The Additional Help We are
Receiving for the Transformation
into the New Age

In this section we will begin to look at the manifestation of the Aquarian Age. There are many groups of spiritual beings from all parts of the universe who are here now to assist the planet Earth into the Golden Age. My goal is to give you an awareness of the most major factions and explain who they are. It is because of this help, from these great beings of Light, that I have absolutely no doubt that the Earth will see the Aquarian Age.

To begin with, related to his additional help, let us consider the following books. Brad and Francie Steiger wrote a book simply called, "Star People". The book discusses the information they received. from subjects under hypnosis who spoke about lifetimes on other planets in other galaxies and other dimensions. That the Earth was not their true home. They had come to Earth either to learn specific lessons that only the earth could provide or were here on a special mission related to the transformation of our world into the New/Aquarian Age. Also, in Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert's book ("Secrets of the UFOs", chapter 3), they have a section on these people calling them 'Wanderers' or 'Apples' (name used in the Oahpse Bible). Let us digress a bit and discuss how these groups related to so-called normal humans.

Most of the souls who have been assigned to the Earth, came here to learn the difference between spirit and physical form. It was hoped that through the lessons this reality could provide, these assigned souls could. become enlightened to their true spiritual heritage and transcend or ascend into the next dimension. The Star People are here to help others with this ascension and be examples of individuals following the Creator's Laws. Thus, you will find Star People in all walks of life. When a Star Person incarnates, he/she forgets where they have come from and about their spiritual home. They must follow all the same physical laws as everyone else. It is hoped, that later, during the course of their life, through the proper stimuli, they will remember who they are and their missions. Not all Star People break through their memory block or veil. It is a great chance they take plus they could also get caught in earthly karma which means they might have to incarnate on the earth again. So you see, this is a great sacrifice on their part.

However, since we are all interconnected, these (special) souls have heard the cries of man on Earth for help and feel compelled to come and assist through service to others. Usually the Star People will pick up metaphysical and spiritual philosophies very quickly. In Steiger's book, they give a list of attributes discovered among people they found who claimed to be Star People. Here are a few of them:

Compelling eyes; lower than normal body temperature; an unexpected child; chronic sinusitis; hypersensitivity., to electricity or electromagnetic forcefields; experience a buzzing or ringing in the ears prior to a psychic-spiritual event or warning of danger; have 'flying' dreams; children & animals attracted to them; felt their earth mother and father not their true parents; had unseen companions as a child, etc ... Does this sound like you?

Another group of beings are called Space (Universal) Brothers. We of course discussed this group at length in Chapter '3' but let's add a few more things that are relevant to the planet's transformation. As we have stated before, the Space Brothers come from other planets that maybe physical, half physical and spiritual or perhaps no form at all. Most of them exist at a higher vibration than our planet consequently when their spacecrafts are seen, it is usually a distortion of their true shape. This is due to the fact that our physical dimension does not support all the laws within their dimension. Elkins and Rueckert's book discuss that most of the spacecrafts are controlled by mental power and they can even use their minds to manifest the form of the craft. The Space Brothers are able to travel through space or time. They can even be at simultaneous places at once, depending upon their spiritual evolution.

Most of the time, there spacecrafts are around, but we do not see them because they remain in the higher vibrations. If one has developed their inner vision, you just might be able to see them. When they do appear on our vibration, they can on]y do so for a short period of time. The Universal Brothers are in harmony with God's Laws and are here to teach us of these things. They also wish to share their advanced technology with mankind but can not do so until we are ready to use it in a positive manner. Due to the Law of Free Will, they will not interfere in our lives directly unless we give permission. This is one of the reasons why we have not seen any mass landing. The Star People are really their earthly representatives. Many of the people who have received rides on their spacecrafts or channel for them, are Star People. This is due to the permission or consent that was given before the soul incarnated. The main reason the Space Brothers are here is to assist the Earth through its transformation. Since they live on a physical world, they are able to understand, somewhat, some of the problems we are dealing with.

The Space Brother's main mission is to prevent us from blowing this planet up through nuclear explosions. This occurred to a planet before in our solar system called Maldek. Maldek use to lie between Mars and Jupiter which explains the asteroid belt there. We are literally a threat to the universe and if we try to interfere in other worlds or space, by Divine Authority the Space Brothers can stop it. If our planet no longer existed, it would throw off the orbits of the other planets in our solar system and start a chain reaction across the universe since our solar system than affects other solar systems and on and on. Also, the nuclear waste from the explosions could contaminate a great amount of outer space. Plus, the effect of a nuclear explosions destroys the configuration not only of the body but the soul as well. Or in other words, all planes of existence are threatened by nuclear reactions. Most of the work done by the Space Brothers thus far is helping tensions on the surface of the planet and assisting spiritual people to open faster and faster to their inner awarenesses. The Space Brothers are indeed a most important factor for the manifestation of the Aquarian Age.

The next group of helpers are the Inner Earth People. This requires one to investigate the theory (fact?) that the earth is Hollow. A very good book on this subject is, 'The Hollow Earth' by Bernard. According to the book, at both poles are openings, The radius of these openings is about 1200 miles across. There are other smaller openings in various spots of the planet but these are the most accessible. Remember Jules Verne wrote a book about this possibility? If one is able to find and read the true transcripts of Admiral Byrd's messages from his expeditions to both the North and South poles, you would see he discovered a different world, one with a sub-tropical climate. The government, as with information on the UFOs, has suppressed this knowledge (probably afraid that if people heard about the paradise in the Inner Earth, everyone would want to live there).

The Hollow Earth theory discusses the structure of the Earth as follows:

Gravity does not emanate from the very core or center of the planet but from the center of the Earth's crust which is about 800 miles thick. Thus gravity would hold a person to the inner surface as well as the outer surface of the planet. At the core is a central sun which explains the Aurora Borealis seen in the Northern Hemisphere (Scandinavia, North Russia), the luminous bands or streamers of light - from this mini-sun.. This also explains why explorers have found as they approach the true poles, it becomes warmer rather than colder. The Inner Earth people have sunlight for twenty four hours a day. There are certain type of paintings I have seen which depict a paradise with a central sun, you can see these rays of light streaming out, all over the sky.

I believe the Inner Earth People are a combination of descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria (who when their cultures were facing a similar threat of destruction, as today, want into the sanctuary of the Inner Earth) and also various space races. This means these people have thousands of years of technology and spiritual evolution ahead of us. They are much more in-sync with Universal Laws and respecting the natural laws of the Mother Earth. Bernard's book discusses reports from people who claimed to have lived in the Inner Earth and came back. They spoke of a very harmonious civilization, described the people as 11-12 feet tall, had no diseases and lived perhaps hundreds if not thousands of years. Of course, since these beings live on this planet too, they are very concerned about the problem of nuclear destruction. Bernard suggested. in his book that after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, the increased sightings of UFOs, were the Inner Earth's people watching the re-occurrence of nuclear energy and becoming perturbed. Only a UFO type of craft could fly directly out of the openings at the poles. A ship or ground vehicle would ride the inner surface. They will not interfere with our lives unless of course we threaten theirs. If one studies the legends of the Native Americans or Tibetans, you will see they speak about these tall Gods.

Lastly, on the Inner Earth People, I had a chance to speak to Christine Hayes of Qahques Central Earth Memory (now the Star of Isis Foundation, P.O. Box 4872, San Antonio, TX 78285) who has received communications with them. She told me that these people also exist at a higher vibration and confirmed the part about being tall. Only on one occasion has she actually seen, in the physical octave, one of these beings. She told me they are working very closely with the Space Brothers and Spiritual Hierarchy (the last group of spiritual beings we will discuss shortly). She puts out a newsletter called 'The Source' which shares this type of information from the Inner Earth. Please feel free to contact her if you would like to investigate the Inner Earth on a more intense level. (For more information on the Hollow Earth, please see our new section)

The last major group of beings I will discuss are those spiritual messengers who work with the Spiritual Hierarchy. The Linkage of authority in the hierarchy is as follows. The Central Sun represents 'The Godhead, the consciousness of the creator, the source of all manifestations. Connected to the Central Sun are the spiritual beings who exist on the Sun in our Solar System, Sol. In Chapter '5', Part II, Lyara has a channeled message that discusses what the Sun is really like. The name of the spiritual beings who live (if that is the right word) on the Sun in a higher vibration are Helios and Vesta. Next we have the Lord of the World of the Earth which is Maitreya. Up unto the fall of 1981, Lord Gautama or the Buddha was Lord of the World. The World Teachers for the Earth are Jesus (Sananda is his solar system name) and Kuthumi. Then there are Archangels and Chohans who are associated with the Seven color Rays for the planet. Each color ray represents a part of being. For example, the lst Ray is color Blue and represents Power and Divine Will. Michael is the Archangel associated with this Ray and El Morya is the Chohan. It is my understanding that all of the Chohans of each ray had Earthly lifetimes but were able to ascend and thus are known as Ascended Masters. All this means is they completed and totally balanced all aspect of Earth/material life.

Once one reaches the level of an Ascended Master, part of their responsibility is to help their other brothers and sisters on the earth to reach this level. Another type of being associated with the Spiritual Hierarchy are Angels. Some of the people incarnated on the planet are supposed to be Angels or what my friend Dona Peters calls: "Broken Wings". They chose to make a sacrifice to be on the earth to help. Actually we were all Angels at some time, just most of us that are on the earth fell from this very spiritual level. if you are interested in seeing a picture of the Spiritual Hierarchy, you can write to: Spiritual Hierarchy Information Center, 2220 N. 47th Ave., Hollywood, FL 33021. They ask for any donation if possible and they send you back a chart. The Spiritual Hierarchy is very involved with the intricate details of the Divine Plan for our planet since they work very closely with the Creator's wishes, and exist on the Divine Realms. Many of the spiritual channels have communicated with members of the Spiritual Hierarchy as you will see in the next section:

At this time, these are the most important groups I have become aware of. The two closest members I feel an affinity for in the Spiritual Hierarchy are Archangel Gabriel who is the herald of the New Age and Ascended Master and Chohan of the Seventh Ray, color violet, St. Germain who is in charge of the transmutation into the Aquarian Age. I have felt their presences around me at times. Also, I was given an inner instruction to purchase a violet-blue colored crystal, which the Monka Retreat in Grass Valley, CA, sells. A crystal receives and transmit a higher frequency of energy and when one wears a crystal, the energy of the crystal and your own energy or aura begin to merge and become one. I believe the color of the crystal is an indication that I work closely with the activities of St. Germain and the Seventh Ray.

Through my travels I have met a number of people who have expressed the feeling that the Earth is not their home. Usually I can spot out these people by feeling their energy, which is more clear and flowing and there is a great deal of love that they emanate. With these different groups of beings by our side, how could anyone doubt the future? At any time you need help, just by thinking about them or asking in your mind for assistance, they will be there. So, in the Light of the Infinite Creator, l acknowledge all of our wonderful brothers and sisters from these groups and thank them with all my being!

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