Joshua's Aura Pictures
with "Maya" and "Alden"

( Park Ridge, IL - September 27th, 1995 )

THE FIRST PICTURE ON YOUR LEFT: Taken without working with any of the crystal skulls. You can basically see a predominance of Orange which represents Creative and Artistic energies. This would make sense as at this time I was involved in helping to setup lectures and private sessions with "Maya" and "Alden" (Jane's two crystal skulls) and doing a great deal of work to write and share information on Internet. There is some Yellow on my right side which represents very bright (like the sun) and exhilaration meaning that I was happy with this work and sharing this joy with others around. This picture seems to represent what was happening at this time. Also this is the baseline image to compare for our research and tests.

SECOND PICTURE ON YOUR RIGHT: This picture was taken while I was holding Mayan in my left hand and Alden in my right. According to the computer printout, it picked up on my left side more Red than Orange. Red represents Force of will, living life to its fullest. So by holding the two skulls rather than working in a creative way, I would be more grounded to get things down on the physical level. The Center color of orange stays so the two skulls would basically not change this energy and on my right side my expression would be more healing and teaching than just having fun and playing around. From the these two pictures, when you visibly look at them, the second picture seems a bit more brighter and although the colors changed a little bit on my right and left side, it is not very visibly noticable. My experience in working with these two skulls together was they cancel each other out. I must work with them separately to get insights. Also, most people who worked with the two skulls felt "Maya" was feminine or had a feminine energy and "Alden" was more masculine.

AURA PHOTO ON THE LEFT: -- This image was taken when I was meditating just holding Maya. Of all the images taken this was the one that changed the most drametically. Again consulting the computer report, on my right side the skull amplifies my joy --- I am full of energy and wanting to have fun and radiate this energy to others. Around my head is more of a violet color implying that my inner sensitivities and awareness are more sharpened and I can perceive more spiritual energies. I still have a redish color on my left side involing leaving life at the edge. These colors seems to correspond to what I felt with Maya which was basically feeling a great deal of energy and that Maya made it easier for me to use my spiritual gift and be more sensitive. It also shows how the energy changes when Alden was not around.

AURA PHOTO ON THE RIGHT (stage right that is): In this shot I am just meditating with a large amethyst ball, that was mined in Brazil. My aura is pretty similar to what it was before I started, according to the computer print out for my center (experience) and my right side (expression) but my left side which is future was more Red, which means that rather than be more passive and creative, the crystal ball was inspirying to get out and be an action person. You may also notice over my left side of the head there is a pink (actually more white) spot. I was asked to focus myself in my heart area (instead of my head) while I meditated. I think this was activating more purity and bringing this energy in.


The following definitions of the colors seen in the aura pictures come from Progen Company in California who sells this camera. After the aura photographs are taken a computer printout is generated explanation what the colors means:

ORANGE -- Creative, Artistic
YELLOW -- Sunny, Exhilaration
GREEN -- Healing, Teaching
RED -- Force of Will
VIOLET -- Mystical, Unifying

The computer printout than divides the person into three areas depending on what colors appear on the Left Side (Future), Center (Experience) and Right Side (Expression). In the next paragraph is an example of having a color in a certain position means:

RED - Force of Will -- On the Left Side:
Stop Lights - warning lights - pushing the limits -- these things may have something in common with your future. Life in the fast lane (yeah-J). A time to experience life to your fullest. Your future is full of energy, doing things, accomplishments. Fun is ahead for you.

ORANGE - Creative/Aritistic -- In the Center:
Orange represents energy with mental direction. You are alive, artistic, perceptive creative. Conscructive self expression is important to you.

GREEN - Healing/Teaching -- On the Right Side:
Healing energy being expressed, an expression of firmness, of consistancy, and resistance to change. 'Elastic tension'. The person putting out this vibration is willing to work, to gain wealth in terms of educational, cultural or physical attainments.

Conclusion: What can we conclude from these images? Well the images showed that when I worked with "Maya" alone that it really expanded my aura and made it easy to work with spirit and my inner gifts. That for me, I do not feel as much energy with other types of quartz crystals, like I do when I work with crystal skulls. And this bears out in my personal life because generally I am not drawn to work too much with other crystals. This does not mean that for every person they would have such a reaction to a crystal skull like I do ... actually my wife Vera, had two pictures also taken on this day, and had many reds and purples in her aura field that were heightened by the amethyst crystal ball. I believe that ultimately, the aura is really effected by what people believe to be true in their minds. You may want to compare this to the tests we did with the MOLD of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. But it seems that with the crystal skulls, there is no grey reaction, either a person have a powerful connection with the skull (either heightened inner awareness and insights or a fast cleansing of powerful block emotions and feelings) or feels nothing. All these pictures are showing is an example of changes in ones aura for a person who does feel a strong connection and that the crystal skulls are a powerful tool, for a person who has an openness to such things to grow and expand oneself. In any case, lets hope that such research can continue and be done in a more controlled scientific environment.

For more information about this aura camera, you can contact the Progen Company, located at 319 Spruce St., Redwood City, CA 94063 in the U.S. We also thank and acknowledge Dianne Reddington, ( 715 South Home Ave., Park Ridge, IL 60068; (708)692-4285 ) for providing the service. Dianne also does psychic consultations using crystals, psychometry and runes.

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