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Joshua Shapiro

Greetings Brothers and Sisters! This is certainly a thrill for me to be sitting here writing an introduction to this booklet of information.I just feel wonderful, WOW!!!! Some way to start a book, huh? As you can see from the informal writing style I use, I try to write as if I was speaking to you directly. This Introduction, as well as most of the material personally written, was done spontaneously. So, as you are reading this information, I hope you will feel a part of my essence with you as we transverse through this collection of material together. The objective of the book is to share information on many topics that give perspectives on what the Aquarian Age is and how it is/can manifest. A collection of personal experiences plus other individuals'/groups' services and, material. In a sense, this is really like a handbook of Aquarian GARBAGE. Helping people to prepare for the great changes we all seem to be feeling. It is truly an exciting time to be alive in. There are so many things going on and more marvelous events to occur. If someone told me last year (1981), that I would be sitting down now, to type an introduction to a booklet, I would have laughed at them. Well the joke has seemed to be on me. But doing this New Age work can be fun and should be fun. You see, writing is not one of my fortes. I would rather talk about my philosophy, experiences or compose songs than try to write about it. It is very difficult for me to express in the written word what I want to say. Sometimes I am too wordy! Just look at the size of this opening paragraph!!?! So, I hope you will overlook the writing skills and focus more on the information. I did not enlist the services of a professional editor (although my friend Becky did give me some help) because I felt it was important to make available this information as soon as possible. I have already had two editors who just sat on the material. Plus, if someone else made changes, it could lose some of its personal flavoring.

As you notice, I say I am a seeker of Truth. Well, if you think about it, we really all are. And, although there is a great deal of interesting information contained within, I just know this only scratches the surface of the Creator's great mysteries in our infinite universe. There is so much more to be learned.. This presentation is merely one person's search to find the Ultimate Truth. Revealing the goodies found along the way. As an Aquarian worker, I discovered awhile back, that one must be prepared at any moment for a portion or all of their current Truth to be thrown out the window. However, there are two philosophies/laws which appear to cover all manifestations. The Law of Free Will and the Law of Universal Oneness (See Chapter 4, Part II, Essay on Good and Evil). If you asked me next month or next year, if I agree with everything written here, the answer would be a most definite 'NO!'. Our world is a world, of change, nothing lasts forever. If I told you how many times I have re-edited this series of articles (now called a book, oh my god?), you wouldn't believe me. It is as if our path in seeking the Creator is a Gigantic Infinite Ladder, a continuous flow of steps, ascending and descending. Each step of the ladder representing a specific level in that individual's spiritual growth. The higher one climbs the ladder, the more clearly one perceives the Creator. By Free Will, we decide when to climb. If we are not ready for the next step, we will not have the strength to make the climb. A series of personal lessons/experiences would occur to help us better prepare. I shy away from being a member of just one spiritual/philosophical group. Each group has its own unique perception of Reality, (and of) God. Through a sharing of our ideas, we can help each other create a better picture of the world and universe we live in. This is why I enjoy meeting and working with many other people/organizations. It is fascinating to investigate all the different religions, philosophies and ways of life. I find they all contain the same basic truths. This helps me so I can talk with a person or group no matter what their background is. Every time a person arrives from a foreign country (sometimes even a different state), this boy is one of the first in line to speak with them. Being an Aries definitely helps. From most of the Aries I have met, we seem to have a tendency to take the initiative to investigate everything. We make great explorers or adventurers.

Thus, I have no expectations on how you will react to this booklet. When one shares with their brothers and sisters, there can be no expectations. I hope each reader will find something of value within. This is one of the reasons why the book covers such diverse subjects. However, I believe all are equally important for the New Age. One of the problems man has had with great teachers who have graced the Earth (Jesus, Buddha, Krsna, Confucius, Zoroaster, Hermes, Thoth, etc ...) is that we did not see they were examples of the Truth. Portraying potentials we could all accomplish. They did this by sharing their Teachings without expectations. They recognized. that each person had free will and must take responsibility for their own growth, they could only be Guides. Their main message was "Seek within your own being, that is where your own Truth lies, because God's Presence is in all things". What man did with these men is glorify them, set them up on a pedestal and created religions out of them. So, when you read the material within this booklet, let your own divine inner self tell you which is valid. This is exactly the procedure used to select the information contained here. I am just happy I have this opportunity to share these ideas. One of the most frustrating things has been my inability to distribute this earlier. But one learns that projects in life happen at exactly the right time. So, ... this must be the right time (anyone for tea?). To sit on such information, to me is a form of selfishness. Perhaps one sentence or one word could help one reader with a current life situation or their search for Truth. Since the beginning of this quest, my life has been completely transformed. I feel tremendous joy plus the freedom to be who I am. I have gained a better understanding of the three questions we all want to know: Who are we? Why are we on this earth and what is our Mission/Purpose? And, lastly, what is our relationship to this tremendous universe we find ourselves in?

I believe that spirit or the inner self brought me to this information. Therefore, it is impossible to put a price on it. I have been striving to be a servant for God by helping others where I can and listening daily to the inner guidance. The Homebringing Mission of Jesus Christ receives direct communications from Jesus and other Angels. There are two women at present, who through many lifetimes of training, are the messengers. In Chapter 5, Part VII, is additional information on this group, so one can make their own judgment about the above statements. Anyway, they have stated: "Freely the information is received, freely it must be given". This statement, reflects my personal feelings about this book. Besides, if it speaks Truth, it will be shown to be so. Since March of 1980, when I resigned as a computer programmer, much of my time has been devoted to seeking Truth and being of service to others. Around December of 1980, funds were very low and a path of faith began. Living one day at a time, selling material possessions, doing exchanges of work for hospitality, collecting contact names for future travels, sharing expenses and on and on, were some of the methods used to survive. Many friends were lost due to this so-called radical switch and many new friends were gained. My parents were forever (and still are) worried about my existence. They could not understand how I could be so unconcerned about the future since I had so little money. I will not tell you this is an easy path. There were times I was scared to death. But faith builds an inner strength and when one has total faith, there is no fear. Plus it is an excellent way to learn more about how the Creator works. This is not to imply that I have total faith myself, it is a lesson I am still working on. I do not say, this is the correct path for all. Only your divine self can tell you that. However, the essence of my being thrives on challenges, so it is no surprise to find me taking such an extreme. But it worked, still works and I believe anyone can do it. I think it is one of the fastest ways to learn spiritual lessons. And I truly believe, that if this work was not of the Father's (God's), not in service with His Will, this booklet would not have been printed and I would have returned to a so-called normal job for survival. And Faith is; faith in God, yourself AND your fellow man. For are not all three, part of the same thing, GOD?

Many times a person will write a book with the hope of riches and fame. I see this book being written by a regular person like yourselves, just telling some interesting stories. We all have experiences and information to share with each other. The personal path I have chosen is only one individual's way of coming to some specific Truths. To some it may sound difficult, to others it would be a snap. We are all equals, we all have the same potentials. My joy is in the sharing and hope that maybe I can inspire others to explore their true potential. There is one thing I have learned in my search, that is humility. I have learned how to listen to others as well as speak out, how to receive as well as give. I discovered what was necessary to survive, without shame or lost of honor. I found, out, that if we do not allow another the joy of giving (by not accepting their gift), we stop their personal expression. It is like there is an endless circle that connects giving/receiving, and if we are not involved in both directions, the circle becomes disconnected. Plus, I had many wonderful and unexpected experiences through the Love and hospitality of others. In this regard, I relate to a well known Musician/Writer named Woody Guthrie. Through his music, after doing some traveling out West, he could have lived a fairly comfortable life. However, rather than always play for money, he played to help people who were under hard times (he did a lot of his work during the depression). He lived with them, used their means of travel, ate with them and joked with them. He used his music to make their grievances known. Wealth is not measured in terms of how much money we have or how many material possessions we own, but is measured more in our words and deeds. What is contained in our hearts. The relationship we share with other people, is it truly a meaningful one? My parents believe because I am not always financially secure and mostly dependent upon the charity (help)of others, that I have no pride in myself. That I am not taking responsibility. All I can reply is, "Would so many people being willing to help if they thought my intentions were selfish, or only for self?" To me what is more important is that I have just enough to survive and if I can make another person feel a wee bit happier or more fulfilled in their life. This is worth more than any gold. And I must have freedom to be me!

You may ask, how did. this booklet begin? Well, from December of 1980 to around June of 1981, I was traveling around the country, Chicago, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado and Missouri, just meeting a lot of different individuals and groups, collecting names and literature. One day in June, I walked into the office of Expansion Journal in Hollywood, a publication dealing with New Age material. I told the publisher, Carole Dean, about some of my experiences and information. She was so interested that she asked if I could write any of it down. An empty office (an employee was on vacation) was offered and after about a week's work, 28 pages of information had been typed. Copies were also sent to two other publications in Los Angeles and the original went back to Chicago (my home base at the time). During the period of July of 1981 to present (April, 1982), through further travels (Madison-Wisc., Ann Arbor & Detroit-Mich., and Milwaukee-Wisc.) and correspondences, the essay grew and grew. I am willing to bet you, that by the time most of you read this booklet, there will already be a ton of new material to add.. These contacts were from all over the U.S. and some international. Several copies of what used to be called essays, have been mailed out but this is the first time all the material is in one binding.

Now, this is the section of the Introduction I would like to personally thank some people for making this possible. First Mr. Barney Widner for the use of his computer and type-set equipment. Second, Dave Gunning for his beautiful art work. The mandala on the front cover was one of my creations or shall we say I channeled it. It was a pattern I saw that just had to be drawn. However, I do not consider myself an artist. Through Dave's help, he has shown it's true appearance plus his wonderful talent as a creative artist. As usual, to fund this project, the last material possession of any value, the stereo system was sold. I would like to thank the following people for information contributions: Bob Scheinfeld (New Age Distributing Co.), Winfield Brownell, L/L Research (James, Don & Carla), David Jungclaus (Center of Golden Light), Becky Harmon, Kathy Walden, Joe November, Marilyn Burt, Lyara (Golden Rays), Linda Dominitz, the Sufi Order (Muhy, Farishta, Mu'min), Francis Moreau, Circle of Light (Shirlee, Barney and David), Homebring Mission of Jesus Christ, Helen Borst, Barry Tellman, Susie Bradley, Laura Stavis, Willard Van De Bogart, Norwood Yamini, SF Medical Research, Paracelsus Research, Joe Dunn Sloan, Dona Peters (drawing for chapter Six, 'Long Walk'), Ralph Havnanian and the Native American Indians.

Lastly below is a comprehensive list of all the people who have helped me on my path. It is a long list but I think it illustrates how interconnected we all really are. If we all worked together we could literally move mountains. Thank you Dear Brothers and Sisters!

( Listed were another several hundered names of people who I met and helped with some of the information in the book ........... )

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