the planet will be dependent upon how well we cooperate with the natural laws of the Mother Earth, which on a small scale is a reflection of the Universal Laws.

Let us look at a specific example of what happened with a prediction given for March 10th, 1982. On this date, it was speculated that due to a unique planetary configuration in our solar system (all of the planets including the earth, were on the same side of the sun), great cataclysms would ensue (perhaps the "End of the World"). Absolutely nothing happened! The way in which this information was spread, only promoted fear. The results of this prophecy saw many people breathing a sigh of relief and most likely thought to themselves, "This business of prophecy is for the birds! I am never going to believe any of that stuff again!" - or - "See, why are you paying attention to this kind of stuff, the world isn't going to see any great changes. Change comes slowly. (Secretly praying that such events will never happen, not bothering to investigate why such a prophecy would be given in the first place)". However, if one does do this investigation, there is one point that all prophecies agree upon, that our Earth is going to see many transformations. Exactly what these changes will be, who can say. I am sure as time goes on, other signs will be given.

Thus, it is my hope by giving possible reasons for these changes, people will understand that the manifestation of the Aquarian Age on this planet is an important universal event. It is not just simply a matter of a few natural disasters here and spaceships landing there. Remember in Chapter '3', 'Secrets of the UFO' discussed that the earth was passing through the ending of a Minor, Major and Master Cosmic Cycle, all culminating right now? We are talking about fantastic universal energies. Something must definitely be in the works. To verify these cosmic cycles, one could consult any reliable astrologer. Plus, the idea of the universe having cycles is not new. We see cycles in nature all the time. Thus, the earth is truly graduating into a New Space. The end of one cycle and the start of a new one.

One thing that has disturbed me, is very few people have given concrete suggestions on how to deal with prophecies. Either the prophecies are shrugged off or others are captivated by the dynamic explosive changes predicted to occur. In the later case, I see the same reaction to prophecy as what I believe happened during the time of the Christ. Rather than focus on His teachings of Love, Brotherhood and Universal Oneness, he is remembered for His Resurrection. This is a form of sensationalism. People made him into a God instead of seeing Him as the example of Christhood, which all can obtain. The answer I have come up with, to the question posed above, is quite simple. If we rely completely on the inner senses we all have, our communication link with the Christ and God Consciousness, we will receive total guidance at all times. We will know which prophecy or other Aquarian information to pay attention to. And if some type of disaster, by chance, was to occur in your geographic region, you would receive fair warning through the inner channels. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned or fear any prophecy. Just to have an understanding of the essence of the predictions and why these changes are occurring. Plus, the Holy Father/Mother is not going to allow any of His/Her children be destroyed. For is not all One? This would be as if God wanted to destroy a part of Him/Herself. Our own spiritual vibration will determine which mansion or classroom in God's Infinite Universe is appropriate for each of us. If it is not the New Earth, than perhaps another similar planet. Physical death is merely a transition from one classroom to another. Or. the concept of reincarnation, the belief our spirit is eternal and uses many physical vehicles to learn and evolve. Perhaps death (physical) is the greatest fear we must conquer?

Well, I have tried to share a few views on 'Fear' and 'Prophecy'. If you feel this type of information might frighten you, please feel free to pass the chapter up. However, for those readers who might like to take a peek at what is going on and how the beautiful age of Aquarius will eventually stream forth on the planet, step right up! But, please remember to use one of your inner senses (or more) to validate for yourself, the information given. This is exactly the procedure I used to decide what material to include.

A few words on the remainder of the chapter. Part II is an essay on the concepts of 'Good' and 'Evil' from a spiritual perspective. I have found a different way of looking at 'Evil' or let's say contrary to what I had been taught as a child. Since the manifestation of the Aquarian Age definitely will result from the confrontation of the Age Old Battle of Good vs. Evil, this seemed to fit quite nicely in this chapter. I will state this categorically, the Forces of Good ('The Light') will absolutely positively overcome and be victorious. Our planet will see a beautiful paradise. Part III briefly addresses the current world. conditions and. lists resources that go into greater detail about what are some of the reasons for the many problems the earth faces. I decided to just give the resource list because I am not exactly sure what is going on although I feel I understand the essence. My dear friend Shan Montgomery (surprised you're listed here lady?), channeled a message for me as I was struggling to figure out how to write this section. She told me, "Be aware that wrongly qualified energy can kill higher impulses in others." Or in other words, NEVER REPEAT GOSSIP! So, instead of sharing what I feel/think/intuitively sense is true, I'll let the reader decide if he wants to investigate.

Part IV and Part V discuss some of the other factors involved in the planetary transformation, mostly from a spiritual perspective. And the last section gives some suggestions how we can participate and bring about this Golden Age. So, to those who are ready to volunteer (if you haven't already) for the New Age work, to see our world filled with joy, harmony, peace and brotherhood, I invite you to turn the page and take a look at one of your brother's visions. Through the Eternal Light and Love of Our Infinite Creator, we are always protected and in communion with HIS/HER presence.

Peace & Blessings ----- Joshua

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