A Tool for the
Aquarian Age

As you no doubt noticed from the title of this book, you saw the term Networker. Well if a person was to ask me to define myself in one word, I would still use this one. Meaning by this that a Networker is a person who is a person that collects information (in various forms and about various subjects) for the purpose of sharing it with others who find this information useful. In addition, a networker acts as a connecting link to bring certain resources, individuals and organizations who have some affinity for each other to create perhaps, some wonderful project to offer to the world. So it seems to be, being a typical Aries, who wants to know everything, by being a networker I can find myself in the middle of everything and at the same time, collect enough information that I should have something of value that can benefit others. Not bad you say?

In this chapter of the book I tried to share with the readers what Networking is all about and how by using networking, I could travel on faith and really move around quiet a bit. I am sure most people are now more familiar with a network, being that we have all types of electronic networks (Television networks, cable networks, computer networks like Internet ... etc). I also believe as I have heard Jessica Lipnack, co-author of one of the first major books about Networking ( Networking: The First Report and Directory in 1982), say on a few occassions, that when a society is about to go through a transformation, networking is the process or device used to accelerate this change. Thus, the manifestation of the Aquarian Age, sharing many prophecies for an Age of Peace and Spiritual Awareness, is indeed using networking as an important tool to help awaken humanity. What has constantly amazed me about networking is that we are all doing each day (sharing experiences, tips or insights with friends, family and business associates) and it is such an easy and simple process but the results of a person that is focusing on this process can be absolutely amazing.

I suspect as more and more physical and outer signs of the transformation of the Age of Aquarius comes into place .... networking will become a much more important tool that people will be using. So dear readers, I hope you enjoy this chapter of the book, as your journey nows begins. Below are the various sections included for your further investigation:

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