Experiments with the Mold
of the Mitchell-Hedges
Crystal Skull

January - Febraury, 1994
in Brasil

It has been my heart's desire to share with the people of Brasil an ancient crystal skull. Since I am not the guardian of one, I decided the next best thing I could do was to bring the mold of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull with me, when I visited Brasil from January 16th through February 3rd of 1994. This way I could see how the Brazilians would respond to the mold and see if any of them could experience any energy connected with the mold. Also I had a few presentations during my visit and one cable tv show, so at least I could give to the Brazilians an idea of the size and shape of an ancient crystal skull.

January 19th, 1994 -- Meeting Sandro

We met with a person named Sandro, who was a mutual friend of Neide, a close friend of my wife who used to live in Vera's old apartment building. Sandro had read Neide's copy of my crystal skull book (which had been translated into Portuguese by Ground Editora) and also he borrowed a photograph of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull that Neide had in her home. He had a very powerful meditation with this photograph. So Neide thought that we should all meet and organized an informal dinner party in her home so we could all talk and share our stories on this night.

Sandro related his prior experience with the photo as follows: After meditating on the photograph for a few minutes, he felt himself leave his body and found himself in front of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull which was resting on a pedistal. He did not feel that he had moved into another lifetime (past or future), he wasn't sure where he was, possibly in some other dimension. After a while, he saw three beings appear in a semi-circle around the skull, these beings were more like Yellow/Golden Light than a physical form. He said that some of the description of the Gold Beings that co-author Sandra Bowen described in our book, was similar to this experience for him.

He did not communicate with the beings as such, but felt a powerful energy with the skull when they appeared around it. He said for himself, he experienced this energy connecting with him and opening up his chakras, with most of the energy focused upon his crown and third eye. He did not know who these beings were and why they were appearing to him. He feels a strong connection with the crystal skulls and is interested in working with us to create a research center in Brazil. He knew before I asked him, that he would be involved in such research at some undetermined time in the future. He tried to meditate on the picture again for a second experience, but each time he did, an invisible force would stop him. Also, Sandro said that when he was 8 years old, he woke up one night and saw these strange beings appear through his window outside his bedroom.

Upon hearing of such a marvelous experience, we asked if Sandro might like to work with the mold of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull and in which case, he quickly agreed. I felt when I unrapped the mold for him to work with, that the mold was more energetic in Brazil, for whatever reason. It felt to me as if more of the essence of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull was present there than in any time I had been around the mode while in the US. He stayed with the mold for about 15 minutes in silence, in Neide's bedroom and said, when he came out, that it was a very wonderful experience. I felt it was better not to discuss Sandro's experience with the mold at this time and asked him if he would write down whatever experiences he had during his session, which he agreed. I also felt certain, that after he had completely integrated the energy and vibration from his first contact with the Gold Beings (three) that he would have another experience with them in the future, when he meditates on the photo of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull again.


( Gathering of Rama Groups in Brasil,
2 hours South of Sao Paulo,
January 22nd - 24th, 1994 )

Groupo Rama is a Metaphysical/UFO group in Brasil started by Charlie Paz Wells, the brother of the famous UFO contactee in Peru, Sixto Paz. Actually there father is also one of the leading UFO researchers in all of Peru as well. Charlie worked with his brother to help form the Rama Group in Peru and then took the information from the Rama's and brought their teachings to Brazil. Charlie had written a book about his experience and contact with the Space Brothers during his time in Peru. During this weekend, the Rama Group organized a weekend retreat for all of its members around Brazil to come together and have some sharing of information and workshops. Vera was good friends with Charlie and thought it would be a chance for me to experience what a UFO group was like in Brasil.

I had actually heard of the Rama Group in California, when I attended a presentation by Sixto Paz at a university there in 1989. I had a chance to meet some of the local Peruvians, at this time, who were trying to share the information shared via the Rama Group, many spiritual messages. In addition, in March or April of 1989, Sixto told reporters that UFOs would appear in a certain area of Peru. The first few days, no ships showed up, so most of the reporters left, but the ones who remained were able to video tape the ships flying in the sky. I was able to view this video, while in California, via some of the members of Rama.

So we decided to participate with the group and I brought the mold of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull with us as well as copies of my book in Portuguese. It was a more interesting weekend than I had thought. Below is a summary of some of the people's response to the Mold:

Cila Pirasa & Marcio

Cila was working with the photographs in our album of the Crystal Skulls and asked if the Space Beings might have brought the skulls to the Earth. I saw in Cila's eyes (there was a special sparkle of energy there) that I felt she was a Star Person, meaning she might have felt like another planet was her true home. Than I heard soemthing inside of me say that possibly, when she came to the Earth, she and her people brought a crystal skull with them. When I asked her what she felt the color of this skull might be,she said "Blue". Also for some reason, she started crying when we were discussing the possibility of her involvement in bring a skull to the earth (confirmation?). Since she had some connection with the crystal skulls, I asked her if she would like to work with the mold to see what she picked up. She agred and also said her friend Marcio was interested to work with the mold too. This meeting happened on January 22nd. The sessions were setup for the evening of January 23rd, starting at 8 PM.

What we did is go off into a secluded area of the camp grounds, and set up a small table in which the mold would rest. For each session, I sat across from the observer, as neither Cila nor Marcio had a problem with this, and wrote down (as best I could with my limited Portuguese and their limited English) what they felt or said.

When Cila began her session, I felt a calm energy all around us. Cila said she felt heat from the mold during her session, heat in her hands, as she touched the mold around the temples and around the third eye (heat being a healing energy as I interpret it). Also she felt a pulsation from the mold. She couldn't tell if the mold had a masculine or feminine energy to it, but said it felt sweet. I had an inner image of two people working on a spacecraft, working directly across from each other, as we were sitting there and each person was working with a different crystal skull although from the movements made by these individuals with their hands, it seemed as if they were doing some procedure in tandem. Lastly, as soon as we completed our session, the very instant, a local dog seemed guided like a missile, came shooting straight toward our table.

As stated before, Marcio is a friend of Cila and is involved in the same Rama Group as she. He also was very interested to work with the mold as well. With Cila I could really feel a strong connection with the Crystal Skulls, but Marcio, I thought, it is probably just his curiousity. But upon working with Marcio, I soon found that he had his own special link with the crystal skulls, one that was quite remarkable in its own right.

As Marcio began to work with the mold, I saw him change into a Mayan person in my inner eye, as if I was in the presence of a Mayan Priest who was sitting and meditating with a real crystal skull. He also did a circular motion with his fingers around the mold's temple area. He said he saw a map of the stars contained within the skull and also in the cortex of the skull he felt there were many doors to other dimensions, each opened by a specific key. He also saw the center of the Galaxy in the mold.

I also allowed Marcio to work with a photograph of another crystal skull I knew about, and upon gazing upon this other skull, he felt a strong connection with a special place in Brasil, I believe in the North-Central part of Brasil, about two hours from Brasilia the capitol, where the crystals have a very special energy. We felt perhaps that a crystal skull might be found one day in this area. Again, the local dog came up to us at the very end of our session.

Sharing of our Photo Album and the MH Mold
( With others members of the Rama Group )

Many people who attended this gathering were very interested in the pictures of various Crystal Skulls in my photo album and in the mold. One of the ladies we met named Fatima, who is a channel for ETs, started to channel with one of the photographs of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. This caught the attention of another couple who came over to the spot we were working in the cafetaria area of the camp as this man spoke some English. This couple had purchased both books on the Crystal Skulls published by our publisher Ground Editor (our book and "The Skull Speaks") because they had been guided by a voice (spiritual, ET) to work in the same area of Brasil that Marcio discussed during his session. This couple, who names' were Gaulicia & Marcos, also had a strong connection with the crystals in this special area of Brasil.

The couple told us that they had met some unusual man in this area who had a very large crystal of which two tiny pieces fell off of it when they were there, which they were allowed to keep. Since they were speaking of the same area as Marcio talked about, I asked Marcio to join us. Because of the contact with this voice, they decided to buy both Crystal Skull books to better understand how special crystals worked. This voice had told them that they would continue to find other special crystals, crystal which have cosmic knowledge programmed inside of them and in which they would help to bring this information out. They did not know I was at the gathering, but knew of my name through the book. So it was kind of a very unexpected synchronicity that I was at this conference to meet with them. This is the type of magical experiences that happen to people in Brazil. My three weeks spent there at this time seemed to go from one moment to the next.

We all felt, that there might be a strong possibility that a crystal skull would be in this special area of Brasil. The couple was not sure if this was true, but since Marcio felt a similar energy there as the "ET" skull, it seemed a good likelyhood. I asked both the couple and Marcio if we could hold hands and if they would focus on this area so I could experience the energy through them. I felt a power energy that vibrated my whole body and was moving or pushing me into an altered state of consciousness. After I had intergrated with this energy, I tried to see if I could find a crystal skull there. I felt an energy totally block my view, I was not permitted to see. However, I did receive that if the group of people gathered at this table (the couple, Marcio, Vera who helped with the translation and myself) went to this area, since the couple could act as our guide, that perhaps the combination of our energies would act to as a trigger to reveal a crystal skull. Also, I felt that it would be important for our friend Joke to join us as she is the guardian of "ET" and that "ET" may have a connection with this area.

The couple promised to attend one of my workshops in Brasil, and I hope to see the two crystals that they received in this area. Also, I felt more confirmation through these experiences that somehow, in some way, a center for research for the crystal skulls will be created in Brasil as some of the people we met at this gathering indicated an interest to help. I still feel the key lies with "ET", it will somehow alert the other crystal skulls in Brasil and South America that it is time to be revealed.

Sandro's Experience with the Mold

( Told on January 21st
translated into English )

In the beginning he put my hands on the mold and felt cold. So he started to do a meditation and use a mantra with my hands touching the mold. He used "OM". Then he started to feel the energy growing from the center of the skull to the outside. Then he didn't need to touch any more because he could feel the energy as heat with my hands above the skull, not touching.

Then in this moment, his mind opened and he started to see himself going down a stairs, which had four steps. Each step was made of one piece of stone (dark brown) and at the bottom of the stairs was a room made from stone. The room was made of many little pieces of stone (large stones) - precisely cut stones (like at the Peruvian ruins near Cusco called Sacsayhuman). The stone were cut in a precise manner. Each stone was the same size and shape whether coving the floor or walls.

As he was going down the stairs, he saw himself carrying the Mitchell-Hedges Skull in his left hand and his right hand was open palm out and he couldn't see what his face looked like. But he did see his clothes and it looked like the clothes a monk wears, long robes, dark brown. As he was walking, he felt he was tall. As he entered the room, down the stairs, he saw many people in this room, on his left side was many people standing up wearing a white robe. He felt these people were all men. On his right side, he saw people kneeling on the floor with their heads bowed down. These people were facing Sandro, receiving the energy he was sending by holding the skull. The people standing up didn't have hair. The people looked like people like today, people of the earth.

He didn't know what language he was speaking with these people, it was a language he had never heard before. And then this image left his mind and then it came back. When the image came back, he saw himself walking to towards the people who were kneeling, and he spent a great deal of time giving these people energy. Then he walked into another room, to the left side of the current room and when he entered this side room the image left completely and he went back into his body. After he returned to his body, he felt a strong energy with him as if he had received great knowledge from this experience, like a connection with his higher self or God.

What is the significance of these two experiences?: Sandro replies: "For me, imagine that there is a box, you can't see anything in the box. Each of these experiences is like a piece of this box that comes out and gives me insights into myself, a tiny piece at a time." With each experience, Sandro said he felt better, with more energy and a sense that his mind is expanding as if it is easier for him to enhance his awareness, to have more spontaneous experiences. After these two experiences, he doesn't have to spend as much time to enter these alternate states or to retrieve information. Sandro stated: "Now I can accesss this part of my consciousness almost instanteously. Before, I used to go to bed tired but after my first experience with the photo of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, I needed less sleep and I feel better, I don't feel tired any more, I have more energy."

Now, Sandro is always prepare for his next inner experience. He prepares for the next day by meditating 30 minutes before he goes to bed. This helps him to be more open to recieve more information or have more experiences.

Research with MORA Bio-Feedback Machine
( February 2nd, 10:30 AM,
at the office of Miguel Ferrari Jr. )

I met Miguel Ferrari, while I was visiting Brazil in 1990. He became familiar with my work with the Crystal Skulls during a conference I spoke at. Miguel has always had a great interest in crystals and visits the some very special crystal mines in Minagerias. Recently Miguel purchased a special device known as the Mora Machine. This machine is able to measure energies in a person body by using electrodes that are sensitive to the electro-magnetic energy of the body that run through the bodies meridian lines (as the Chinese call them). This machine was developed in Germany and our friend Julian, an American living in Brazil, also was familiar with some people who were using the machine to heal people in the Los Angeles area of Calfornia, working with a newer more smaller model.

In addition to measuring the relative balance of body energies, you can also connect the Mora machine to various gemstones and colors, which again through the use of metal diodes connected to the person's hand and feet, can help to balance parts of the body that are not in harmony. Of course this machine is not accepted by traditional medical practitioners but Miguel has had some very incredible results helping people by using this machine.

In any case, Miguel agreed to try an experiment with the Mora machine and the mold of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. First a measurement was done on by doing measurement with the metal diodes touching our hands and feet and this should Miguel the problems in the body, which were then written down and noted. Then we redid the measurements on these weak areas and tried to see if by holding or touching the mold this would help make these readings stronger. Also, Julian, gave us a crystal he programed, to see if this would help our readings as well.

Both my wife Vera and I participated in the experiment and we also had Vera hold a picture of one of the ancient crystal skulls we have in our home, "ET", a smoky quartz skull. The results of our tests are shown below. How to read the number is as follows. If a number is negative (this represents a serious problem if negative) or very high, this shows a problem in some aspect of the body. If the mold of the crystal skull is beneficial, it will decrease the reading.

Joshua Shapiro



With Mold

With Crystal

Allegery70 7050-60
Prostrate74 54no measurement
Intestine-48 56no measurement

Summary: -- The Allergy was not affected by holding the mold however when I had the crystal charged by Julian there was a difference. My Prostrate and Intestine area, which are specific physical organs were both helped by holding and meditating with the mold.


Vera Shapiro



With Mold

With Crystal

"ET" Photo

Right Lung7070 7070
Left Lung7262 6062
Right Kidney7070 7270
Left Kidney7072 6270
Vitality-48-48 54-48

Summary: -- Vera was very exhausted when we did this test. She did not respond at all to the Mold (only her left lung) showed improvement and the crystal seemed to help her the best. This pattern also showed that are her right side she had some resistance of letting go some old patern in her life.



If a person feels no affinity for a crystal skull or the mold of the particular crystal skull, than as controlled by this person's mind there will be no affect in general. In the case of Joshua, who has a strong connection with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, the physical parts of his body had improvement. For Vera, her left lung showed improvement witht the mold or photo of a crystal skull but her vitality and and other problem areas did not. In Vera's case, nothing helped problems on her right side, probably showing some type of block or not working with the Mother Energy and not forgiving some situation in the past. Only the Crystal helped her vitality (which was caused by a drain of too much activity in Brazil related to the crystal skulls). Joshua had an improvement in his allergy with the crystal since an allergy is not a specific part of the body and a crystal works on all levels (physical, emotional and mental).

Other Tests with
the MH Mold

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