The Concepts of 'Good' & 'Evil'
(Viewed from a Spiritual Perspective)

Throughout the history of the Earth, man has been battling against the forces of evil for the salvation of his soul. The New Age people will describe this situation as 'Light' (Enlightenment, Truth) vs. 'Darkness' (Ignorance, confusion). We have been brought up that certain things are considered Good and others are Evil (or the Devil tries to tempt us into following his ways). The problem with defining these concepts is that each religion or life philosophy seems to have their own understanding for each one. What may be incredible Evil to you, could be perfectly accepted by another person. Since the beginning of my search for wisdom and knowledge, through the journeys and encounters with other spiritually orientated individuals, I have come to an alternative perspective of these two forces. If I told you that Good and Evil do not exist, they are an illusion, a creation of Man's mind or what C.G. Jung would have called an archetype (symbols that man uses to define his reality), would you believe me?

One can gain tremendous insight about Cosmic Forces/Energies by studying the Seven Laws of Hermes, one of the greatest teachers to ever appear on the earth. According to Manly Hall's book, 'Secret Teachings of All Ages', Hermes first appeared in ancient Egypt. Hermes was known to the Egyptians as the God of Wisdom (note the Greeks have a God Hermes, the winged messenger and the Romans called him Mercury). Hermes taught man: Medicine, chemistry, philosophy, art, music (created the lyre), magic, geometry, astrology, etc ... The study of Hermetics (Universal Laws) is named after him. An earlier incarnation of Hermes was that of Thoth, the Atlantean, who brought the great wisdom and knowledge of Atlantis to Egypt. Thoth is credited with writing 13 emerald tablets that include all -of his wisdom and are now buried in the Great Pyramid.

Hermes discussed the Universal Laws through Seven Principles (Laws). The first principle I would like to quote is his Fourth Law, which directly relates to our discussion of 'Good' and 'Evil'. It is called the Principle of Polarity and states:

'All is duality. Everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same. Opposites are identical but different in degree. Opposites are only two extremes of the same thing, with many varying degrees between.'

Certainly what we call 'Good' and 'Evil' are two opposite conditions but your question might be: 'They can"t possibly be two extremes of the same thing, can they?' This is one of the key points to understand the alternative view I will present. Let us delve into a further discussion of this principle.

In Chapter '1', we defined the concept/philosophy of 'Oneness'. Briefly, this school of thought believes that all particles of all multi-dimensional realities are fragments of the consciousness of the Creator. That the Creator is internal not external. Therefore, by this philosophy, the forces of 'Good' and 'Evil' stem from the same source, the Creator. Well, this is not exactly true in the literal sense. At the level of the Godhead, these forces are perceived as different intensities of the same energy. God places no judgment on what kind of energy it is, man is the one who does. Now, perhaps some of you are ready to tear up these sheets! How could God actually create 'Evil', God is perfect? The answer lies in the Law of Free Will, defined as the right for all of God's creations to decide for themselves, how they wish to exist, how they wish to grow and search for communion with the Creator. This Law also implies that each child of God should respect the free will of their brothers and sisters. For God created all his manifestations or expressions of Him/Herself to be of service to each other, since each part, in truth, is an extension of all other parts. Thus, the concept of 'Evil' comes from Man not following the Law of Free Will and pretending that God is not within him. By the Law of Free Will, he may chose any belief system or philosophy he chooses. Since man is a part of the consciousness of God, and has created the concept and performs the action of Evil, then we can say that 'Evil' comes from the creator. But 'Evil' and 'Good' are balancing forces, there is total harmony in the universe because these forces are in perfect balance!

If we study the information given by the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce, about the process of creation, we can gain some insight on how 'Evil' or separation from the Creator occurred. According to Cayce, initially, in the beginning, there was just 'One Consciousness', without form. This consciousness or God, decided to use His/Her creative powers and to take from within Him/Herself and created God sparks of Light or what we call Souls. Each soul was in direct communication with the Godhead and was given the same God-like abilities to manifest their own realities for exploration of their own spiritual growth. Even though there were individual souls, all were aware of the Universal Oneness and completely followed the Law of Free Will. However, after some time (if time existed on this level?), some of God's children decided they did not wish to follow the Holy Father/Mother's laws and through their Free Will, chose to follow a separate path. They became a god to their own creations but chose to ignore the consciousness that created them. This decision caused these Soul to lose their direct link with the Creator (or perhaps what has been called, 'The Great Fall of the Angels'). Eventually, they became so caught up in their own manifestations, they had totally lost the way, they could not return to the Source. Our planet Earth, was created to help these lost Souls find a way to return back home. To learn the difference between the gross physical levels and that of spirit, form against the formless. Thus, this fall was the beginning of what we on earth call 'Evil'.

Many great teachers or advanced souls have come to Earth, to remind us of the God presence within and our God-like powers. Jesus said: "Ye are Gods, what I can do, you can do and more!" (not exact, paraphrased). Other teachers like the Buddha or Krishna shared similar messages. As a matter of fact, if one studies, really studies, the roots of all religions and philosophies, you will see they all contain the same basic foundation. Teachers like Jesus were bent to Earth to be examples of the Truth, not to start a new religion. Man did that. When God created his children, he gave them total abundance. He did not conceive that his children would ignore the harmony of His simple laws of Love and unlimited freedom of expression and choose to follow a path of pain and suffering, just by forgetting that they were Divine. God does not want his children to be unhappy. It is man who chooses not to listen to the God within, not to take responsibility for his actions. And as Jesus said, "As you sow, so shall you reap!" Of course, not all his children chose this difficult path. The Angels and Archangels are beings who never fell! Jesus and other teachers probably come from this level of awareness.

Now let us turn our attention back to the mundane for a minute. How can any person possibly give an all inclusive definition for 'Good' or 'Evil'? For example, if you were brought up as a Christian (following the teachings of the Church, not what Jesus really taught us) and I told you I communicate with Spiritual Beings daily, through feeling and telepathy. That I have received wonderful guidance from them which has led me to the most incredible experiences in my life!!! What would you say? Would you be elated for me or warn me to be extremely careful, fearing for my life? You see, if you have never had any such inner experiences, I couldn't possibly prove these communications did occur. Unless of course, the information I received was so sensational that there is no other explanation how I could have gotten it. Thus, you might say, "It must be the work of the Devil (another topic in itself)!"

People have a tendency to cry Devil/Evil when they encounter a new experience or new philosophy that just doesn't fit their own perception of reality. It is so foreign it must be 'Evil'. How about the early witch trails in Salem for example? OK, if this is true, how about God, does this mean he is 'Evil' because we can't see the Creator? For thousands of years (if not longer), our religious leaders have tried to define these two concepts by telling us what we can and can-not do. But you know what, I don't believe we can find any appropriate definitions on a collective level. Each individual must determine for themselves, based on their own experiences and knowledge, what is Good (positive) and what is Evil (negative). This is their free will choice and if we could only respect each other, no matter what they believe, instead of trying to convince or force them to our way of thinking, the world would be a lot better place to live in, don't you think?

OK, now where does this leave us. Let's see if we can take the information presented so far and put into words what Good and Evil are. To me, 'Evil' is the ignorance or conscious disobeyance of the Creator's Laws. We could substitute confusion or ignorance for 'Evil'. And conversely, 'Good' could be described as a person who is trying as hard as he can to flow with the Universal Laws, understands the Universal Oneness, that all are his brothers and sisters and respects the Free Will of other levels of creation in the universe. He/She is attuned to the God within and listens to God's Will. This person is orientated toward service to others. Evil is an attempt to separate from the law of Oneness, to provide service only for self. The heavy life situations we encounter are only reminders that a portion or aspect of our being is not in harmony with the Creator's Laws.

However, many people can not accept that they are responsible for creating their own reality so they look for a scapegoat. They can't believe that God would allow them to suffer so Man invented the entity we call the Devil. Most people believe that the Devil, as with God, is an external being, outside of our-selves. A Deity that tries to confuse us and cause us to be terrible people. I see the Devil as an inner aspect of our being. In order to explain the existence/non-existence of the Devil, let us first investigate two more of Hermes Laws and some of the fundamental principles of metaphysics.

Hermes' First Law, the Principle of Mentalism states;

This principle explains the true nature of energy, power and matter.

Secondly, Hermes' Third Law, the Principle of Vibration:

This principle explains that the difference between manifestations of matter, energy, mind and Spirit result from varying rate of vibration.

We know our mind thinks, therefore, we have consciousness. But if God is Consciousness, then by the Law of Oneness, everything that exists, whether animate or inanimate, has consciousness. It is just that a person has a higher degree of consciousness (awareness) than a rock or the piece of paper this essay is written on. By Hermes' third law, all particles are in motion and thus have a vibration. Therefore, I believe we could equate consciousness with vibration/motion. Our scientist know, through the laws of physics, that if something is vibrating it emits energy. Thus, we could view all of creation as different forms of energy. Now, the point I am leading up to is that we create our own reality by what we think and that our thoughts are energy. If we consult Hermes' first law he states the Universe is Mental. That all forms and outward manifestations are created by the power of the mind. Our mind is consciousness therefore it is vibration and energy. And that when the Creator created the God Sparks, it was through the creative force of the mind of God.

Now, let us briefly consider some physical plane examples of how our thoughts can affect our lives. Psychosomatic illness is when a person believes they are ill but there is absolutely nothing wrong with their physical body. These thoughts (and feelings) are not in harmony with the body and thus cause tension and eventually can manifest in some form of physical discomfort, pain or illness. Another example would be how you perceive a new person. At the time, if you were angry, you could see this person in a very bad light (as if the world is against you). Also, they may be able to feel your anger and would react to you in an appropriate fashion. However, if you're happy, flying higher than a kite, this person would immediately become a good friend. Plus he/she would see you as an old jolly soul. All I am saying is to be careful, our thoughts can cloud our perception of reality plus it will draw the same type of energy right back at us.

The study of metaphysics gives us more insights into the interaction between our physical body, emotions, mind and spirit. According to this philosophy we have other levels of consciousness and vibrational bodies that exists on other planes or dimensions. Since these bodies have a higher frequency of vibration, they can not be detected with the physical senses.

Our material body has the densest vibration. The next body, going from lowest frequency to highest, is called the etheric body. This body is an exact copy of our physical body and serves as the channel for our life force to be sent by Spirit so the physical body will be alive. After this, we come to the astral body which is a reflection of the emotional balance within our being. It is also one of the bodies used for projecting when we sleep/dream or other people can consciously project into this body while awake, sometimes called astral projection. The astral plane as well as the mental or spiritual (causal) planes have no space and no time. The next dimension is called the mental plane. This is the plane where we do our thinking or where a genius creates fantastic inventions, artists see pictures, musicians hear music, etc ... The last level is called the spiritual level where our eternal true essence dwells.

All of these bodies interpenetrate with each other at all times. All of these bodies are growing and work with each other. The development of each body can be clearly seen on the physical level. The physical- etheric body through the person's health. The astral body is reflected by one's emotional balance. The mental body by the flowingness of thought. And lastly, the spiritual body by one's open-ness to their inner awareness and conscious understanding of Universal Laws. Energy passes down from the highest level or plane to the lowest.

One of the examples of these bodies is the human aura. Scientist are able to photograph the aura through a process called Kirilian Photography. It is known that the aura is an electromagnetic energy field which all humans emanate. The aura is a portion of the astral and etheric bodies. The colors in the aura are a reflection of our physical health and emotional stability. A very bright color like yellow, gold, silver-blue or violet are signs of good health while dark colors like black, gray, dark red or pale greens show disharmony. If one had the inner sight to view the aura they could watch the colors and clearly see how they change when someone's mood changes or they think about different aspects of their life. It has been found that even some of the mummies that were buried in ancient Egypt still have a small aura surrounding the bodies. I am talking about the aura because it is one of the physical proofs that show how emotions and thoughts can affect our reality. Now, let us take the information supplied thus far and look at a real-life example and see how it interfaces.

Suppose you were very poor and thus, your most important concern is survival, especially finding food to eat. First, you would worry or think about, where is your next meal coming from. Then from these thoughts, you might start to feel fear or depression, hopelessness or exasperation. You know if you don't get food within the next day or two, you will begin to feel hunger pains and if this situation is prolonged, could die. What I have tried to show here, through this small example is how first we think about a situation, then we experience the emotions and then there is a physical manifestation. Your spirit would recognize this situation as a lesson. It would try to assist the human self to find the food. Or perhaps this is a lesson of faith, that food would be found in some way. But of course, one must believe this is true. If the spirit could find a way to communicate with the earthly part, perhaps it could give a suggestion on where to find the food, give the person a little kick to get off his fanny and take some initiative.

Now, using the information presented in the last couple of paragraphs, how do we explain the existence of the Devil? Since a majority of mankind has decided that some other entity must be responsible for their suffering, that believe it must be some force or being that exists. By this belief, or these thoughts, which are energy, such a being is created and feeds on this energy (probably a lower astral deity). If most of the population, no longer believed in the Devil, the energy would be removed and this thought form would simply vanish. However, we said that everything which exists has consciousness right? Well the Devil has consciousness and would want to continue to live. So, the Devil, man's creation and other confused souls that wish to remain in their current level of beingness - desiring to experience the earthly life, will try to feed off the energy of people's negative thoughts and emotions. Since many people have no awareness of these other levels (astral plane, mental, spiritual, etc), these confused beings can intensify our negative emotions or feelings, pro-long depressions or anger. It is almost like they stand besides you, laughing because they can see you but you can't see them. Their strength lies in one's ignorance. If you were to acknowledge their presence out loud, they would run. These beings have no power over you.

An example of this would be if you walked into a room and felt uncomfortable. You are sensing one or more of these entities by their energy. So, in the same light, the Devil does not really exist. He does if you believe so and. then would have the ability to influence you. For those following a path of Light, seeking the Truth, the Devil has very little power over them.' To me, in reality, the Devil is really that part of ourselves which loves the physical carnal life and wants to ignore spirit, and take only for self. We all have this portion of our human self and it takes discipline to master it. Even Jesus had. to deal with his human self. As stated before, the New Age people call the energy of the Devil, Darkness. But what is Darkness? Simply, the veil over the 'Light'. Or in other words, the Darkness is merely an illusionary barrier that hides the Truth. The Darkness will only have power over someone if they give it this power.

While studying Thoth's Emerald Tablets and Native American philosophies I have found information about the Spiritual Guardians of the Earth. These great beings oversee the earth and have probably never had a physical lifetime. They are responsible for the existence and maintenance of the cycles on the Earth. There are two types of Guardians which relates directly to the purpose of this section, to discuss 'Good' and 'Evil'. The 'White' Guardians assist all inhabitants of the earth, all kingdoms, in their spiritual evolution. They try to provide the environment and proper setting so this evolution can occur unhindered. They have many messengers who give guidance. Their energy, their thoughts keeps the planet in working order. The 'Dark' Guardians regulate change and the cycles. Our planet is always in constant change. Such things/activities under their direction include birth/death, aging, changing of the seasons, the constant breaking down and building up of different physical bodies in all kingdoms of the planet, the affect of weather on the surface, and on and on. As stated by Hermes' Fourth Law, there must be duality. The 'Dark' Guardians are neither positive or negative. They are merely performing their duties to maintain natural order & balance in nature.

Hermes' Fifth Law states:

Everything flows out, and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall. The pendulum swing manifests in everything, rhythm compensates. This principle of neutralization applies in affairs of the Universe, suns, worlds; in life, mind, energy, matter. There is always an action and a reaction, an advance and a retreat...

When a person wanders away from the Creator's laws, the 'Dark' Guardians remind him/her with a lesson to try to bring them back to the path of Light. The severity of the lesson is in proportion to the degree of the person's inharmonious action(s). The Guardians assist each individual in balancing their karma (cause/effect, as it is known in the East). This Universal Law is described very nicely by Hermes' 6th Law, the principle of causation:

Everything happens according to law. Chance is but a name for law not recognized. There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law."

Therefore I believe Man has misinterpreted and twisted the importance of the 'Dark' Guardians work. They are not what we call the Devil. We need not have any fear of these Guardians. They are our friends, assisting us with our spiritual growth. They will only respond by the principle of causation and as Hermes says, "Nothing escapes the law!" For those who live by the Creator's laws, a very simple philosophy, there is nothing but joy, happiness, peace and bliss awaiting.

For my next feat of magic (?, thought I throw a little levity in here), I would like to focus on some suggestions on how to defeat the Devil within or the lower earthly self. We will consider three different techniques or ideas, mental discipline, meditation and the use of the 'I AM' affirmations. The number three keeps popping up doesn't it?

As we discussed earlier, through Hermes' First Law, "All is Mind". Thus, I have found the most important key for controlling the lower self is mental discipline. When fear, worry, doubt, anxiety or judgment of others enter our minds, take this energy and try to convert it to positive energy or thinking. At first it will be difficult, but the more conscious you become of these types of thoughts, and the more you work at it, eventually they will have less and less an affect on you. Another method to deal with negative thoughts is to just let them take their course. Do not fight against them because this usually prolongs its duration. Or if you can, imagine the pain or distress filling your whole body. You become this inharmonious vibration. Thus, how can you hurt yourself? Through the Law of Oneness there is no separation. This pain is, just a different form of the same energy. To be able to deal with this negative energy, one most make a good effort.

Finally, in the end, when these thoughts enter your mind, they will just bounce off, they will have no effect. Most of us have old habits and ways of thinking we wish to change. Patterns that have existed since Childhood. I believe most of these negative states were either programmed. into us when we were small or through the rigid structures contained within our society. The other possibility is that this habit or fear was the result of something that occurred in a past life and is stored in the subconscious. Hypnosis is a good tool to help bring to the surface these undesirable aspects. Hypnosis tries to re-program the subconscious. But as with any other tool for growth, one must be careful. This tool can be used constructively or manipulatively. Your inner self will guide on how to implement hypnosis. So, to summarize, if one can gain a mental discipline or his/her thoughts and direct them positively, you can balance your total being. Now let us look at meditation as one of the ways to achieve mental discipline.

Meditation is a very good way to develop concentration and to learn how to still our very active minds. In Meditation, one tries to learn how to either focus on one subject or completely blank the mind. When this is done, we are really shutting off our outer physical senses. Then we are able to establish a better communication with our inner spiritual self. We may receive some guidance during meditation or later on. I found the best information happens spontaneously, when you are not expecting it. Naturally gaining such control on your thoughts would definitely help in developing the mental discipline described above. For myself, when I began meditation, it took me a few months before I was totally comfortable with it. Till I could quite my mind enough and find an appropriate sitting position to perform this exercise. There are many books written on this subject and many groups that teach meditation. There are several different meditative postures and exercise one can do. As each individual begins, he/she will discover their own way of meditating. There is no right or wrong way, just whatever is comfortable.

My last suggestion involves the use of the words 'I AM'. Remember in the old testament when Moses sees the burning bush and asked who it was? He received, "I AM THAT I AM". A friend of mine, Shirlee Dunlop, who leads a group called the Circle of Light, has defined the words 'I AM' as, 'Divine Consciousness or Pure Being'. Thus when one says: "I AM (XXXX - something), we affirm that we are this particular aspect of the Divine Presence within our being since God is in all things. Thus any statement we would make using 'I AM' would be true. After we use this affirmation, we start in motion the great cosmic energies to reflect this statement in the physical reality. Thus my interpretation to the response that Moses received from the burning bush is: I AM, Divine Consciousness or Pure Being; or - Divine Consciousness/Pure Being is what I AM. There are no words that can describe the infinite omnipotence of the Creator, no exact words. God just is. The I AM Foundation prints a series of books that share the experiences of a man named Godfre Ray King and talk about his experiences with his own I AM presence and tries to define what this essence is. This is a good source, to read more about it.

When we use the 'I AM' affirmation, we are invoking our God-like powers to affirm this aspect within our being. Since God knows no difference between what we call positive or negative, just the nature of His Universal Laws, this affirmation can be used for either situation. For instance, "I AM Joyous" or "I AM ill". We each have free will, we each have choice how to express ourselves. The 'I AM' affirmation can be used to re-program our sub-conscious, to rid ourselves of fear, nervousness, old habits, emotional imbalances, etc ... But one must concentrate on what you are saying and put total faith and trust that you have the ability to become whatever you choose. Once you have finished speaking the affirmations, let go of them and. focus on your life. If you think about them, wonder if the affirmation will really work, you are creating the energy of doubt, which will work against the positive energy you have already sent out. God hears all of our prayers and only wants us to be happy. Through the understanding of the Universal Laws: we can empower our happiness. Here are some examples of affirmations:

I AM ALL BEAUTY (inner & outer)

(or just make up some of your own that fit your unique situation. Keep repeating them to yourself, over and over, silently or out-loud. For each individual, the period of time to see results will vary. It is totally dependent upon what you think and your faith in God. Remember, you are Divine and therefore have the power to be what you chose!)

Well this ends this short essay. I have tried to share a few different perspectives on viewing 'Good' and 'Evil'. I have found these concepts and exercises have worked for me and other people I have talked to. I have seen great transformation in my life. My life has taken on a much fuller meaning. To me, truth is simplicity. Man creates complexity. I of course do not claim to consciously be aware of all the Great Wisdom of the Universe, I am a seeker just like all of you. But the beauty of the Aquarian Age is when we all sit down and communicate with one another our experiences and knowledge. We can learn so much from each other. Ultimately, we will all reach the end of our search, each in their own way and re-unite with the Creator. I also hope this section will give you strength and an inner knowing that with complete faith in the Creator and his Guardian Angels, here to help the earth with its graduation into the Aquarian Age, there is no need. for any fear. At times I feel a great joy to be a part of this great handiwork of God. Anyway, let me just very briefly re-summarize the key points presented in this section and take a look at this list should you ever want to just skim through, rather than re-reading the whole section.

1. Good and Evil are two different extremes of the same force or energy.

2. Good is the joy/happiness we receive as we follow the Creator's Laws
(Law of Universal Oneness and Law of Free Will, the most important)

3. Evil (Confusion, ignorance or separation) is the disobedience to the Creator's laws. When Man thinks he is more than his creator or desires to be separate from Him/Her. Pretend the Creator doesn't exist.

4. The Devil is a thought form or mental projection created by man's consciousness. Rather than take responsibility for his actions and suffering, Man tries to blame his misfortunes on something else. He believes some being outside of himself, must be the reason.

5. The Devil represents that part of our being which glorifies the material existence, loves the carnal desires and tries to ignore our Divine inheritance. These inharmonious aspects of our being can be removed through many means. Three which were suggested include mental discipline, meditation and the use of the 'I AM' affirmations.

6. If one studies the seven principles given to us by the great teacher Hermes, you can gain powerful insights into the Universal Laws. They shed light on the reasons for the forces of 'Light' and 'Darkness'.

7. There are two types of spiritual Guardians inside of the earth. The 'White' Guardians assist all in finding Truth, returning to the Source. The 'Dark' Guardians are responsible for all changes on the Earth, regulation of the cycles and remind us through difficult life lessons, when we are wandering away from the path of Light.


1. The principle of mentalism. ALL IS MIND, THE UNIVERSE IS MENTAL This principle explains the true nature of energy, power and matter.

2. The principle of correspondence. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW; AS BELOW SO ABOVE. This principle enables man to reason intelligently from the known to the unknown.

3. The principle of vibration. NOTHING RESTS; EVERYTHING MOVES; EVERYTHING VIBRATES. This principle explains that the difference between manifestations of matter, energy, mind and spirit result from varying rates of vibration.

4. The principle of polarity. ALL IS DUALITY. EVERYTHING HAS POLES; EVERYTHING HAS ITS PAIRS OF OPPOSITES; LIKE AND UNLIKE ARE THE SAME. Opposites are identical but different in degree. Opposites are only two extremes of the same thing, with many varying degrees between.

5. THE UNIVERSE IS RHYTHM. Everything flows out, and in.; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall. The pendulum swing manifests in everything, rhythm compensates. This principle of neutralization applies in affairs of the Universe, suns, worlds; in life, mind, energy, matter. There is always an action and a reaction, an advance and a retreat.


7. The principle of Gender. Gender is in everything, everything has its masculine and feminine principles. Gender manifests on all planetary levels. Everything or person, contains the two principles within it, him or her.

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