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Wayne Nicholas Experience in Mayan Land

Via the assistance of Robert Rouse, a proclaimed Lightworker Scout, Robert has been posting information from the Center of Attention in Santa Clara, California, about their various activities and newsletter. One of their members, Wayne Nicholas, attended the Sunrise Ceremony and other activities conducted on the Mayan Lands, and gave his report. What we found interesting was that Wayne had a connection with the Crystal Skulls and that a crystal skull was at these special events. We believe that the Center of Attention is a doing a great job to share information about the transformation into the Age of Aquarius and they seem to be working closely with Sheldon Nidle (co-author of "YOU ARE BECOMING A GALACTIC HUMAN"). So we offer another view of the ceremonies in the Mayan Land .......


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ISSUE 9 & 10
April 13, 1995 & April 26, 1995

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The Bi-Weekly News and Comment
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Ascension, UFOs, Channeled Entities

Wayne's Worlds
by Jason Dunlap

Wayne's been sick, and so I was given the task of putting together his notes. I hope I can do it justice. No doubt, some of it will sound like me.

3/16: Thurs. before leaving. Tone One of WaveSpell #18, White Wind, (IK), whose power centers around "Breath Communicates Spirit.

As I am entering the Magnetic Gate for this new WaveSpell I am reflective on several issues. The birth kin of my room mate to be, (Dennis Sullivan) is IK, which is the name of the WaveSpell beginning. In fact, most of the adventure coming up will be during this WaveSpell. I focus on my breathing while allowing my mind to rest, feeling the now. I focus on my breathing with redoubled intent and attention. I begin to feel the power of the spirit of the coming trip flow thru me as I begin to connect thru the Pulsar connection to Tone One. (connected the command towers and cosmic gate)

I began to feel butterflies the size of elephants in my stomach! No, not stage fright. I know what that feels like, too! This was very different!! I did not know how or why it was different. These and many other things flowed thru my mind as I drove down the coast from Gualala (home #1, north of SF.) to Santa Clara (home #2, at Jason and Barbara's). I stopped at a particularly scenic area, overlooking the ocean, and wondered. What will I be thinking about the next time I stop here? (after the trip to Mexico)!

3/17: Fri. (Bon Voyage Gathering) Lunar Chamber, and a Full Moon! Power of Blue Night--"Intuition Dreams Abundance"

I remember the Bon Voyage Gathering, standing in the center of a circle of loving light generated by 60 people encircling Dennis and myself. Then the 60 became 600....6000..... and so on. Remembering the "Way of the Mayan". All of these energies are being pulled forward into the NOW as we stand together in the circle at the Gathering. The stage is being set, the script is being written (or perhaps it was written long ago). Perhaps even the characters were cast in the dimly lit past.... "Who Knows, who we will remember, we are!!!???

3/18: Sat. The Electric Chamber" housing the symbol Yellow Seed, "Awareness Targets Flowering".

Jason took me to the airport where Mary Ann Stanford had come to see me off. { all kinds of problems arose that attempted to delay his take-off and brought some anxiety to his mind, for awhile.....}

As my final hop toward Houston began, I started to worry that my planned meeting with Carol Parish and the crystal skull, Max would not occur since I would be about 4 hours late! I sat back to meditate remembering the "way of the Mayan". "How can my goal be attained? Wait! There is a telephone on the back of the seat facing me! Call the hotel. Darn! AT&T card won't work! So much for technology! Interestingly, Max had came to see me in a vision previously. Max is the largest crystal skull known, 18lbs! During that vision Max and 4 other smaller skulls came to me. This was not just an imaginary experience! Upon remembering and feeling that experience I sent a message, mentally, to Max saying, "please wait for me, I am on my way, just 4 hours late.

On arriving at the hotel, I dropped my stuff off and rushed to the meeting room. I got there, just in time to be one of the last to meet the crystal skull, Max! What an energy rush, as all the energies of my worry rushed thru me along with the initial energy of all of you, who blessed me and sent me on this trip!

{and so it was on Wayne's trip. Many events seemed to start out with some sort of complication only to be resolved in magical ways}

Monday: 3/20, off to Dzibichaltun ( the place nobody can pronounce)

Dzibichaltun is a cenote. Surface water in the Yucatan is very rare. When the ceiling to an underground waterway does collapse, the result is called a cenote and usually becomes associated with sacred rituals. Hunzbatz Men presided over a Mayan water ritual which included a march around the cenote three times and a baptism, where a cloth soaked in the water is placed over the third-eye. Dennis caught my baptism on video.

Next, was a march up the white road of enlightenment to a temple of the Seven Dolls, for another ritual. Following that we went to Chichen Itza, where we sat in front of the temple of the sun, (the pyramid of Kukulcan) and awaited the movement of the "shadow serpent" on the flank of the pyramid. This movement is caused by movement of the sun and took hours. Having time to contemplate, I reviewed again the "Way of the Maya". Sitting in front of Kukulcan in the Overtone Tower of the WaveSpell of the White Wind with the Power of Breath Communicates Spirit, I really began to FEEEL something happening inside of me. Gather resources and take command is the purpose of the Overtone Tower. "What resources, and command over what?", I thought......

So, we ended our day at Chichen Itza, boarded our busses for the trip to the hotel and we considered the day and the bigger day at Chichen Itza, tomorrow. More stories shared on the bus, more contacts for COA (Center of Attention), more new friends.

Next day, early morning breakfast and networking for COA, then off to Chichan Itza. Went to the top of the pyramid, took pictures, and then did some energy work with my crystals. I went up and down the pyramid 3 times. One ritual involved hundreds, (thousands?) of people holding hands and circling the pyramid. Dennis said that from the top, it looked like a living, breathing, life-form, undulating around the pyramid. Too bad I had the video on the ground. Later we did get video of the patterns of people below.

At the top is when something strange occurred. I felt the energy flow radically increase through me. I quickly handed the video camera off to Dennis, pulled out my crystals (the same ones I had worked with at this place 13 years ago). On beginning my initial energy moves, I felt sucked into the temple like a leaf on a whirl-wind, (Dennis caught this on video), and was pushed all the way to the back of the temple. Splat! I felt stuck to the wall. After a few seconds I stepped away from the wall and felt an energy vortex of golden energy surge through my feet, spiraling out the top of my head! Another surge of Silver energy went into the top of my head and out my feet, into the core of the pyramid. (I could feel the energy vortex whirling within the pyramid core). Everything in the temple room seemed to glow violet/indigo. I felt as though a tub of cold water was dumped over me, and then I blacked out. The next thing I remember was standing outside the temple, on the edge of the top step, literally half of both feet hanging off the top step, and water pouring off my hands into pools beside my feet, and also running over the top of my shoes, inside and out!! It was not sweat!

I put my crystal away, and slipped my shoes off to pour the water out. Then I noticed my bag was not with me, and went back into the temple to get it. The people inside the temple were all looking at me very strangely. {no kidding, Wayne!} It was then that I realized that something very unusual had happened. (I tasted the water and it was not salty)

I then descended the pyramid and felt as though I was surfing! It was effortless. I got down and stepped into line behind the last person who was being greeted by the Mayan Elders and the Tibetan Lamas. "Did some of the Lamas seem to look at me strangely, or was I imagining?"

This was not the end of strange experiences that day. I went back to the bus for dry socks, then over to what is referred to as the Ball Court. Darn! "No admittance allowed", so on to the temple of the Jaguar....... "No admittance!"....... calm down, look for a way to bounce energy through the Ball Court into the Temple of the Jaguar..... Nuts!..... shoes just filled up with water, again! No more socks! Had to stop and dry them on a rock. I sat down on a nearby rock...... what? The rock began to vibrate and a small rivulet of water formed on the rock around me! This was different than before..... I looked around and saw a woman with bright red hair holding on to a palm tree. The leaves at the top of the tree were swishing as if in a strong breeze. Only problem was that all the other trees were unmoved in the still air! I noticed a man nearby. I walked over to the man, Ron, and asked, "Is that Earth Mother over there, who is attached to that tree a friend of yours?" He laughed, and answered, "Pretty powerful, huh?"

"Awesome, is more like it", I said. Soon, she, Jane Doughtry, a psychic from the east coast, seen on "Sightings" a few times, joined us. As she approached, I watched her double in physical size. No, not because she was getting closer, but actually growing in width! My expression must have showed my surprise because Ron Hummel and Jane both laughed and assured me that the phenomena was normal when Jane was in close proximity to a spirit or other unusually high energy. I briefed them on my recent baptism of water experience in the temple. When I put my crystals into Jane's hands, she immediately tranced and left her body. Later I helped her back with a slight touch on the back of her wrists.

Jane looked at Ron and said, "I think he may be the one!". Ron said, "Get it out and show him". With that, Jane revealed a crystal skull and placed it in my hand. I recognized it as one that I had seen in the vision prior to the trip! After acknowledging and being acknowledged by the skull, I held it for a short time then returned it to its caretaker, Jane. Much happened then that I did not understand at the time. I knew that tomorrow would bring many new visions and understanding of previous visions. Once again I felt I was playing a part in a cosmic play, all I had to do was stay out of the way and let it flow. Opportunities for transmutation were on the horizon.

News of my "baptism" and rumors of the crystal skull preceded me when I returned to the bus, so I told my story from my point-of-view, and Dennis told it from his. Most people were tired out when we returned late at night to the hotel. I, on the other hand was energized and needed to walk. So, alone on the streets of Merida, I walked.


Wayne's Worlds by Wayne Nicholas

I'm back among the living!!!!!!!

3/22, Wednesday, Tone Seven, the Resonant Chamber, for Attunement of Service to Action -- the symbol residing there is Yellow Star (LAMAT power = Art Beautifies Elegance) -- which pulls power also, from the past (Sun/AHAU power = Life Enlightens Universal Fire), which pulls from the past (Human/EB power = Wisdom Influences Free Will), which pulls power from the past (Star/LAMAT) where resonance is reached. This resonant end point was also the day (3/2) I had the first vision of the crystal skulls.

We had an early breakfast and some networking time before the 1st round of conferences began. During one of the breaks I saw Dennis sitting in the hall. I asked him to give a message to Barbara Hand Clow when he saw her next. His expression of how will I give her this message and when, said it all. I laughed and said it will flow, and off I went to deliver my message to a few others. (The message was, "tonight, a possible meeting with the crystal skull, and the Tibetan Lamas, and several of the primary speakers for the conferences, time and location unknown at this time")

About 5 minutes later I was back and saw Dennis signaling me, (Barbara H.C. was sitting beside him and several young beautiful earth mothers were sitting on the floor at their feet). Dennis was still sending SOS help! On my way to help Dennis Dr. Rob intercepted me, "here, you need to talk to Wayne, he has already addressed this issue".... Dr. Rob was handing off another young, beautiful, but irate earth mother... I reached out and took her arm gently, but grabbed Dr. Rob to quickly give him the message, with a time of 8pm (set by Hunbatz Men) with a request that he obtain a suitable meeting room. To Dr. Rob's question of "What is a Crystal skull?", I simply smiled and said, "Be there and find out!"

I began talking with the young woman as I guided her over to the others on the floor. We sat down with the others. Dennis & I had a speed talk conversation without being obtrusive, and Barbara began her exit, lovingly and diplomatically. It was clear though, these people were not happy troopers. They wanted into the conferences, and did not like being told no, or pay the tall price.

This was the situation I had foreseen many newsletters ago. Now that I am facing the actuality, . . . what now? I knew the situation was serious. These young people were from various countries of the world, universally invited but 3-dimensionally excluded from the conferences. They held protest signs asking, "How much does it cost to become a Galactic Human?" The Hotel guards were gathering close. An ugly confrontation was approaching. One of the group leaders came over to warn me. I told him not to worry! They were getting ready to leave. I am not sure he believed me.

I told the protesters, "Your point has been made, and recorded, further confrontation is pointless. Leave now quietly, find a place near water to hang out till evening. Then come back at 7 pm, and you would have the opportunity to meet the Lamas, some of the speakers, and the crystal skull."

They brightened and the darkness lifted from the room instantly. We had done it. We transmuted the darkness into light. An energy double had occurred. Wow!! The transmuted protesters left, joyfully past smiling but puzzled guards, who had been getting ready to toss them out.

Somehow Dennis and I pulled off the arrangements for the meeting and it was a resounding success. The fact that COA had been involved in another unusual event did not go unnoticed.

3/23 Thursday, Tone Eight, Galactic Chamber, Action Attain Form, resident symbol is Red Moon (MULUC power = Flow Purifies Universal Water), which pulls power form the future and from the past to resonate between Red Dragon (IMIX representing Uxmal) and Red Serpent (CHICCHAN representing Chichen Itza). The stage was set for the link up between the pyramid in Chichen (Father Spirit) and the pyramid in Uxmal (Mother Spirit).

Now by this time I had accepted my part in this cosmic play unfolding and knew much of what was about to unfold. I was not sure who all the players were, nor did I know the exact details of the script. After my baptism by water at Chichen Itza, and seeing the power connection again even stronger with water and fire, I did ask that if possible, "Let my shoes remain dry." If, however, that was not possible, then, "Oh well, let my cup (shoes) runneth over!"

My shoes did remain dry thereafter, but I should have paid more attention to the "Fire" aspects energy flow. (Be careful what you ask spirit for, because you will get it!!!!) If I had really listened, I might have heard something like "Well, OK Wayne, the water cooling is off, but you will have fried feet for a while." (over 3 weeks and many skin layers later, my feet are just NOW returning to normal appearance). The statement "Take off thy shoes, for you are standing on hallowed ground", has increased in meaning for me!

After all the group rituals had been completed. Jane, Dennis, the young earth mothers (the transmuted protesters from the hotel), and myself gathered at the platform of the Jaguar in front of the Temple of the Sun. I knew the generalities of what must happen next. Jane and at least five other women along with the crystal skull would ascend the platform and perform a particular ritual that the Mother Earth herself would direct. Other women may or may not join in but no males must come near during this ceremony. The task of Dennis and Myself was that of heart transducers, and guards/warners, to any male energies, to not approach past a certain point. When Jane asked me what to do I told her to "guide the women onto the platform and listen for the Mother Earth to direct you. You must not listen to any male energies no matter how apparently benign, during this ritual. Listen thru yourself to the Mother of Everything that IS".... I did tell her that upon completing that ritual and coming down, "The crystal skull will be holding all the repressed, hurtful, hateful, female energy from the Mother Earth. It is very dangerous until transmuted and transmitted back into the Earth. (via the pyramid of the magician, also know as the Temple of the Moon.) I reminded Jane, to prepare another woman to hand the crystal skull to, in case she could not make it all the way to the top.

As Jane approached the top she detoured to one of the lower temples, and then could not continue to the top. She handed off the crystal skull to one she had selected and the journey continued to the top. A problem developed near the top as she approached too near a man.

A sword of light struck out of the skull toward the man. I leaped into the gap between, grabbed the light blade with one hand and grounded the energy into the earth with the other, attempting to be as transparent and transmutive as possible. It still felt awesome. Imagine grabbing a lightning bolt! Wow!!

The journey continued on to the top and around to the west sunny side out on the platform waiting there. As the women moved out onto the platform I yelled down the tube, "Look out below, Fire in the Hole!"... Rick stuck his head out and said, "Good, I just finished opening the gate.".. "Great!", I said, "But get out of the way." Then he left. (the hand and glove operation between Rick and myself since 1972/73 would fill a book. I will not attempt to say more on that now).

AS the women began positioning on the platform several other women appeared from???? and joined them on the platform. At that point the leader selected by Jane, looked at me and said, "I do not know, Jane said Wayne would tell me what to do". At that point I stepped as far out onto the platform as I safely could, looked her in the eye and said, "I can only tell you this. You must NOT listen to any male energy after the ritual begins. You must reach within yourself for the Mother Spirit within YOU. Allow Her to guide you." Then I stepped back, reached back to Jane, (through the pyramid) with one hand and reached out to the leader Jane had selected with my other hand. I felt a jolt of energy flow, saw the Goddess take Her position. Then I released my direct connection, and the ritual began. It was perfect and beautiful.

Near the end, a guard approached from the side Dennis was on (we had been warning all males away from the platform). The guard told Dennis it was time to leave (closing time), and Dennis said we will be done soon. The guard started to approach the platform, I stepped up and said that no male could go onto the platform at this time. As he crossed to the side I was on, I could tell he was not happy. He felt ownership of this area, his "machismo" was smarting. He yelled something at some other people down below, his anger showing in his voice. I did not have time to explain this to him at the moment. So, I used some energy to gently sweep him to the other side of the pyramid. By the time he had come around again, he was in a much more pleasant frame of mind, and in fact, appeared in no hurry at all! As the ritual finished, I thanked the guard for his understanding and patience. He was very smiling and tranquil.

Percival (one of the conference speakers) was very impressed. Saying , "What has happened here is a miracle. The World in general and this pyramid in particular, will never be the same, again. I have directed several plays, and the choreography was outstanding. You all are to be commended!" I only said, "The Mother Earth was in charge, NOT me. I just tried to stay out of the way and Let IT Flow!"

The bus trip to the hotel that evening seemed short with all the exciting discussions about the days events and specially the rituals with the skull. Once again "Center of Attention" was living up to its name.

3/24 Friday

At Breakfast people were in a buzz about yesterday specially about the unusual and unexpected rituals with the skull, and the semi-private meeting with the Lamas, and "what is the Center of Attention?".

The conference sessions began without incident. During a few of the sessions, the audience moved thru many different and far ranging feelings. By the time the time Hunbatz Men and the Mayan Elders came to speak there was a feeling of sharp expectation and subdued anger in the air. At the end of the session, the air felt electrified, and the accusing questioning began. "Is this what we came to hear?" cried someone, "What is the sacred message held for 500 years?" yelled another, "Who are you to call yourselves The Supreme Mayan Council?" and "Hunbatz Men! What is your real agenda?" screamed others.

Dennis and I moved to the front and began to move and transmute the energy flow of the near riotous situation. After a few more outbursts from the crowd and a couple from Hunbatz Men, things begin to settle into a saddened calm. Questions were fielded by a panel of the primary speakers along with the Mayan Elders.

In observing the people, I saw that less than 1/3 had "gotten the message", while most of the rest were confused, disappointed, or angry. Those that expected a comprehensive summarization of "What was it all about?" in one nice neat 45 minute package were sorely disappointed.

There were some, however, that felt that the message was in the experience. The experience was multidimensional. Total understanding was not possible at this time, but would unfold as each of us unfold into our multidimensional selves.

During the day and evening there were numerous spontaneous small meetings. Many were very emotional. The near hopelessness of the Maya in Mexico (they are not allowed access to the sacred sites for performing their rituals) and other indigenous peoples there and other places in the world, felt like and unbearable weight to many of us.

"What can I (or we) do?" I heard over and over again! I began relating part of an earlier vision to a few. "We have done something very important here. The rituals we participated in -- whether or not we understood -- have begun a change that is continuing. What we are doing now is feeling that more needs to be done. We can do more by organizing small groups to come back regularly (from all over) to various sites, to perform/learn the sacred rituals, with/from the ones living there who still remember or want to remember. The tourist money will act a grease in the wheels of governments, aiding instead of hindering the gatherings. Enlightened tourism with a purpose can bring peace and opportunity to these regions, while spreading/gathering enlightenment to/from all parts of the world." Some people seemed to understand and smiles began to spread (they are contagious you know!).

The next day (the last for most prior to return home) was a free day. Some went to the beach, some shopping, others did other things, and some continued networking. Private meetings with the skull were arranged, small groups for various purposes (including channeling, healing, grounding, and other energy work) happened throughout the day. End of Yucatan Part 2. See next issue for Part 3.

(Illinois: - never received a copy of this last part.)


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