Decide to be Peaceful
(by Robert Muller)

(This section is a reprint from Adendum A of Chapter Four. It contains a poem if you will, written by the former Assistant to the Secretary General of the United Nations Robert Muller. I heard Robert speak at a New Age conference in California once and he said that while he was a young man during World War II, watching man's inhumanity to man, he became inspired to do everything he possibly could to promote peace when he became older. And guess what, he became assistant to the UN Secretary General and was able to whisper ideas about peace to legal representatives from all countries of the world. In any case, I decided to add his poem to this chapter, as creating Peace on Earth is what the Aquarian Age is all about!)

Books by Robert Muller:

"Most of All They Taught Me Happiness"

"New Genesis, Shaping a Global Spirituality"
(Doubleday 1978 and 1982)

These books can be obtained autographed from:

World Happiness and Cooperation,
Box 7170, Ardsley-Hudson, NY 10503
(Send check for $8.95 plus 75 cents and $14.95 plus '75 cents for postage and handling)


Rendor others peaceful
Be a model of peace
Irradiate your peace
Love, passionately the peace
... of our beautiful planet

Do not listen to the warmongers,
...hateseeders and powerseekers
Dream always of a peaceful,
... warless, disarmed world

Think always of a peaceful world
Work always for a peaceful world
Switch out and keep on, in yourself,
... the peaceful buttons,
... those marked love,
... serenity, happiness, truth,
... kindness, friendliness,
... understanding and tolerance

Pray and thank God every day for peace
Pray for the United Nations
... and all peacemakers

Pray for the leaders of nations
... who hold the peace of the world
... in their hands

Pray God to let our planet at long last
... become the Planet of Peace
And sing in unison with all humanity:

... "Let there be peace on Earth
... And let it begin with me."

Robert Muller

(From his book: "To Live or Not to Live.")

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