4th Dimensional
Mirror Imaging

Codes Discovered within
the Ancient Crystal Skulls

J W Voakes, Seattle, WA

The Crystal Skulls by themselves are a mystery. The more opportunities I have to see new (ancient) crystal skulls and have my own experiences plus watch how they affect others, is a lifetime job. I do not believe that anyone has a definitive answer about how the Crystal Skulls work or produce their strange phenomena around them.

Recently, in March (1996), I was contact by J. W. Voakes in the Seattle area, who was trying to explain to me on the phone some process he had discovered which produced geometric patterns from various ancient artifacts, possibly some type of codes secretly imbeded on some level that his process is able to bring forth. At this junction, I have just seen pictures he used with an ancient Egyptian Artifact and "MAX", the Texas Crystal Skull. J.W. has tried to get other people interested but no one wants to pay him any attention. So, to offer some other insights about the crystal skulls, we offer here five images J.W. worked on with "MAX" and we wait to see his results with pictures of the "Mitchell-Hedges" Crystal Skull and "ET".

First, I tried to get J. W. to better explain his process .....


What is 4th Dimensional Imaging?

From: JVoakes545@aol.com
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 01:12:41 -0500
To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Subject: Kaleidoscope of the Gods


Glad you liked my work! Here, is as brief a synopsis as I can give, is the info you requested...

The images are decoded using a process I call "4th Dimensional Mirror Imaging." The process is quite simple, actually. First, I have a image/picture in my computer. Using a graphics program (such as PC Paint, Corel Paint, etc.) I simply decide what section of the image I want to decode. I mask off the area I selected, cut and copy it to the clipboard. I then erase the entire original image, and paste the masked section back on the screen. I then paste another copy of the masked image onto the screen, flip it horizontally and connect the two halves. Viola! An image appears.

This process is similar to the one used by Hoagland's team on the Mars face (they found one side contained a hominiod visiage, the other side a very feline image) and by Maurice Cotterell on the Lid of Pacal (he used acetate overlays, but acheived the same basic results.)

Currently, I am decoding images I have tracked down on the 'Net...but I've just purchased a scanner, so I will have the capability of scanning in actual photographs of the artifacts.

Max, for instance, was decoded using a scan of an image that JoAnn (Parks) has for sale. All of the images that were paper-clipped to my letter were decoded from Max.

What, exactly, are we seeing? My theory is that the ancients used these artifacts as a type of memory bank, and encoded these images 4th dimensionally so that we could only access them when we were ready. Perhaps they sensed an upcoming cataclysm and wanted to leave a visual record of their existance? That's what my heart tells me. anyways. I also feel very strongly that, hidden in these artifacts, we can find visual representation of every form of life in the universe...again, just what I feel, no facts to back it up (yet).

I also think that the levels in the images...and it seems that each image is made up of several levels or layers...signify something. As to what, I'm not sure...but I think that is another part of the equation that needs to be investigated further.

Bottom line ... these images are not designed by me, and they are not naturally occuring. They were implanted/imprinted into these crystal artifacts by an extremely advanced lifeform that we have yet to identify. I think that the Kaleidoscope of the Gods is the next step in the identification process. They have now allowed us to see their "faces"...now we must look past the face and into the soul of the amazing beings who left this behind for us to find.

The images are real...they are important...and they cry out for understanding.

BTW, the names I give the images just come to me immediatley after decoding them. I don't puzzle over what to call them, I just know..

And...while my name is John, my friends call me JW ;-)

Hope to talk to you soon...
Thanks again...


From: JVoakes545@aol.com
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 16:19:17 -0500
To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Subject: Re: Kaleidoscope of the Gods


I'm glad you understood the decoding process I use...it's rather amazing that so simple a procedure nets the results it does. I think, with the Kaleidoscope, we are being taught to see things from a different perspective, a different dimension.

MAX was the source for all of the images I sent you, except for the ones in the booklet. I hope to be revising the booklet soon, and will include some of my recent work with MAX when I do so.

As a suggestion...perhaps on the WEB page, you could point out the idea that our civilization has reached the point of technological expertise and advancement that allows us to decode these images? I think it is significant that only now we have reached a level of advancement that SOMEONE had many ages ago...kind of blows the theory of evolution (as is currently held) right out of the water!

Talk to you soon,


From: JVoakes545@aol.com
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 04:10:49 -0500
To: rjoshua@sprintmail.com
Subject: Re: Kaleidoscope of the Gods


Interesting idea, being able so somehow decode the images from the source artifact as opposed to using photos...

Been thinking about that. Would be problematic, for several reasons. First, the images I decode are magnified (from about 1/4" sq. to what you see on the page). Secondly, since I choose the area which to decode, you would have to somehow (using mirrors?) be able to isolate certain areas of the artifacts to do the decoding. Finally, you would need a light-source (but that isn't difficult, I've seen pictures of the skulls on lighted bases).

So...it may be possible to do. Wouldn't it be interesting to work out a way to decode an artifact live?!? THAT would be something to see! I think it could work, but it would take very precise engineering skills...and knowledge of reflection/refraction as well.

I'll keep brainstorming on it...where there's a will...(G)

Talk to you soon...


4th Dimensional Images from "MAX",
The Texas Crystal Skull

Cathedral of the Soul


Mysteries from MAX

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