What Can We
Do (to Help)?

I believe the first step is to create total balance within our own being. Work on all levels, the physical body, control of excessive emotions, mental attitudes and constantly strive for greater communication with the inner self. Sharing of our awarenesses, experiences, knowledge and insights through any form of creative expression, with as many others as we can. One should not be afraid to share their truth when it is appropriate. Just do not expect that everyone is going to agree with you.

We each have our own network of friends and of course each of our friends then have their own network of people. Thus, we have the ability to share all kinds of information with a great deal of people. Perhaps, you will only plant a few seeds here and there. The seeds could blossom immediately or maybe the following week, next month or year! Its alright, any time is a good. time. Each person works at their own rate of growth.

Taking responsibility for ourselves is quite important. Creating positive change in our lives and tackling each problem that we come across, one at a time. As you do so, you become an example of strength and happiness for other to see. Teach others about responsibility. Also, that we can not take responsibility for another's life, all we can do is be an advisor and cheerleader.

We have the ability to constantly send out positive energy to the planet and all our brothers and sisters who live on it. We can send out this energy to the World Leaders, the Space Brothers, friends and family and to all the different kingdoms on the earth (plants, minerals, animals). A group meditation is a very powerful method to accomplish this. Since I am sensitive to energies, I have experienced this energy being received by the places it is sent.

One of the greatest joys I have experienced is passing on a helpful hint or spiritual message through channeling and then seeing how this .helps to create a more positive life for others. Sometimes art, music or poetry can be more effective than just talking about it.

Perhaps a group of people could form a communal house living by collective methods and following the Aquarian Philosophies. Then other people could see with their own eyes what the Aquarian Age is about. Such a house of people would also be better prepared to meet any changes that occur within our society. It could be a refuge for people in need.

See events in your life as lessons. There is no right or wrong, just what you have learned from each experience. If you are positive and enthusiastic, without fear, you can inspire these feelings in others, give them hope too!

A willingness to share resources and be of service to others when you can, would. be an Aquarian action. You never know when God might call on you to perform a special service. It can be at any time and any place.

All people are manifestations of the Creator, or could be seen as another aspect as yourself. Try not to be too judgmental of their actions. Send them your love so they may find their Truth, ask the Creator to bless them as they are Divine. There are many other suggestions I could give on participating in the creation of the Aquarian Age. I guess the key is to live your life in happiness and flow. I hope this short section has given some of the readers some ideas you each could do, if you choose. All you got to do is go right inside and you will know what is the best service you can offer.

In this chapter I have tried to share a picture of some of the important factors of the manifestation of the Aquarian Age. The more we are in touch with our inner self, the easier it will be to flow with this transition. We have many spiritual beings assisting us through this phase of the Divine plan for our Earth. If any of this information has produced an inner fear, FIGHT IT! YOUR SPIRIT IS ETERNAL, THERE IS NO DEATH, JUST MOVING FROM ONE REALITY TO THE NEXT. If you have faith in the Infinite Creator, in yourself AND your fellow man, everything will turn out just fine. Go within at all times for guidance because this is where your Ultimate Truth lies. Rather than looking at this period of time as one of great destruction or changes, see it as a period of great learning and growth. It is truly the most challenging time in the planet's history. PEACE - LIGHT - LOVE!





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