The Men In Black or MIBs as they are commonly referred to are a mysterious lot that usually shows up to harass or intimidate witnesses to UFO activity. They usually make vague or sometimes specific threats to stop witness from talking or sharing UFO information. The visitors' faces are frequently described as being oriental in appearance and hairless. They have no facial hair including being bald and no eyebrows. They wear their trademark black coat with black tie and have a whiter than white shirt. The clothes are immaculate in appearance starched with well-defined creases. Some have been reported wearing lipstick.

Their body mechanics are somewhat robotic and awkward. Their voices are monotone and their faces emotionless. They usually travel in threes, but sometimes alone. Their preferred method of travel is late model Cadillacs, black in color, in mint condition. Although the cars are older, witnesses describe them as smelling new. There have been some reports of MIBs following people around in black helicopters. Although they are threatening there is no documented case of any threat being carried out despite the fact that some ignore their warnings.

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