A Few Words on
Current World Conditions
(List of Reading Materials
and References, 1983)

Throughout the history of the Earth, there have been different small groups of men who have tried to conquer and enslave the rest of mankind under their rule. The techniques which they have used to accomplish this goal include; force (wars or police states), deception (holding back the Truth, re-writing history), psychological games, control of the money supply and apply to-manipulate the economy, religious dogmas, control of religious or world leaders, etc ... With the great unrest in the world today, I seriously believe that such a group of people exists today. However, as a student of metaphysics and spiritual philosophies, I recognize that these events are the balancing of individual, country and planetary karma. It is a course of events which is leading-our planet into it's destiny for the Aquarian Age. Many of us wonder if man will destroy himself with the atomic weapons he possess or if somehow, he will learn how to communicate with each other to bring a lasting peace.

Obviously if man learned how to work together and cooperate more, there would not be so many people who are hungry and without the proper necessities of life. There would be no need for countries to fight each other over such insignificant reasons. As I stated in the last section, I do not know exactly what is occurring behind the scenes therefore I can only share different sources with the reader, if he/she chooses to investigate on their own. I believe many of the fictional books that are being printed which focus on this subject, have elements of Truth to them. The--subjects of these books include - Illuminati, '666', World War III, '1984', etc ... The best way I have found to reach any conclusions is to do your own investigation and use the inner awarenesses to give you some verification. Also, I suggest one really pay attention to the media. Do not take all at face value, check within. World conditions is a topic I have shared with people that can be quite scary. It is just a good idea to remember that the forces that create the unrest in the world are forces of man, not God. I feel we are living in one of the most testing times in the earth's history. Trying to sort through all different types of information and gain a small window into what is really happening, can be difficult. Plus, each day there are many diverse forces that are affecting the planet and the inhabitants. Well enough said, now here is a list of books and resources.

Dr. Peter David Beter, 1629 K St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20006
(Sells audio cassettes, usually one per month)
Wisconsin Report, Virgina Meves, POB 45, Brookfield WI 53005
(Prints transcripts of the Dr. Beter Audio tapes, 30/issue)

(Dr. Beter was appointed to U.S. export/import Bank by JFK, is a doctor of jurisprudence, author of the book, 'Conspiracy Against the Dollar', Intelligence Specialist, practiced general law in Washington D.C., 1951-61, was member of U.S. Court of Military Appeals in 1952 and of Supreme Court in 1954. His tapes discuss current world conditions from behind the scenes. Tries to offer a perspective of what he feels is going on and reports the information he receives from his contacts)


Cosmic Awareness Communications, P.O. Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507

(Newsletters, information is channeled by a medium who claims to connect with a cosmic intelligence, the same consciousness claimed to be the force that communicated through Jesus, Buddha and Cayce. Sheds light on modern times. Also, the group asks for each person to go within to validate any information they give)



'1984' by George Orwell
(Fictional Book, classic book)

'Illuminati Series' by Robert Anton Wilson
(Fictional series of books about mystical cult - Illuminati)

'When Your Money Fails' by Mary Stewart Rolfe
(Information about our money system, evidence that '666' is here)

'None Dare Call It Conspiracy' by Gary Allen
(Concord Press, POB 2686, Seal Beach, CA 90740)
(Study of world conspiracy giving history, worked with congressman)

'Pawns in the Games' by William Carr
(Christian Reading, Attn: William Carr's Book, 279 Spring St.,
Eureka Springs, ARK 72632)
(Start of Communism, Zionism, Secret Society,
International Banking, State of Israel)

'WWIII' by John White (Fictional book)

'Seventeen Eighty Nine, The Communist Conspiracy'
by American Opinion Preview Series
(This manuscript is about revolution in France)

'Between Two Ages' by Zbigniew Brzezinski
(Philosophy of David Rockerfeller, Marxism & High Finance,
American Role in Technocratic Area)

'Billions for the Bankers', Debts for the People' by Sheldon Emery
(Federal Reserve Systems, how the banks work, the money system)

Any books by Nesta Webster

'Injustice for All' by Ann Stuck (justice vs. Law)


Today in Bible Prophecy, POB 2500, Orange, CA 92669
(Copy of article printed about 1983 social security checks
mailed out by mistake by IRS in 1980 with special instructions)

'666 is Here' by Basic Bible Church of America, Chicago, IL.
(Pamphlet outlining plan to implement the Mark of the Beast)

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