Skull Activation with
Star Johnson

Working with the mold and photos
of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull
Evanston, IL, August, 1994

On August 21st, in Evanston, IL, in the backyard of the home of a close friend, who had traveled with my wife Vera, to Peru in 1993, we had an Activation Session conducted by Star Johnson, who has worked with "Max", the Texas Crystal Skull (see contact information in our Crystal Skull Resource section). In the center of our circle, we placed the mold of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull as well as photographs of this ancient crystal skull as well. We were probably joined by about 20 friends. Below are some comments that were made during this session as people shared their experiences.

First Star explains what the Activations are about:

Star: I want to share a little bit about my relationship with Max. That is the only skull that I have worked with so far. I've known Max for eight years now. And I've had some really remarkable experiences with Max - mind blowing experiences. It's really quite a journey that I'd like to share with you.

In November of last year I began speaking in sacred tongues. I began speaking in tongues and speaking in sacred languages. And it scared the dickens out of me. I was doing spiritual healing and all of a sudden the spirit grabbed a hold of me and this started to happen. And I had no idea what the languages were about, but it just started happening. And the people's energies understood the languages and cellular memories were being awakened by the languages. And then I went to Albuquerque and I worked with a group there - my first time of being brave enough to share the languages with a group. And everybody in that group started having all these Lemurian memories come up.

So, after that experience, I was in Houston in December and my guides told me that Max, the skull, would respond to and understand the languages. So, following guidance, I went and paid Max a visit and I began speaking the languages with him and I began working with him as if I was working on a person, aligning his energy - subtle bodies and everything - and all of a sudden, the chakras inside of the skull started to spin. And I'm going, "Oh, my God," you know, "Something's going on here." And so I just kept going with it. And before I knew it, this entire body came out of the skull and all of the chakras were spinning. It was absolutely incredible. And all of a sudden, this laser light went from the (skull's) heart chakra right into my heart chakra. And it was so powerful that I was just literally immobilized. I couldn't believe it. It was so intense. I didn't know if I was going to burst into flames. I really - I didn't know what was going to happen. It was unbelievable. And when I could just tolerate no more, then it went - spew! - down into the heart of the Earth. And that was just last December.

And all the way back home from Houston to Kansas City, I experienced telepathic communication from Max. And it was incredible. It was just unbroken - asking me to gather together our family of light for activations, to collect our energies into a unified presence, and that his mission is about the remembering and about the oneness. And so, following spirit, I immediately wrote back to the caretakers of Max asking - telling them what I had been receiving and asking them if it would be possible. And much to my amazement, they got excited about it and said yes, that we could do this. So that's what I've been doing this year.

Prior to that I had been doing spiritual healing all over the country. My late husband was a psychic surgeon from the Philippines and he died four years ago. And he has been my teacher - my primary teacher. I've been learning directly from spirit. And also, interestingly enough, when I first met Max, it was eight years ago when Brother Angel (was my late husband's name) - we had been in south Houston doing healing. The very weekend that Max came out of the closet he was brought to our healing group - eight years ago. And I thought that was kind of interesting. That was my first time I connected with Max and it was an interesting connection. I had never heard anything about crystal skulls before. I knew nothing. No knowledge about it. And suddenly there was this skull and I felt so much love for this skull and I didn't understand. What is this? This piece of rock. You know, why do I have these feelings for this piece of rock? And I just wanted to hold it to my heart, and rock it, and love it, and protect it just almost like a child - like a mother/child relationship. I didn't understand it.

And to this day, my feeling is still deeply strong and I still don't fully understand it. But it's a [link?] to that - for that consciousness that it is working through the crystal skull. And on my last experience with Max, which was just a couple of weeks ago - I was with Max and a couple of other people and we were speaking in the same languages. By now there is a group of us around the country that are beginning to speak in the same languages and are beginning to understand each other - it's like a soul level of communication. And maybe we don't mentally or intellectually understand all the words, but on a soul level of communication, we understand it.

............ So, what we're going to do today - I'd like to work with whatever energies we're able to bring through - that this casting (mold of Mitchell-Hedges skull)is able to hold from us - and the pictures (photos of Mitchell-Hedges Skull). This is a collective group effort. I'd like to work with these energies in the way that I've been shown - the way I've worked with Max. I will be allowing the languages to come through. I don't know what languages - what will come through. I don't have any control over it. And perhaps it will awaken some cellular memory in some of you to hear the languages because after all, we're remembering our origin and these languages have to do with - it's like - to me, it is like taking a thread of light - it is like unwinding a ball of yarn - that thread of light - unwinding the cellular memory and tracing it back to the source. Sometimes the languages are off the planet kind of languages also.

And the other thing that I'd like to say is that in my work, I've been loaned these stones that I use with spiritual healing and also with the work with the crystal skulls - these stones are not from Earth. These stones are a quartz that were brought through by a very, very gifted psychic. His name is Keith Rhinehart. And a friend of mine in Phoenix loaned me a collection of these stones to use for this mission. She traveled with Keith all over the world and caught them as they came through. Things happen like his tears turn into these stones. And when they came through, they came through in a gelatinous texture and then solidified. So they have a very incredibly pure energy about them. These are called the Royal Christ Tears. And spirit has been teaching me about using these stones. First the stones came into my presence and then the languages started happening and then the crystal skull and it's just this and then this and then this.

... And so, what I'd like is as we get into this, what I'll be doing is - I'll be working with the energy - the subtle energy fields and bringing the energy fields into alignment with each other. Because it is only in a state of perfect alignment that the Holy Spirit can come through and give us the gifts that we're here to share. And I also ask that - see, what will happen here is that together we will create a unified presence of our collective love - of our collective spirit, okay? And then we will be working with that unified presence and bringing it into as beautiful an alignment with the higher evolution as we collectively are able to do that. If we have resistance or fear - whatever resistance we have is naturally going to effect the level of vibration that we are going to be able to create. So I would ask that please everyone try to just set aside whatever resistance they have and just allow the process. And it is an inner experience. It doesn't matter what I am saying or doing or how I'm moving. I'm just dancing with spirit, okay? And I invite you to dance with spirit too. Whatever you feel like doing - your body may feel like moving - gosh, please get up - do it - let it happen - allow. Allow your whole body to be a part. The more we can allow the cellular memory of our bodies to kick in and contribute.

And then when we have created this group hologram to the highest level that we can bring it, then let us give this beautiful, unified presence to the heart of the Earth. Let's give it to our planet. Because together we are building our body for ascension right now, collectively, in the heart of the Earth. And I hope you know that. Every time we do an activation, whether there is a skull there or not, whatever - you know, "when two or more are gathered in my name," right? "I am also there." Every time we generate an energy together like this and give it to the heart of the Earth, that Christ body of ours - of our collective consciousness - is getting that much more spiritual essence onto it. And it is building. It is taking form. So every time we do this, it is very important - even if there's just two of us, it doesn't matter. Two people - one hundred people - it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. We're giving that spiritual essence so that our planet can complete her ascension, as well as all of us. So does anyone have anything to share or say, or ask, or whatever, before we get started.

[Various group members talk to prepare for the activation.]

Joshua: Are we supposed to be in a meditative position?

Star: You can be in whatever position that would feel is best for ... energy fields and opening up the grid as much as we can, so I'll be running around talking in a weird language and also, my job also is as a facilitator to assist other people in being able to experience these energies, so I will be also going around and working with your energies also to assist so that you can receive also. I'd like to ask you (speaking to Gloria, who Joshua had shown the mold to and had some problems) before we begin, what bothered you about the mold?

( Editor's Note: -- I had showed the mold to Gloria sometime in the fall of 1993, and she had a problem when she gazed into the eyes, so Star was asking her about this experience ... )

Gloria: The eyes seem to pull me into it and I felt...

Star: It pulls you into it?

Gloria: Yes. And it was a very negative experience for me. I - evil? Something evil in it.

Star: Were you afraid of the experience of being pulled in?

Gloria: Yes.

Star: You see, what I feel about the skulls is that our unified presence - our oversoul - okay? Do you understand that we have an oversoul that collectively we are a part of that oversoul. And what I feel - what I've been receiving through Max is that this oversoul is gathering together its fragments so that - this is part of our ascension as a body of light - because the oversouls are also making their ascension into the next level. So this feeling of being drawn in - Max does that too. And it is drawing together the pieces into a oneness. So I know that it is a little scary at first. It was for me too. But it is not a negative thing. It is part of the oneness. It is part of letting go of some more of the walls of separation that keep us from being one. And fear is part of that separation. Of course, sometimes when people have horrible memories when they are with a crystal skull and they see human sacrifice and all these kinds of things - maybe in their cellular memory they experienced some of that in whatever you want to call it - past lives or ancestral memories - because the skulls are the old wise ones and they've been here the longest and they've seen it all. The way that I am working with the skull - its energy - is from a spiritual level and not from a psychic level and there is a difference. There is a big difference there.

And myself, I am not so much interested in all the stories and the pictures as maybe some other people are interested in. What I am interested in is on the spiritual level - bringing us together in oneness and in assisting the planet with these energies to attain - to move into the next level. Okay, are we ready? I don't know who is going to come through today. I don't know - Max may decide to come through - maybe Smiley (Mitchell-Hedges Skull) here - I don't know. We're just going to do it, okay? We're just going to do it. So I invite everybody to go into a meditative mood - and centering - and if you feel like singing, if you feel like dancing, if you start feeling sacred languages coming through you - please don't anybody in this group hold back.

[Star begins to chant in sacred languages. The Activation took about half an hour to forty minutes. As people come back from their mediation, there is a dialogue among the group about what they experienced during this session ... ]

Donette: ...rainbow - a crown with golden spikes coming out of it.

Star: You felt the circuitry?

Donette: Oh yeah.

Star: You felt the circuitry going in?

Donette: Oh yeah, and a lot of what you were doing with the language is really nice - it had a little bit of a Hebrew touch to it. Opening the rainbow bridge. And I felt some reptilian energy here and kind of an insect praying mantis energy. Very lovely though. Very seraphim-ish and it was good. It was like an in-breath and an out-breath to the group. We really did become one. But there was the resistance, but that was fun. Well, that is part of the experience.

Star: That right.

April: The first interesting thing that came up for me is that this is the second time I have heard this language in the past month. I had a friend call me on the phone and simply start talking to me in this language very recently - like two or three weeks ago.

He just called me and just started going and then sort of laughed it off afterwards but told me that it was his clone calling me. It's a close friend of mine. But I recognized the language immediately. I mean, the words were all the same language, absolutely, which is not surprising coming from this person.

Star: This was a different language today than usually comes through with Max.

April: Do you have any sense of the origins?

Star: Well, I don't know. As you [pointing to Donette] said today, it had a lot of old Hebrew...

April: I got a sense of Atlantean. That's what came, you know.

Donette: Andromeda.

Star: Yeah. Andromedan? Uh huh.

Joshua: I thought it was Jewish.

Donette: There was some - it felt like an old Rabbi standing there.

Star: It seems like the energy of the Mitchell-Hedges skull which I felt more when we were working with today than with Max, has different origins and yes, it's kind of a Hebraic lineage sound - Andromedan yes.

Donette: ... and that's the spiral too.

Star: Yes. Whereas Max is more from Orion.

Donette: I felt them communicating though.

Star: Yes.

Donette: And then I felt my body holding that. It was really nice. Really nice.

Star: Yes. The interplay of the male and female vibrations?

Donette: Yes. Yes. It was really strong. It was really strong.

April: I saw a lot of purple and gold and green - those three colors. Purple and gold and green.

Donette: ... blue ...

April: I didn't see the blue.

Star: The blue sort of shot - spewed!

Donette: Yes. Really strong. And then there was like a golden interplay with the blue. It was like the Mitchell-Hedges was here - that energy pattern was here. And we created it because at first it wasn't here. We fueled it and then it responded.

Star: Yes. We had to align all the energy fields first. I put a crystal - I put one of the apported stones inside this skull to help us and this stone I call the remembering stone.

April: Well there is it. That's the color.

Fay: That's the color you were seeing?

April: Yeah, that's the color. That's it. That's exactly the color.

Star: Well the light coming from the skull is awakening us to see what we remember.

April: I had a real experience with some healing energy with this skull.

Star: Good.

April: I felt the give and take.

Donette: I felt it travelling around too and placing itself over other people's holy grails, so to speak. You know, kind of getting the neural pathways connected more to accept the higher vibration and work with it - gave it life and expression.

Star: Yes, did anyone else feel the unified presence going into the heart of the Earth?

Donette: Oh yes.

Star: And a real anchoring.

Donette: Yes.

Gloria: Real hard - as if somebody stood right here [points to the ground in front of her] pounding - all of a sudden right here - and I open my eyes, and there's nobody here. You know, it shook the ground right in front of me.

Star: It shook the ground?

Gloria: Yes.

Donette: That's really weird - I sensed the iron in the center of the Earth really needing it. That's when I felt the blue come through - just a nice saturation to the core of the Earth. She was really appreciative I think.

Star: Do you feel a return energy coming up from the Earth too? And it's changed.

Donette: Yes. Immediately. Almost like an earthquake! .

Pat: I didn't connect with your colors or even the finality of this. In fact, this ended too soon for me. I was - my body was shaking periodically and I put my head down on my knee which caused a lot of pressure on my third eye and I started humming and I felt that there - that I was trying to make an attunement with perhaps three types of beings. I had a sensation of - that the feminine one was a - yeah, was a connection with the Mitchell- Hedges entity. There was one I would - I don't know if I would call it masculine - definitely was not human - and I was making deep guttural sounds and the dog kept barking when this one kept coming through. In fact, I'm still having residual stuff from it. The - and so, this - yeah, this event seemed to terminate too soon because when I opened my eyes at the end I kept expecting to see a ship. I felt that there was some sort of manifestation. And it's not that I don't think they aren't there. It's just that I wish we could really see a physical presence. But, yes, I felt there was more than just humans here.

Jim: There seemed to be a purple and orange band around everybody here until I opened my eyes to see where she was because I couldn't quite tell by listening. There seemed to be a blue oval that was floating around in the group. And then I asked a question - something I'd been thinking about for a while - and I was shown a picture of how to build something that I'm working on. So it showed me - I didn't want to ask any lottery numbers but I'm getting brave and then I'm going to go to that. [Laughter]

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