A General Picture Of
What Is To Come

VIBRATIONAL SHIFT: The Earth is changing its frequency of vibration from material-dense to material-etheric. Or has been referenced before as Third Dimensional Consciousness to Fourth Dimensional Consciousness. This is a graduation for the planet. Those souls who wish to continue on this planet and are ready for the new dimension, are being prepared. Those individuals who are not ready or choose of their own free will not to participate in the New Earth, will be taken to another planet that will allow them to repeat the cycle of Third Dimensional Consciousness. Or in other words, the type of lifestyle and social structures that we find on the earth today. This shift has been happening slowly over a period of years but has been going quite strongly within the last few years. Each day is equal to thousands of days of spiritual growth. The change in vibration for the planet is a re-occurring theme that many spiritual channels discuss. In order to see the affect of this vibrational shift, let us consider three classes of people. First those who are dedicated to a spiritual path, learning how to attune themselves to the inner spirit through their inner awarenesses. Next, those people who are on the fence, they aren't quite sure whether all this spiritual stuff is valid or not, they still have doubts. And lastly, those individuals who see their reality completely through their physical senses and either think that spiritual things are a joke or just have no interest in them.

Through my own inner experiences and talking with other spiritually orientated people, there has been a continual developing and refining of the inner senses. It is occurring at an incredible rate, almost daily something is going on. There are tremendous inner cleansings occurring as negativity of all kinds is rising to the surface. It feels almost like there is a force turning the people upside down and shaking all negativity out. This can be seen as part of the preparation for those individuals who are ready, to accept the new level of consciousness. Great inner guidance is being received by these people. They are be directed to go to certain geographic locations or to attend meetings. Many people of similar vibrations are starting to come together and create very positive projects for change. The inner senses are opening up so quickly some of these people have thought they were crazy and gone to a psychiatrist For this reason, it is very important for us to share with each other about our inner experiences. As we see that many others are going through similar circumstances, we know that this is a natural phenomena.

The people on the fence are seeing constant internal battles within their being. Their spiritual part is constantly encouraging them on, to take risk, to investigate and search for understanding and Truth. On the other side of the coin, their human self is afraid of change and tries to talk them out of doing something silly. They maybe having some inner experiences (journeys) but because they do not understand what it is, it is quickly dismissed. Perhaps some of the New Age people who have had many spiritual experiences since starting their own searches could help look out for these kind of people. Maybe even plant a few seeds that might help them later on.

The last group of people, those who have no awareness (consciously) of any other dimension or plane of existence, will find it very difficult to adjust to the new vibration. It will be like a constant sonic boom shaking their whole being. All aspects of life will become more intense. It will be very easy to have more emotional outbursts, be confused, health deteriorating, physical pains for no reason, life problems becoming a heavy burden and just all kinds of problems coming up. Not only are these higher energies affecting the people but the whole society will see changes. What use to work will no longer be appropriate.

One example of the manifestation of this increased vibration could be the rise in cancer. Think about what happens to a piece of glass as the frequency of a tone is increased. At first there is some stress and if the tone reaches a certain point, it shatters the glass. Will these higher energies could work the same way on the body. If the vibration of the body is not in-sync with the vibration of the planet, it will begin to shake up every cell in the body and one or more could mutate. There is even the possibility the body could literally dis-integrate. You know there have been reports of people who just died from a fire that spontaneously formed around them. It had to do with their body is all we know. I do not mean to scare people here, just trying to illustrate the consequences of our actions and how this vibrational shift could manifest on us.

Our physical vibration, as we discussed in Part II of the chapter, is inter-related to our thoughts and our emotions. And of course on the material level, how well we take care of the body. The better our health, the higher our physical vibration and there more attuned we can be with the inner self. Thus all four levels of our being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual need to be as balanced as possible, to accept these new energies. Clearly, the change in vibration will be a crystal clear manifestation of Divine Law in motion. It will be very visible.

At some level of consciousness, all of us are aware of these vibration changes. Our inner self is constantly trying to communicate with us to give guidance on how to prepare for this change. However, through our own belief system of reality, it is possible to create psychological barriers in our consciousness which will simply not let this guidance come through. The mass negative consciousness of the individuals on the planet is not going to be tolerated any more. As Mother Earth draws closer and closer to the new vibration, She will try to balance herself. This can result in changes to the Earth's surface. Most of the negativity generated by mankind is held at-bay in the etheric energy level of the planet. The Space Brothers have mostly been working on this Problem. But, eventually it has to be released into the physical octave and balance this level. If one studies the other kingdoms of the earth, most elements of each are living in natural order with the planet. It is now man's turn to join them.

The more heightened this vibration becomes, the more we will see it manifest as tension in World. Affairs. Perhaps world events will be a good indication of what is to come. Please pay attention as you might see some clues as to the future. As man tries to fight the forces of the Divine Will, which are creating positive change, he will see the power of the Creator'. You can not keep defying Universal Harmony forever. Eventually, there must be order and balance.

CONFRONTATION OF LIGHT VS. DARKNESS: We define 'Light' as Truth or seeking the path of re-union with the Creator, striving to be an example of Universal Laws. 'Darkness' is defined as ignorance of Truth. The covering over the Light. Separation from the Creator. The need of glorification of self rather than flowing with the Unity of the Universal Oneness.

The confrontation between these forces has existed probably since the beginning of the history of our planet. Darkness can only control those who fear it or give it power. Perhaps, some who are not even aware of it. In reality, both Darkness and Light are the same, just different polarities of the Creator. Darkness is what tests us to see how dedicated we are to the path of Enlightenment.

Recently, these two forces are more at odds with each other than ever before. For example, many New Age groups have reported that their telephones are illegally tapped or members feel that they are being watched. Many new marvelous health products are being banned especially herbal remedies. This is probably due to large companies losing money. Congress passed a bill in 1981 allowing the CIA and FBI to investigate domestic groups, especially those who disagree with government policies (whatever happen to free speech?). Many spiritual people believe that during 1982 and after, this battle will become more visible and expand dramatically. On the other hand, the New Age and spiritual movements are growing by leaps and bounds. As this vibration increases, more and more people will join one side or the other. It will become very difficult to stay in the middle or remain neutral. The forces of darkness are trying to stay pace with the Light but eventually, Truth will reign globally.

In our personal lives, we must be careful that others do not bring us back down to our old levels of awareness. The internal battles will be more powerful as our lower human self (I use this term to express our earthly part, the part of us that is used to the material existence, both positive and negative aspects) will try to cling to the old ways and not want to change. As you can see, there will be fantastic inner transformations and cleansings constantly -.both on an individual level and world level. But no matter what tests we face, we must have faith in God and the Divine Messengers. The more open we become to our own inner Christ self, the more guidance we will receive. There need be absolutely no fear of any prophecies if we constantly go within. Using our inner awarenesses, we can discern who is --- speaking Truth and who is just surface. There are already many groups that say they are New Age yet they do not practice what they preach. These type of groups provide us with a test. It is not appropriate for us to judge whether the course they are taking is right or wrong. We can only decide for ourselves what it is we feel we must do. Everyone is going through their own lessons and providing lessons for others. These ideas are nothing more than a restatement of the Law of Free Will. If any of our confused brothers and sisters seek your help, try to share what-ever information or service is appropriate. If you can't help, just surround them with Love and ask the Creator that they may be guided to the right person(s). If in your own search, you have any doubts, just flow and be patience, an answer will surely come.

RAPTURE/TELEPORTATION: Many of the channels who communicate with the Space Brothers have discussed the evacuation of the planet during times of major earth changes. The Space Brothers have the ability to teleport people through the use of an electromagnetic energy beam similar to the transporter portrayed in Star Trek. Some of the people who have been given rides on the spacecraft, report boarding the ship in this way. However, in order for an individual to be teleported, their physical vibration must be pure enough or this beam could kill. The teleportation beams are used to transport the Space Brothers, thus it is set to a higher vibrational frequency. Again, this is another extremely important reason for trying to maintain and raise our physical vibration to the highest level possible.

The Bible, of course, discusses this event as the Rapture in the book of Revelations. This is why the Bible talked about one in the field would be taken and the other will not. A case of the appropriate level of physical vibration. The Bible also discussed that only the Christians would be taken. I believe that the proper interpretation of this statement is that it will not be just people who call themselves Christians by name. It is all individuals from all faiths who are living and practicing the true teachings of the Christ (Brotherhood, being of service to others without expectation of return, Love thy neighbor as thy self, etc ... ). Christianity of today, many believe has been greatly changed and dogmatized since Jesus was here. The Aquarian Philosophies discussed in Chapter '1', many feel is a truer reflection of Jesus' teachings.

Possible places that people would be taken to, after the teleportation, would be to large spaceships as big as a city, another planet in this solar system or another system or possibility into the Inner Earth. It depends upon their role in the emergence of the Aquarian Age. One thing I am not sure about is in what body will the people be taken. Some think it will be the physical body, others it might be the etheric body or maybe just be given a new young healthy body altogether. I guess we will find out when it happens! The people who are evacuated in this manner, will be re-indoctrinated into the Universal Laws and their memory blocks or veil will be lifted. Some of the people will come back to the Earth after the entire planet is cleansed and others will go on to other levels for their spiritual growth.

There is one other possible way that people might transcend or transmute into the 4th Dimensional Consciousness/vibration. Let's say a person was able to raise his body to this vibrational level. To the people who still live in 3rd dimensional consciousness, it would appear as if this person just vanished. Thus, it is possible that people will not be taken off the planet but would just have some people living on the earth in one dimension and the rest in the other. Both invisible to each other. Christine Hayes had received information that this is a strong possibility too.

NATURAL DISASTERS/WARS: As we have stated, the planet is trying to balance itself and prepare to accept the new vibration.. This process will undoubtedly cause some changes to the earth's surface. The severity of these changes will be a reflection of man's tampering with the natural forces of the Mother Earth. Also, as we spoke of before, the tensions between countries can mount as the higher vibration will cause more emotional outbursts. Ego will clash with Ego over trivial matters. This of course makes the chance of a nuclear war even greater. The Space Brothers have the ability to stop detonation of nuclear weapons and I believe have already done so on a number of occasions. They have clearly stated that they will not permit the world leaders to destroy this planet. Whether they will stop all the bombs from going off, I am not sure. It is possible that some will be allowed to detonate to balance planetary karma or to give the whole planet a warning of the great destruction that these weapons can cause. If this happens, radiation sickness will have to be dealt with and there are no known cures.

From a spiritual perspective, all of the Earth changes and rumors of war, are a necessary part of the Earth transformation. However, if any of these type of cataclysmic events occur, those who's vibration is pure enough, would be teleported before it occurs. If we could convince a large majority of the population to live in peace and harmony, to constantly send the planet healing love energies during meditations and to try to raise the collective consciousness of the planet to a more positive level, we could reduce the severity of these changes and of the planetary cleansing. Whether now, at the date of this publication in 1982, it is too late, who can say. Every little bit would help, I am sure. Another point to remember is we can not force any one of our brothers and sisters, who are not in agreement with our philosophy to accept these suggestions on what must be done to create a better world. All we can do is share information and allow them to decide how to use it. Just like everyone else, they are following their own path and always have free choice what to do.

After the Rapture has occurred, those who are left, will have to face whatever changes the planet must go through. Life will probably be very difficult as the natural disasters worsen and the possibility of war increases. There maybe still a possibility for some people to be teleported if they can raise their physical vibration to a high enough level. But at this time, it will be much harder to do. Many will see that the warnings they were given before were true and this could be enough to really inspire them. Those who perish through the earth's cleansing will be taken to another planet to repeat the cycle of 3rd Dimensional existence. One book called the 'Law of One' (published by L/L Research), dictated by a social memory complex of 6th Dimensional Consciousness called IRA' (worked with the Ancient Egyptians), states that if someone is 51% service to others, they will be able to graduate into the New Earth. The period of cleansing could begin as early as 1982 and be completed by around 2000 or even before. It is totally dependent on the actions of mankind.

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