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We know now the images on this page are man made replicas housed in a museum.

I'm leaving all the dialog below in tact as it came to us before anyone knew the real source of the images.

It's interesting to note the high degree of interest and understandable enthusiam that arrises when some new piece of evidence pops up that just might prove what we all already believe..............That Aliens are real !

Steve Kaeser has been scouting the Information Highway for various images related to Aliens. He has located and shared with us various images related to the Roswell Film held by Merlin Productions in England and now he has just sent to us some new pictures which he claims came from someone in Hong Kong.

Although he didn't specify which type of aliens these might be, it appears to match the typical description of a Grey. Also, after these pictures, I asked Steve to send me some background about them. A person who has been very active in Hong Kong with the Roswell Film named Angus, who we share some of his postings in our World View section of the film answered Steve.

We also include an email message from Angus to Steve to shed some additional light on these pictures.

See what you think ......... Illinois

Subject: To All Recipients of this Email

Hello all

I have consolidated most of the people replying to my paranet postings.

The newsgroup server is down, for some reason, so I can't post to it.

This will be an intermin report for now. Please post a cc: to paranet if you can. I cannot.

Here in Hong Kong, the 28th 8pm did NOT bring the autopsy film. Instead it was a really badly done reporting on what UFOs are, what Roswell was, etc.

I was impressed, however, by the fact that our local TV crew did get interviews with some folks at Roswell, including visiting the crash sites.

However, we still have to wait for TONIGHT (29th) for the actual autopsy showing. They said that 22 countries are showing it around the world.

Anyway, the reason I am posting this is because I have ADDITIONAL INFORMATION that I doubt anyone else has on, if what I have read is true.

I have here a copy of a local newsmagazine, not quite tabloid but sort of, but anyway it contains an article on aliens at Roswell.

In the article are 3 photographs of an alien, said to have been recovered from Roswell. The photos were supplied to the Hong Kong magazine by a Japanese journalist as an act of good faith. The report stated that these photos have rarely been seen in public.

The photo, which I was going to scan and post, is quite clear albeit on newsprint. It is in color in the magazine. The alien there is shockingly real. The head is enlarged, and looks like the aliens we're accustomed to in the other materials over the years. Nothing like the alien in the Santilli film.

And this is significant: The alien has 4 fingers and toes. This is in line with Roswell witnesses, and NOT with the Santilli film alien which has 6 fingers.

The crash and burn injuries on this alien is much more in line than the exposed hole on the Santilli alien. Looking at the photo, I don't see how anyone can think the Santilli film is real. In my opinion, the alien I have here in this magazine is the real McCoy. The Santilli one is fake and may be proven to be so in the near future.

The alien in this magazine looks like a real creature. I see very realistic arms and legs. It also has some pubic hair and nipples. It looks male. The ears and nose, etc. don't look very much like makeup, unless they sawed a human head off, and put another one on, and cut off one finger and toe each. But I doubt that.

Anyway, the bottom line is that this alien looks nothing like the Santilli alien, and this one looks more real. I have never seen this photo before in any other source. The other 2 photos are close ups of the feet and the cadaver.

I will scan these soon and post to paranet, as soon as the server is back up, and I have access to a HI-RES color scanner. I don't right now and I didn't want to post a crappy video-camcorder shot instead of a real scan.

Because of the volume of email, please don't email me or reply to this broadcast unless you have something important or urgent to tell me.

Thanks very much and I'll keep you all posted on happenings here as this mystery unravels in the next couple of weeks.



However, (Neil Morris) says that the images are of the same model/dummy used in the Showtime movie ROSWELL. He had watched the Showtime film several days ago, and when he saw these images, he recognized it immediately. I have not gone back to check this out, but have no reason to doubt that Neil is correct.

Another facet to this that I would add at this point is an interesting rumour that has (thus far) not been verified....

>Date: Sun, 27 Aug 1995 12:57:50 -0400
>Subject: Re: Autopsy film shown worldwide, why?
.....{deleted text}
>But according to some gossip I received yesterday, it seems that 
>a prominent researcher and magazine editor in the UK has received 
>anonymously 3 Polaroid photos depicting the alien autopsy scene as 
>an actual "set."  I am trying very hard to confirm this.  My source 
>is reliable - now if I can just get the editor to respond to my 
>request for more information.  It was also said that Phil Mantle 
>received these photos as well.
=====message end======

I am also attempting to find out if this has any credibility, but thus far have come up blank. I suspect that the three Polaroid photos may be same images shown in the Hong Kong magazine article (with the rumour surrounding them growing and mutating as it winds it way through the morass we know and love as "UFOlogy")........... Steve

Penthouse Alien Photos 9/96

Three photos of a what we believe is the same alien appears in the September issue (1996) of Penthouse Magazine. Bob Guccione, the magazine's editor-in-chief and publisher believes absolutely that these images are from the Roswell case. here.

Reported Alien Life Forms

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