by Joshua Shapiro

Excerpts from the book: UFOs, Space Brothers and the Aquarian Age
J & S Aquarian Networking, Pinole, CA - 1987

This section will share information on two groups of undercover {so to speak} Space Brothers known as Star People and Wanderers. Both of these groups are extra-terrestrial beings who have entered our incarnational cycle to assist with the transformation into the Aquarian Age. At the end of this section we will discuss that even though Star People and Wanderers are not native to our planet Earth, neither is any soul which is associated with the Earth at this time or in times past. The reason for sharing this is we must remember all people are children of the Creator, no one is any more special than another. Each of us is on our own path, which we have chosen. It is just that some of us are rebelling against the true reality of Oneness and Love, thus on the human level appear not to be as advanced. Yet all souls have the same potential of greatness or becoming one with the Godself within!! Anyway, let us begin by investigating the Star People.


The idea of Star People was introduced by a book with the same title by Brad & Francie Steiger, in early 1980's. Now, this book is part of a five book series, called the Star People Series. The other books are: "Revelation: The Divine Fire"; "Gods of Aquarius"; "Reflections from an Angel's Eye" & "The Seed".

The information on Star People, basically came through Mr. Steiger's search for paranormal phenomenon, since he is an author of over 200 books. He discovered, by working with individuals through regressional hypnosis, that certain people volunteered to come to the Earth, to spiritually uplift the planet, and had another world/dimension in the universe they called home. He discovered that the Star People were basically two kinds. Star Helpers, or earthlings who assisted the Star Seed in their work, and Star Seed, which would be the extra-terrestrial souls volunteering to work here to help create the Golden Age. In order for the Star Person to operate effectively on Earth, they had to be disquise as a normal type of Earthling, thus they had a regular birth just like anyone else. When they incarnated into the Earth, they had to obey the rules and regulations of the Earth, which included having a memory veil placed over their consciousness where they totally forget their Star Heritage so they can function as Earth people.

Much of the work to help transform our Earth, requires helpers in the material levels to be examples of Light and Truth, so many volunteered. Mr. Steiger discovered in his analysis that many Star Seed had certain physical weaknesses or spiritual experiences. The physical ailments are due to the fact that the vibratory rate on their home worlds is much greater than on the Earth, thus the spirit of the Star Seed can not exactly fit into the gross level of Earth bodies.

In the Star People book, there is a very comprehensive lists of physical/personality attributes. A few of these conditions include: Compelling eyes; lower than normal body temperature; an unexpected child [i.e. - Star Seed who wanted to get down here in a hurry]; chronic sinusitis; hypersensitivity to electricity or electro-magnetic forcefields; experience a buzzing or audio tone in the ears prior to a psychic-spiritual event or warning of danger; have flying dreams; children & animals are attracted to you; felt Earth mother/father not real parents, had unseen companions as child, etc ... The Star Seed usually learn of their identity through a series of spiritual experiences or synchronicity which activates their memory. But as Dr. Puharich mentioned at the Star People Festival, a very small percentage of these special souls are able to deal with the intensity of the Earth and remember. Many Star Seed become depressed because they miss their homes and find the Earth life so difficult. However, this helps in another way for them to understand the conditions of their brothers and sisters here on Earth. Does any of this sound like you?

Mr. Steiger was the keynote speaker at the Star People Festival in 1983 and shared with us that the name was basically coined from his contact with Native American Indians. It seemed that they have legends of contacts with beings from the stars, or Gods, and thus called them Star People. Some stories similar to this that I have heard on the road, say that some of the Native American tribes today are descendants of visitors from the stars. Mr. Steiger states in his book, Gods of Aquarius,

"The majority of Amerindian Medicine People today believe that the Star People and the Spirit Guardians of the Earth Mother are becoming active at this time in an effort to aid mankind survive a coming Great Purification of the planet." Later on in the same chapter he adds, "Of one thing I am certain: Although the UFO intelligences may often cast themselves in the role of tutors, they favor teaching by example rather than by direct intervention in our learning processes and overtly showing us the answers ."

Two other books which also contain information on Star People are "Secrets of the UFOs," by Elkins and Rueckert, quoted in the last section and Ruth Montgomery's new book, "Aliens Among Us," which shares information on several Star People she has had personal contact with. What I find encouraging with Ms. Montgomery is that her book is going into major chain bookstores, so many people can read about Star People.


WANDERERS has been reported in the books written by one of the early UFO researchers, G.H. Williamson in the late 1950's, "Other Tongues, Other Flesh" and "Secret Places of the Lion" {just reprinted by Destiny Books of New York City, the other book is out of print}. The Wanderers are also extra-terrestrial in origin, although they don't seem to just have one place they call home, as they go from world to world helping to uplift them into the Light, so they can carry on themselves. Well, Mr. Williamson gave us permission to reprint parts of his book, "Other Tongues, Other Flesh," so I will let him explain these helpers to you directly.

Excerpts from Other Tongues, Other Flesh


"TO THE APPLES WE SALT WE RETURN!! Space Intelligences said that this was one of their old prophecy legends, but what could it mean? It sounds as though space people salted away some apples and were now returning to them. But what about the word 'apple'; what did it represent?"

"For many months now, evidence has been accumulating at a rapid rate that there are many people on Earth that don't really belong here! This doesn't mean that they came here aboard a Flying Saucer, disembarked, put on a tweed suit, polished up their English language and moved into the house next door. It does mean, however, that there is a special class or order of beings in the Universe that are different from the rest because of the fact that they wander form one world to another, and from one system to another. They are the 'chimney sweeps' of Creation. It is their specific job to go to the 'trash cans' of the Universe and give aid to their fellow man on those backward worlds."

"If these Wanderers didn't arrive here by spaceship, how did they get here? They volunteered to come to Earth and go through the reincarnational cycle here. In other words, they were born here! In brief, they were exactly the same as all the other people on Earth, except for one thing: they didn't belong here! They occupy physical vehicles and are born to parents of their own choice who they feel will best give them the advantages and training they need to fulfill their mission on Earth."

"It was this special order of beings that arrived with the Son of Thought Incarnate (known to us as Jesus) when He came to Earth for the first time to begin his instruction. It is said that 144,000 souls or Lesser Avatars arrived with the Elder Brother, Son of Thought Incarnate. Here we see the use of the mystic numeral 12."

"Seeds may be planted but they can rot and never reach maturity. This means that the people of outer space knew what was going to develop on Earth. They 'planted' some of their own people here; 'salted' them away like 'apples'. But every seed that is planted or 'salted away' does not grow and reach maturity; it may rot in the ground because of many conditions. Therefore, some of the 'WANDERERS' now on Earth do not know who they are -- they are lost in the ways of the Earth, and on physical death will return to their own worlds. They will be none the worse for their experience, except that their mission will not be accomplished."

"Space intelligences knew that a certain percentage of the 'apples' would fall by the way, therefore enough of them incarnated into Earth bodies to make up for this inevitable deficiency. Space friends also said: 'Many of our people are in your world now. There are nearly ten million of them, with six of those million in the United States itself."

"So there are several million people in the world that have nothing to do with this world as far as learning anything from it that they haven't already acquired. They either passed through many lives on the Earth planet itself, or they learned the same lesson on another world similar to our Earth. At any rate, they are far ahead of the average Earth man or woman. Why do they come back? The answer is, because they want to help; they feel that there is something far more beautiful for man Earth to attain. They are the reason we have progressed more in the last fifty years than we did in the previous ten thousand years! Many of our great and famous historical personages were 'apples'. Those specifically mentioned were Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Nikola Tesla, and others."

"The WANDERERS go through a normal childhood not realizing who they are. If they are not among those 'seeds that rotted' they someday remember who they are, where they are from, and what they are here for. Many 'apples' had memory veils lifted about 1947, the year when Kenneth Arnold brought the 'Flying Saucer' to the attention of the world."

"Not all of the 'apples' come from our own Solar System; many come from far-distant systems and galaxies. These volunteers have vowed that they will continue to appear on Earth until the situation here is cleared up, and Earthman takes his true place beside his brothers in the Cosmos!"

"How can we identify or recognize a 'WANDERER'? It is not easily done. However, these space friends who work and live with us daily, are identified by their brothers in the sky by certain body markings. These marks may take the form of scar tissue that has been present on the body from birth and thereby not acquired by any natural means, and they may take the form of unusual types of stigmata. The arrangement and type of marks will determine the individual's place of origin and other pertinent facts. The marks serve more as a 'key of remembrance' to the individuals they are located on. By thinking of these strange scars, the 'apple' is automatically put into the right frame of mind and vibrations for lifting of a memory veil."

"These 'WANDERERS' are truly 'Wayfarers' when they take up life on Earth. For they very seldom stick to one job for long periods of time. Some are inclined to be 'nervous' or highly sensitive types. This is because of the lower vibratory rate on Earth. Many of them have intestinal disorders and stomach trouble. They move from one job to another, and many of them are found in communications, transportation, and scientific fields. The infiltration of the writing and radio profession has been on a colossal scale."

"The Saucer men recognize these 'WANDERERS' because they aided them before they came to Earth to help. In other words, 'apples' lifted up other planets to their present majestic state of progression where all war, greed, lust and falsity is non-existent. They passed through Mars, Venus, and other spheres before volunteering for the Earth mission. And the mission to Earth began not just one or two lifetimes back, but it all started in the Miocene Epoch millions of years ago!"

"The following message was received in the central part of the United States by a Wanderer:

'Wake Up! Do not underestimate yourself. Do not say that something is not true just because you alone thought it. Know this about yourself . . . when you think purely on your own plane (thought), there is no room for error as there is none being a part of who you are! Son of Light, we are coming soon to Earth in great numbers. Upon our arrival we will scatter over the face of the planet and instruct the immature souls concerning the most perfect application of the Love principle. Truly, in reality, this is all we do. We keep away and shut out all selfish interests and egotistical desires; in this we find our true purpose to the rest of God's great creation. We have so perfected the Love principle that we need not adopt the policy of loving our enemies and blessing those that curse us for there are no enemies and there is no one that curses. Truly here is where the spirit of God can move freely and give unto us unimaginable blessings. This, too, is one of our great missions here, since it is only when Love reigns supreme that it is possible for God to give you more than he has. This is not because God is unwilling to give unto you, it is because in your ignorance you refuse to receive and welcome us; not that we are demanding, but in order to fulfill our mission here it is necessary for us to mingle as much as possible with you who knew us. You can aid us with certain information we desire. We mingle with you and people like you purposely, because although you look human, yet are you divine, even more so than we by far! You remember meeting a stranger the other day, yet he was not a stranger at all, but one of us whom you met while working in our realm to build us up as you are even now building up the Earth. When we come to cooperate wholeheartedly, be not fearful of telling the world of our coming, for the world must know to be prepared. The time is therefore short, as we have said before. Work well and preach the truth until we come! And we will come, as we promised you before you took up the mantle of this mission.' This message was signed simply: 'A friend from Venus'".

"Some might ask: 'Why don't the occupants of the Saucers do the job of lifting up humanity on Earth?' Actually, they couldn't do the job alone. First of all, in order to get by for very long in present day society, an individual has to have papers and records proving his birth age, place of residence, driver's license, draft board classification, etc. Secondly, people of the Earth wouldn't want to be 'lifted up' or taught by 'foreigners' from outer space. But, if space people are among them as their own kind, they will be raised automatically into higher states of progression. Only if the 'apples' volunteer for such a mission can it be accomplished."

"Saucer occupants and 'WANDERERS' in our own Solar System belong to an order known as Knights of the Solar Cross. The literal solar cross is a luminous appearance consisting of a light-pillar combined with a segment of the parhelic circle, forming a cross with the sun at the center. A similar phenomenon about the moon is called a lunar cross."

"Solar Cross, used here, however, means something entirely different. The swastika symbolizing the Four Great Primary Forces [Static Magnetic Field {the force within a bar magnet}; Electro-Static Field {field from electrical current in charged capacitor}; Electro-Magnetic Field {as in radio waves, light or heat}; Resonating Electro-Magnetic Field {celestial bodies operating in a vortex, space craft propulsion field, basis of life, elemental life}] is the true Solar Cross, for without these forces our Sun and Solar System could not operate -- in fact, they wouldn't even exist, and neither would anything else in Creation."

"A Knight Errant was a wandering knight who, in the Middle Ages, went forth in search of adventures fitted to exhibit his skill, prowess, or chivalry toward women; he belonged to wandering knighthood. Therefore, the WANDERERS are Knights Errant of the Solar Cross as they go to the various planets of our Solar System. They operate through the authority and powers of the Four Great Forces to point people everywhere to the Great Path."

"As said before, it doesn't matter whether the helpers came here in Saucers, or whether they were born here as 'apples' -- they all belong to the Solar Cross Order. The symbol of this Order shows the present twelve planets enveloped in their Resonating Electro-Magnetic Fields. The planet of the fifth orbit to space intelligences is the Earth, and its field is shown shaded and dark. This is because the Earth is now the only world in our Solar System that does not belong to the Interplanetary Brotherhood. The twelve planets surround the swastika {Editor Note: the true meaning of the swastika, an ancient symbol which can be found in the ruins of many ancient cities; it is a symbol of the four great cosmic forces listed above} and superimposed over this is a face-like shield with a single eye in the center of the forehead. This symbolizes the fact that Knights of the Solar Cross have a highly developed pineal body or gland, a 'Third Eye' which gives them their astounding telepathic abilities. They examine all men by this 'eye' instead of by normal vision which would only allow for reason and logic instead of truth."

"A sun disk, balanced upon a four-legged stand was found at Sippar before the canopied throne of Shamash, the sun god. It is recorded in a tablet of Nebopaliddin, King of Babylonia about 880 B.C. This disk shows the central Sun with the Four Great Primary Forces, and it shows twelve wavy lines extending out or radiating from the Sun. This means there are twelve planets in the Solar System. Since this dates from 880 B.C., it would not show the planet Maldek or thirteen planets since Maldek ceased to exist around 1500 B.C. The sun disk is similar to the Ishtal-Maxin in the Solex-Mal {The Solar or Mother Tongue, the universal language of all mankind. This language is the original tongue once spoken on Earth by all people and is still used by the inhabitants of other worlds in outer space.}."

"Anciently, it was known as the 'Astronomical Cross of Egypt.' Or it was called the 'Mundane Cross.' It is supposed to represent 'accomplished creation.' The ancients said it was of the fundamental divine interplanetary language, and it has the numerical value of three. To them it meant an individual creation, such as a planet, a solar system, or a galaxy. Since Lacu is Kadar (Head) of the tribunal for this Solar System, he would naturally use the Circle-Cross as his symbol."

"The symbol of the Tree of Life or the Tree and the Serpent is one of the Earth's most ancient representations. Mu was symbolized as a tree -- the Tree of Life. The unadorned serpent is Khan the symbol of Khanab, 'The Great Waters,' the ocean. Mu was surrounded by water, even as the tree is surrounded by the serpent. There were indigenous life-forms on other worlds, but several research groups have received information that during the catastrophes that struck both Lemuria and Atlantis, groups of people were evacuated from the Earth and taken to other planets; especially Mars and Venus."

"Early in 1952, a strange young man appeared in California. He lectured on the coming of the space people to Earth. He always spoke to small groups of students or clubs. There was nothing unusual about him except that he wore a lapel button on which was a distinctive symbol . Here we see the familiar swastika of the Four Forces and a serpent twined about a wand or rod. This is similar to the caduceus, a magic herald's wand, a sacred rod having power over wealth, prosperity, happiness, dreams, carried by the messengers of the Greek Gods, especially by Hermes. The Caduceus was a sign of the settlement of quarrels, carried by heralds and ambassadors. This symbol is also used for Apollo."

"The serpent and the staff are symbols of Aesculapius, Roman god of medicine and Asklepios, Greek god of healing. The staff represented this god's wanderings from place to place dispensing cures."

"Since Apollo, Hermes, Osiris, and others were undoubtedly nothing but space visitors in ancient times who later were deified by the people, we would expect their symbols to be used yet by modern space visitors. The attributes or actions of Apollo or Hermes as space men were carried over to fit the later gods Apollo, Hermes, etc. The space men came to settle disputes and the caduceus became a sign of 'the settlement of quarrels.' It was carried by 'heralds and ambassadors' -- Indeed space visitors were heralds of a new wisdom and knowledge and ambassadors of the worlds. The rod or staff represented the god of healing's 'wanderings.' And, the space visitors were 'healers' of man's sufferings; they did wander from 'place to place dispensing cures' for the 'sorrowful planet Earth.' The 'rod' and the 'staff' did comfort the people of the ancient world when it was visited by intelligence of other realms in outer space."


The Wanderers' job is to help planets that are having trouble connecting with the Light, Universal Laws and Truth. Thus, many of the space beings watching over the Earth and assisting through means that do not interfer with our own development, have been helped by these special servants of God. Thus, the Star People seem to have one planet or special dimension they come from, while the Wanderers are welcomed on many planets, thus have experiences of what life is like on many worlds, or could be said to be jacks of all trades. But, like the Star People, their vibrational essence does not fit easily into Earth bodies, but since they have been on so many different worlds, they are more tolerant of Earth life and able to adapt better.

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