Images Showing an Opening
at the North Pole

( Click on images below for full view ) On this page are three images that were sent to the "Hollow Earth Mailing List" that is organized by Jan Lamprecht of South Africa.

These images show a picture of the planet Earth with a circular opening at the North Pole. The first two images show a picture of the globe. Note the circular opening at the top. The third image is a closeup of this opening.

At the end of this page, I have included portions of various e-mail sent to the mailing list to offer some clarifications about where these images came from. It appears they may have been taken by Apollo 16. In any case, they are quite clear and you must decide as to their authenticity.


From: "Jan Lamprecht" {}
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 1996 02:48:57 +0200
Subject: Apollo 16 COLOUR photo of the Hollow Earth....


Firstly, a thousand apologies!!! I missed this e-mail last week!!! ... I've been sitting here with an AWESOME photo - thanks to Billy and Alexander.

(To the members of the Hollow Earth mailing list) .............

This is the moment you've been waiting for. It's incredible. I've put it on my ftp site as: EARTHB16.JPG

I don't have a good JPG viewer on there for you people. I used an old DOS one I have and the picture is AWESOME. See it for yourself.

I don't know how the hell Billy found it - but there it is, our first on-line colour picture of the Earth. Billy says it comes from Apollo 16.

{snip} ....

From: "Jan Lamprecht" {}
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 00:57:17 +0200
Subject: Apollo 16 COLOUR photo & notes to all....

hi Billy,

With reference to your question - you later sent me an e-mail saying you'd put it on my FTP site. I was NEVER able to get a photo from you successfully via e-mail. What I did get was the photo directly on FTP and it was great. I'll convert it to GIF format for the GIF viewer I handed out (if anyone's using it). I don't know how you guys managed to get it on my FTP site or what you did. Whatever you did buddy - DO IT AGAIN!!!! That photo has floored me.

Re: Disappearing Images.....

Billy, you're the Napoleon of the World Wide Web buddy - you (xxxing) got those photos directly from the Web!!!! Yeehaaaaa. But the fact that those Web sites shut down and the photos disappeared!!! Wow! Yes, Billy, I don't find your story unbelievable at all. The fact that one minute you're seeing photos and when you come back to download them they're GONE! Unbelievable - but those buggers are moving fast. Yet, I am still amazed that you managed to pull those photos directly off the net - that has floored me - totally. Absolute genius.

{snip} .... We must SHARE everything we have as soon as humanly possible. Get it out on to the WWW, on to every Web site that wants those photos. We must also see what we can do with maps, data, etc. I feel that by SHARING, by spreading the stuff around - between people, across borders, etc that we can make their task literally impossible. At least then we've preserved the photos, etc. That way we can avert a "1984" scenario of "re-writing" the past.....

If we get past that obstacle, then the next one I see is one of discrediting our evidence/us/etc.

{snip} ....


Hi, great to hear from you! Oh YES!!! Most certainly take ANYTHING you want from my FTP site which you would like to use on your Web page. Any/all photos which you like or want to make use of - just take them - you've done so much for me already. This will help both of us. I want those photos on as many Web sites as we can manage.

I've seen some rather nasty Web pages saying nasty things about Hollow Earth theory - well, this ought to give them something to think about.

I would appreciate it if people could actually download copies of the photos from your WWW site - that way we can spread even more copies of the photos around. (If a person has Netscape, and you wish to make a copy of these images ... just click your right mouse button over the picture and when the menu pops up, select "Save Image").

From: "Jan Lamprecht" {}
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 18:27:26 +0200
Subject: Billy's photos: Updates!
Reply-to: "" {}

Hi Billy,

Just a quick note. I received your first aurora photo plus your scanned image of your postcard image. UNBELIEVABLE!!! The QUALITY of your images is excellent. I can't believe you managed to get that from a POST CARD!! Wow! I'm stunned.

To All;

I'm very impressed (and no one's harder to please than me!!) - I was looking at both Billy's colour photos and now I see answers to some questions. The blackness was merely an effect. The inside of the hole seems white. More important is this: BOTH photos show the ICE CAP clearly. The ICE CAP can been seen to be SMOOTH & SOLID. In EACH CASE, the hole lies on the EDGE of the ICE CAP. To me that already strongly hints at NORTH MAGNETIC POLE!!!

From: "Jan Lamprecht" {}
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 23:35:06 +0200
Subject: Hollow Earth: Shape of the Northern entrance....

Hi Billy,

I've quickly printed out your photos on a B&W printer. At some point I'd like to ask you for some nice copies from your wonderful printer - which I can then photocopy and send to George & a few others.... please. But first, let's look through all your images before we decide.

I've had an initial look, comparing the hole in your two photos. In spite of the totally different angles, each image seems to contain EXACTLY the same features inside the polar entrance. That's fascinating for me. I'd sort of expected the hole to be round - but it seems to deviate a little from that - not that I see it as a problem. I'm just curious as to WHY. The first thing is the "V" shape on the northern edge of the hole, where it meets with the Arctic ice pack. It's as if there's a huge accumulation of ice covering the northern rim and jutting inwards into it wouldn't you say?

The next thing is the somewhat irregular shape on the "eastern side" of the rim. The South and Western edges seem PERFECTLY CIRCULAR. Then there's the issue of the strange "whiteness" lying on the inside in the South-Western corner. Is it cloud? This whiteness, seems to be the only thing that varies between the two pictures - again, seeming to suggest cloud.

Looking at these pictures it seems as if the centre of the hole actually contains atmosphere? Or are we seeing light reflecting off of clouds inside the hole/tunnel? - perhaps that's more of a possibility.

It seems as though the hole is pretty well hidden by way of this whiteness inside it.

I've been thinking of having the segments of the actual polar entrance in both pictures actually blown up so that one can study it more closely.

I note that the USA is much much clearer in your colour photo. Finding reference points now is no issue. I think I even see Florida.

Greenland on the other one also stands out nicely.

If the Greenland photo is Apollo 16 - then which Apollo mission does your one come from? Apollo 8? 1967? I was under the impression that yours and mine come from the same mission perhaps?

I've printed out both photos - it's not so clear, but I'll get some tracing paper and trace out the outlines and sit down and make some Lamprechtian, rudimentary attempts at simple analysis to see if I could possibly determine, by measurement alone, the longditude & latitude. I expect some large errors, but it's better than nothing - until someone else makes a better attempt (nudge nudge, hint hint).... to whomever can bring their skills to bear on this.... I'm also curious to see how the two conform/differ by such measurements alone...

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