Spirits of the Earth Welcome You to Machu Picchu

Imagine a large valley surrounded by an ocean of mountains and on the top of one, a perfect city of white stones. No one knows how it was possible to build this great sanctuary known today as the Eighth Wonder of the World . . . Machu Picchu

Photo by Hiram Bingham
National Geographic Magazine
The Expedition en route to
Machu Picchu: Urubamba Canon

In 1911, while engaged in a search for Victos, the last Inka capital, prof. Hiram Bingham, went down the Urubamba Valley asking for reports as to the whereabouts of some ruins. On the sixth day out from Cuzco he arrived at a little plantation called Mandorpapa, where he camped a few yards away from the owner's grass-thatched hut, and it was not long before the owner's came to visit and to inquire of Bingham about his business.

Bingham explained to the native that he was looking for Victos and the man told him that on top of the magnificent precipices nearby there were some ruins at a place called Machu Picchu, and that there were others still more inaccessible at Huayna Picchu, on a peak not far distant from the camp. He offered to show Bingham the ruins, which he had once visited, if he would pay him well for his services. His idea of proper payment was 50 cents for his day's labor, and Hiram Bingham re-discovered Machu Picchu.

Hiram Bingham was not convinced that Machu Picchu was what he was looking for, and a few hours later he left Machu Picchu to return a year later when he finally understood that indeed this cidatel was the largest and the most important ruin discoved in South America since the days of the Spanish conquest.

In 1912 the Research Committee of the National Geographic Society and Yale Universtiy contributed an equal amount of $10,000 each, and Bingham returned to Machu Picchu.

Thanks to the efforts of National Geographic Society, Yale Universtity, Hiham Bingham and the staff that accompany him, today we can visit Machu Picchu and experience its timeless wisdom.

Machu Picchu is the inheritance of all humanity, and there have been many different explanations as to how and why it was built. In this time of technological revolution, most people look to the archaeologists' explanations, at the same time, it is wiser not to exclude the spiritual ones. When sciences - the science of the intellect and the science of the spirit are together, the answers will be transparent.

One of the many explanations of what Machu Picchu was is that it was built as a type of convent where Virgins of the Sun lived and worked to provide all of the necessities of life to the Inka and the Priests. Archaeologists have discovered so far 167 human remains, 102 of which were adult women and seven were young women, 22 adult men and four young men, 21 remains of which they were not able to determine the sex, and five infants. This proves to us that this city's population was composed mostly of women. Marino Orlando Sanchez Macedo, archaeologist and author of De las Sacerdotisas, Brujas y Adivinas de Machu Picchu ("The Priestesses, Witches and Psychics of Machu Picchu"), researched and performed archaeological digs in this city over a 20-year period. He definitely came closer to the truth about Macu Picchu and even though so many artifacts had already been taken away by Hiram Bingham's expedition, Marino Sanches has rewritten the history of Machu Picchu from his point of view and through his research has arrived at the conclusion that this city was truly a sanctuary. The evidence he has found makes it clear that the priestesses who lived there were very knowledgeable about the mysteries of the Sky and the Earth.

Photo by E. C. Erdis
National Geographic Magazine
The main tent in the camp at
Machu Picchu and Hiram Bingham
at the completion of the season's work

M.Picchu High Priestess
When I first visited Machu Picchu I was introduzed to a light being, through Luiz Gasparetto's channel abilities (Luiz is a famous psychic in Brasil), by the name of Chuma, who claimed to be one of the high Priestesses of Machu Picchu. Chuma gave to our group many physical proofs of her presence and the presence of other spiritual entities who live in Machu Picchu. She said to us that the truth about Machu Picchu is that it was a University at which special youths studied to cultivate, improve and refine their knowledge of the spiritual sciences. She also said that when humanity is prepared, a library of special records will be uncovered which will reveal all of the secrets of the past, present and future.

Marino Sanchez discovered the remains of Chuma in his digs in the Sacred Plaza. She was adorned with many crystals, primarily amethyst.

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