January, 1997

Si puslapi skaitykite lietuviskai
(This page in Lithuanian)

Joshua Shapiro is an Aquarian Age author, lecturer, networker and explorer. Since starting his spiritual search in 1981 in Chicago, he has dedicated his life to discovering and sharing the best information related to the manifestation of the forthcoming Aquarian Age, a Golden Age. You will find on our Internet Site that Joshua will sometimes go by his nickname of "ILLINOIS" in respect to the state of his birth as well as a feeling of affinity for his counsin explorer in fiction: "Indy".

Joshua is the author of several New Age books that were released through J & S Aquarian Networking, now defunct, the publishing company that he helped to create in the San Francisco area of California in 1985. The titles of these books include: Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed (co-author, 1989); UFOs, Space Brothers and the Aquarian Age (1986); Journeys of an Aquarian Age Networker (1983) and The True Story of Big Foot (Stan Johnson - author, 1986, Joshua, editor). Currently he is working on his next book, Crystal Skull Chronicles, an online adventure story about the crystal skulls that is available to be read as he writes it, here on the V J Enterprises Site. CHECK IT OUT!

Joshua has been lecturing throughout U.S. and in parts of South America sharing what he has felt to be the most interesting and inspiring information he has collected in his networking journeys since 1983. In addition, in 1992, Editor Ground of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a New Age publisher in that country, issued a Portuguese version of the Crystal Skull book (mentioned above). This book has also been selling a bit in England through Evenlode Book Distributors and was just introduced in Australia at the Body-Mind-Spirit Festival (November, 1995) and is being sold by New Dimensions Distributing in Queensland.

Joshua has personally seen a number of Crystal Skulls (possibly very old) including: the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull (owned by Anna Mitchell-Hedges, in Canada), the Amethyst Crystal Skull, the Texas Crystal Skull (owned by the Parks of Houston,TX), a small crystal skull which includes Mayan Symbols carved in its checks and the top of the head, and "ET", a ancient smoky quartz human size crystal skull (in the posession of Joke Van Dieten who also has four other skulls as well). He believes that as we move closer to the manifestation of the Golden Age, more and more of the so-called ancient crystal skulls will be revealed. Based on the research of various crystal skull researchers, there appears to be about 15-20 human size (or larger) crystal skulls that are known so far. Joshua has a vision of a human size, clear blue crystal skull that he hopes to see one day (plans to actively search for it in 1997).

Another area of personal research and investigation that Joshua has been involved with includes the area of UFOs. Since beginning his networking travels in 1983, he has made contact with a number of UFO researchers, channels and contactees as well as given UFO presentations and participated on various UFO Panels at Whole Life Expos. He is convinced that the future of humanity ultimately rests upon the direct contact we are having with these intelligent races, and that these contacts are going to continue with more frequency until a day when "ET"s will be walking on our streets. And finally the official government agencies will announce (some believe in 1997) the existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs visiting (and living) on our world. Other subjects Joshua discusses connected with the UFO issue include the UFO connections with the ancient Crystal Skulls, sightings in South America, the Hollow Earth and Star People/Wanderers. The V J Enterprises Web Site has won a number of awards for their UFO section as well.

Joshua feels a strong presence of several unseen spiritual guides (of various types including earthly guides, extra-terrestrial and some dimensional beings in nature) who are guiding and inspiring him for his Lightwork focus. To him, this is an example of a cooperation between souls who have incarnated into bodies working with spiritual beings to help the Mother Earth move into an age of Peace and Beauty. Additionally he is being contacted by rJis, who he believes is his future self in this life that will be assisting him with new book, the Crystal Skull Chronicles.

In 1991, with the help of his wife Vera (who is from Brazil), they formed V J Enterprises in Chicago to continue exploring and sharing information about a number of subjects revelant to the Golden Age including the Crystal Skulls, UFOs, New Age Networking and working with one's inner guidance. In addition, V J Enterprises offers metaphysical journeys to Peru and the American Soutwest (Vera acts as the Tour Guide). These journeys have included both Americans and Brazilians and V J Enterprises hopes to expand the tours to include the Yucatan/Guatamala (Mayan), Brasil and Egypt, Greece and Israel and to offer these journeys to other passengers from many other countries. For information about our 1997 Peru Tours, please check the Tour Home Page.

V J Enterprises has developed a betatype computerized networking system, running on a PC compatible micro-computer that provides a central depository of local New Age Resources and Contacts to assist a local city or community to find products and services they seek. The system is called NANET (New Age Network Computer System) and has been in development since 1992. Some initial tests of this system have been conducted in several cities in the U.S. including Chicago (Illinois), Santa Fe (New Mexico) and Gainesville (Florida) with another group in Minneapolis (Minnesota) being inspired to develop a similar system. It is Joshua dreams to setup this system in every major city in the world and then to electronically connect these member cities as well as to other computer networks as the Internet. In March of 1996, Joshua extended his concept of NA NET to form a Network of New Age Web Sites. As of January, 1997, NA NET Global had over 150 Member Sites from over 13 countries. Upon the success of the concept of NA NET Global, V J Enterprises began in October, 1996, UFO NET Global, a simimlar network of UFO Web Sites and by early January of 1997 had almost 120 members.

PLANS FOR 1998: V J Enterprises will continue to offer their public presentations and travel throughout the world, based on the interest shown in various cities and regions. We also plan to continue to expand and improve our Web Site. We will be offering our online story Crystal Skull Chronicles, in which are readers can assist in its creation and look towards networking and working new projects with other organizations such as the Planetary Light Network. We will continue the search for the Blue Crystal Skull and working with Windsong, a crystal skull held by F. Petri in Texas. We also will continue to work towards an action adventure film based on the crystal skulls and hope to open centers in Brazil and Australia for research on many subjects and classes. We will also be offering to other lightworkers a new opportunity to help create their dreams and have the resources to support their light projects.

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