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Tim Cooper of Big Bear Lake, California, had received a load of supposed MJ-12 documents over a period of time. With the exception of a lengthy piece on the history of UFOs (Bowen Document) which is on original paper but only has a magenta TOP SECRET MAJIC stamped on it, they are Xerox copies. In a number of instances the originals were very hard to read which meant much time was spent trying to decipher the words. To some this means authenticity. One had bothered me because it was supposedly a memo from Admiral Hillenkoetter to President Truman (Feb. 17, 1948) noting that President Truman wasn't getting much of the MAJIC material being received in large quantities every 24 hours. Marshall would prepare special black books for Truman (see Figure 1). This made no sense. Truman wasn't an engineer or scientist. What was the purpose of so much material going to him? It sounded to me like it would have been from Marshall to Roosevelt about the MAGIC material being processed by the ton after we broke the Japanese codes during WW 2. I was also concerned by the recently discovered "machines" and so much "product" being received every day. Sounded very much like what would have been a letter from General Marshall to President Roosevelt during WW 2 talking about the "intelligence product" of code breaking using a cipher machine.

My suspicions were confirmed when I discovered the original (see Figure 2), from Marshall to Roosevelt, about MAGIC, in the readily available book "The American MAGIC" in the University of New Brunswick Library not far from the very important book "Wedemeyer Reports" by General Albert C. Wedemeyer.

On the other hand there was one which I thought was genuine because some regulations which were noted in an item to C. Humelsine matched info turned up by Larry Bryant at the Pentagon. The signature was Humelsine's according to his wife (see Figure 3). Marshall was in New York according to the archives, hence the need for using the referenced secret telephone. (But then look carefully at Figure 4, clearly an emulation.) There were a number that were questionable. A real breakthrough came when I asked for an opinion from Archivist Larry Bland at the Marshall Archives about a letter supposedly from Marshall to Humelsine (see Figure 5). He immediately recognized it as a takeoff on a famous letter (see Figure 6, also from Lewin's book) from Marshall to Governor Thomas Dewey (the Republican Candidate for President in the election of 1944) trying to get Dewey not to make any charges that we had broken the Japanese codes since that would lead to their being changed and would cost many lives. Marshall noted that he couldn't be seen with Dewey. The emulation said he couldn't be seen with Humelsine!! But Humelsine had been his executive secretary during WW 2 and was again playing that role to Marshall as Secretary of State. They saw each other almost every day. Also it was addressed "Dear Carl:" but Marshall essentially never used first names except for contemporaries. Marshall was decades older than Humelsine.

This was a real break. I also asked Bland if he could see any reason why General Albert C. Wedemeyer (his signature is on one of the Cooper documents) should be connected with MJ-12. His field was China. He had served there during WW 2 and was sent in 1947 to make a study about what the effects would be if the US did or did not get heavily involved in fighting the communists. Bland agreed that he couldn't see the connection either. He mentioned that there was an entire book "Wedemeyer Reports" (Ref. 16). I located it at the nearby University of New Brunswick Library. Almost immediately I found three documents that were the models for three phony emulations. The technique was straightforward. Retype an existing document with an old typewriter, making a few changes (dates etc.) to conceal the chicanery, scan or Xerox the handwritten portions of documents, combine, and voila, a genuine-looking phony. I checked other books at the library and sure enough the book "The American Magic" had both the original of the Dewey letter (Figure 6) and the original Marshall Magic letter (Figure 2). Bob Wood had located the original (Figure 4) of the letter supposedly from Marshall to Truman via Humelsine letter. It was from Marshall to Truman about Wedemeyer, not Twining. (Figure 4). I hadn't paid attention to the fact that I knew from Twining's pilot log that he flew to DC on Sept. 26, not Sept. 25.

Almost all of the phony documents not only had word-for-word portions of the original, but the handwritten items fit right on top. Even though there was a Truman signature, a handwritten date (July 9, 1947) and "I approve." Spacing was perfect. See the emulation (Figure 7) of a supposed July 9 Directive to General Twining. Compare it to the Genuine item from Wedemeyer's book (Figure 8). A number of the non-emulation documents had direct quotes from the phony ones establishing that they were phony as well. One of the phony documents (Figure 9) had some handwritten portions from two documents that I had copied at the Marshall Archives with Truman saying "I approve" or "holding for further study" etc. I had sent off copies of the 23 sign offs I had collected to some people including Tim Cooper. Also, all had mistakes in the text that made no sense such as "when finished in New Mexico go to Sandia." This was to Twining, an emulation of a real directive to Wedemeyer in which it was said "when finished in China go to Korea." Korea is not in China, but Sandia is in New Mexico. The handwritten date on the Wedemeyer directive (which according to Ref. 16, he wrote) is July 9. But Twining went to New Mexico on July 7. It makes sense for Wedmeyer to take along specialists from State, Treasury, the Navy because he had to look at the total Chinese picture. Not only would those people make no sense as a part of the Twining expedition, but we know who went with Twining from an article in the Alamogordo paper saying Twining had made a routine inspection of Alomogordo Army Air Field (later Holloman AFB).

The fraudulence is further noted by the supposed letter from Twining to the President dated Sept. 19 (see Figure 10) about presenting his findings. Compare the almost identical wording to that of the real items from Wedemeyer to the President's Office. (Figure 11). Twining's flight log proves he was only gone from July 7 - July 11 (hardly 2 months). Could Twining's small group really have generated the same exact number of documents -- 1200 -- as Wedemeyer's?

Note also the big paragraph on the first page of the supposed First Annual Report from Twining (Figure 12). It is clearly lifted from the emulation of the Wedemeyer "... In consonance..." (see Figure 11). Repeating a phony portion of a document in another document doesn't make it genuine.

Bob and Ryan Wood have suggested that General Marshall must have prepared both directives. Not only did General Wedemeyer (an expert on China) say he had prepared his own directive, but he was based in Baltimore in the Army, knew many of the key figures in China, and was reporting to Secretary of State Marshall who had spent most of 1946 in China. Twining was based in Dayton, was head of the Air Material Command, had been head of the 15th and 20th Air Forces and served on The National Advisory Council on Aeronautics with a very strong technical background. The two situations (China in a political upheaval) and an alien saucer in New Mexico were drastically different. Wedemeyer needed presidential authority to speak for the US in China. How could Marshall have used almost identical language and why would he be instructing Twining??

There is a detailed discussion in Ref. 7. This phony boloney stuff clearly established almost all of the documents were phony and is discussed in Ref. 7. Some people insist that if I can't provide the identity of the forger and the reason for forging, that they must be real. I can't follow the logic. My concern is if they are genuine. I can't find a motive for serial killers, for grown men who sexually attack small children, for parents who abuse their children. But it happens. One quite obvious motivation would be to cast doubts on the legitimate documents, a sort of guilt by association. Another might be to waste the time and money of researchers. Ryan Wood of Majesticdocuments.com claims that all the Cooper documents are genuine. However, in his paper (Ref. 17) he talks at length about the various versions of the Truman to Wedemeyer Directive but never shows the full page from Wedemeyer's book next to the Twining one so that one can't see the identity in placement and handwriting of the three handwritten comments. This same problem holds on the Humelsine documents. He shows several different versions of the directive to Wedemeyer, but never shows all the other pairs of original and emulation documents as noted here. He also seems to feel that Marshall was in charge of both Wedemeyer, based in Baltimore, and Twining; though Marshall was Secretary of State and not in the War [soon to be Defense] Department. Twining was Head of the Air Materiel Department in Ohio -- definitely in the chain of command of the Army.

It also makes perfect sense for the Wedemeyer directive to say "In presenting the findings of your mission you should endeavor to state as concisely as possible your estimate of the character, extent and probable consequences of assistance which you may recommend, and the probable consequences in the event that assistance is not given." China was a major foreign policy headache with the communists taking over. But what sense does this comment make in the Twining Directive "In presenting the findings of your mission you should endeavor to state as concisely as possible your estimate of the character, extent and probable consequences in the event that assistance is not given"? Assistance to whom for what? Makes no sense at all. One document claims that Air Force General Carl Spaatz met with Twining in New Mexico on July 7, 1947. I was able to show via Spaatz's flight log, his desk calendar, and a newspaper article, that he was fishing in Port Aransas, Texas, several hundred miles away.

There are a whole host of false claims in others of the Cooper documents including a number of technical errors such as referring to "deuterium, light hydrogen." But Deuterium is HEAVY hydrogen. Other errors are noted in Ref. 7, p. 207.


The Majestic 12 documents problem is complex and extensive. On balance it appears that the EBD, TFM and CTM are almost certainly genuine, the SOM 1.01 memo is very likely genuine (see Dr. Robert Woods paper (Ref. 18)) and the Tim Cooper Documents are emulations and fictional. It is perhaps not surprising that a documentary movie "Do you Believe in Majic?" is being prepared by Paul Kimball of Redstar films who had dug into a great deal of UFO material in preparation for the documentary "Stanton T. Friedman IS Real!" (Ref. 19) first broadcast on the Canadian Space TV channel in June 2002. Critics have been interviewed. One strange criticsm was made by Karl Pflock when he claimed twice that because Menzel was famous for doodling small cartoon Martians that the statement in the EBD that Menzel was saying the aliens were from Mars was an inside joke. I am afraid the joke is on Karl. The EBD (p. 4) says exactly the opposite:
... considerable speculation has centered around what their point of origin might be and how they get here. Mars was and remains a possibility, although some scientists, most notably Dr. Menzel, consider it more likely that we are dealing with beings from another solar system entirely.

Stan Friedman



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