Session with the Mold
of the Mitchell-Hedges
Crystal Skull

October 10th, 1993, Niles, IL
with Donette, Francis, Joshua & Vera

Editors Note: Prior to our session with the mold, I had spoken to Francis that I had been seeing a clear blue skull in my inner mind's eye, which I felt might exist, somewhere in Northern Peru. She claimed that she also felt herself connected with such a skull and begin to describe this skull to me, its circumstances and also it would psychicly appear to her. So as part of our session, we decided to focus upon this mysterious Blue Skull as well as what we felt in the presence of the mold. The session begins with a brief meditation, as the four of us held hands and created a circle around the mold.

Excerpts from the Audio Tape
Recorded after our Meditation:

Francis:... probably house in a temple, probably on Atlantis, but it was in a temple in South America. From there it had to be removed, because of the Spanish Conquistadors, to a safer area to the north of Peru, where the natives could watch over it under a shaman who would select his successor. I think this object now may sometimes be hidden away in a cave and there is a connection with these inner-earth people. Eventually I think this skull is going to end up in a temple again and be used for healing. .... There is a terrific amount of energy that comes out of even the mold.

The person from whom this (blue skull) was molded was undoubtedly of the Amerindian race. The shaman doesn't only work with just it (the skull) by himself. I think he has assistance and when they all get together with the crystals (other crystals & the skull), they further activate the skull and its entities. I picture quite a few (spiritual/dimensional) entities around this skull. They don't look as we, but they are more humanoid in appearance. But they must rely upon us in this dimension to get the job done as we get elevated hopefully into a higher dimension of being again from which we've descended.

It seems that this skull (the Blue Skull) has been moved a few times. I feel myself going through a tunnel of great light. This object is apparently connected with a tunnel and at the end there may be some lights shining - like maybe some phosphorescence. I think the skull itself seems almost phosphorous, and at times very translucent. It wants to be found by its proper owner and reconnected with its brothers and sisters (skulls). I see there is a big pyramid. I think this area of South America is honeycombed with tunnels. But there is a large pyramid (connected or near the location of this skull). ... I picture a cat in association with this skull. I think that cats were somehow very important to these people. First I see like a stylized cat and a jaguar. I believe this skull was originally formed much the same as the Mitchell-Hedges (as described in "Mysteries of a Crystal Skull Revealed"). I picture priests standing around and using a tremendous amount of telekinesis to convert the skull into crystal, or wherever this place was where it originated.

Donette: And I've seen the blue crystal skull with an emanation of gold yellow around it. And to me when people will be seeing it, they will be communicated to about the complete truth of the power of thought and word. Blue is the color of healing through communication and I think temporarily we will have it in our possession, but then it will be going back to the proper pyramid, because I just saw the pyramids too - very strongly.

Vera: But this came to both of you through our meditation?

Francis: Yes

Vera: I had some visions in my meditation too. What about the mold? What do you feel? Do you feel that this mold has some energy from the original?

Francis: Yes, Yes I do. I feel it. I can feel it.

Donette: Slightly.

Francis: But it is not as strong as if you had the real object here.

Donette: The importance is the quartz too, because you know with the quartz you have the union of an element - a very important element of the earth with the form of us - the form we take - the human body - the skull which the mind can occupy. So it's a union of earth and human form mind. So the quartz is very important I think when you work with the skull. This is symbolic representation to me, and through my thought, I can project that energy of the quartz to it. But it is not as strong, because I have to work a little bit harder and get up more energy for that. But yeah, I do feel a slight energy - not as strong as I had expected originally.

Francis: No. But I felt that energy right away when I said that my fingers were tingling as I was sitting down here and I don't think that they would have been otherwise.

Donette: What did you receive, Vera?

Vera: No I really didn't receive anything. I just saw something (a vision) ... but I didn't feel that it came from the presence of the mod. I felt it came from our meditation. Because you see what happened for me because I have been in the presence of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, maybe four or five times, so afterwards, for me to look at this (the mold), I can see that this is exactly, you know, a mold of (the real skull), I can see this because it is exactly like it (the real crystal skull). But it is a crystal and when you are in the presence of the real one, the experiences are so special, so different, something that I really never experienced before. So it is difficult for me to look at the mold and feel some relationship. So what I saw in our meditation was the energy that was coming to our meditation - which Joshua was guiding us - so I don't think that the visions that I had were necessarily to come from this mold. Joshua wants to show that the mold possesses some vibration and I do believe that it has some, but not as powerful for me as the real skull.

Joshua: For example, I didn't know if the two skulls had a relationship because as a result of the meditation, I saw the blue skull sitting on the table here, right next to the mold and it said to me, "I am very familiar with this skull (the Mitchell-Hedges)."

Vera: Yes, I saw the blue exactly - exactly like (the same shape and size) with the Mitchell-Hedges skull.

Joshua: Yes, that what I saw also.

Vera: Exactly the same - like twins.

Donette: I see it a little big bigger.

Vera: In my vision, the form of the eye, nose and the mouth -- I didn't see if it (the blue skull) was bigger - because what was strong for me was how perfect the facial features were (of the blue skull). When you are in the presence of the Mitchell-Hedges (crystal skull), it is so beautiful, because the eyes, nose and mouth - everything is so perfect here that we were not scared. Some skulls are ugly.

Donette: But we've helped to make them ugly.

Vera: But what I'm saying, is that one of the things which makes that skull (Mitchell-Hedges) different is because it is so beautiful .. you can see beauty in it -- and I saw the blue (skull as) exactly the same. I saw the color blue -- and I saw myself flying and looking down on our faces and then something which looked like the jungle. I saw the Indians, I saw everything that he (Joshua) was guiding us to do - I could see it clearly. And I saw that somehow you two (Francis and Donette) have had some close relationship with this blue skull, I couldn't tell in which life, but I felt that you had more contact than I have had. My connection is the most strong with ET, the smoky quartz skull. I love the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull and it is beautiful but when we talk about love, you know, which one touches my heart, that is ET. So I feel that the blue skull is going to touch your hearts like ET touches my heart.

Donette: Did anyone else see a golden hue around it (the blue skull)?

Vera: I saw a gold color, yes. I was looking at you and I said, "What's going on there?"

Donette: Well I stepped into it.

Francis: I did too. ... And I feel there is a citrine skull. I told Joshua about that a while ago - that apparently there is one - it is a yellowish orange.

Additional Information shared
on Video Interviews
with Donette and Francis

Francis: I feel that the energy field around this skull (the mold) is stronger because I have never been privileged to actually see the real crystal skull. I feel a definite affinity for this skull, as if I have been with it before. And I do think that a pyramid is important to it. I believe that it came from a temple, probably on Atlantis, that it was then transferred to a temple in Peru and thereafter, because of the fear of the Spanish conquest, the skull had to be removed by a very important dignitary among the Incas to a final resting place amongst the Indians in the north of Peru.

(Editors note: It seems that Francis is mixing up the Mitchell-Hedges with the blue skull, could be due to the similarity of their energy or design ...)

Joshua: How would you describe the energy you feel from the mold?

Francis: I feel it is very warm. It is full of compassion. I feel a little touch of sadness because at one time perhaps it was being used or abused in some black magical practices as people degenerated after the fall of Atlantis.

Joshua: Does this mold or the crystal skull it represents have some purpose? Do you have a feeling or sensing of this?

Francis: Yes I do. I feel the crystal skull's (purpose) is to heighten people's vibrations for those who have an interest in metaphysical things - the lost knowledge -- that it is going to increase love in a lot of people. And it is said that we should listen with our hearts and this is what it should help us do.

The mold introduces us to the skull itself. It is the best we can do for the present.

Some other insights as I sit here looking at the mold ... I believe that the Indians were very great for this type of mediumship and I'm sure the Atlanteans also were too. And as you sit here, you just keep coming up with more and more ideas. And therefore, this is a wonderful catalyst in itself for generating data. Now this could be hung up and there would probably be a woman (I picture only a woman) who would be the medium and she might even take hallucinatory drugs - not necessarily on Atlantis. But I picture this Indian woman and she is the repository for the entities around the skull and they speak through her and the people listen. And the jawbone would move up and down as if the skull were alive, in a state of speaking. And this happened to other skulls.

I feel that if I could sit here long enough, I would just never stop coming up with different ideas. And I do picture gems in the eyes and crystals being placed around the object because the other skulls are not present.

(continuing about the connection of all the skulls ...) Oh certainly. I think they are all connected. And they have another worldly sort of person to an origin. And these people on the other worlds are able to materialize, dematerialize and they know the ancient secrets by now which we have lost for at least the past 12,000 years and are to be found in caches around the world for a time when human beings would hopefully be worthy of using such data for a good purpose. And I think that these caches are going to start getting open soon and the world is getting positioned in such a way that it is easier to gain access to these repositories.

(in regards to a picture of "ET") -- The shape of this skull reminds me of a man who I see that seems to be working with crystals, I see him etherically. He's holding one crystal in his right hand. I also picture caves - big caverns. And they are connected with tunnels that descend inward and down into the Earth. There is more knowledge to be gained there as possible people beneath the surface of our planet start to surface and we interact. I think that some of the people of Atlantis escaped into the Inner Earth and, in fact, it may be unusual for people to live on the surface of a planet.

(Editor's note: Due to the radiation of the sun, and gravity, the creates more of a pressures on our body living on the surface makes it more difficult to raise our own vibration to a higher level of awareness and make use of inner gifts more easy, almost as if it is a natural ability that everyone uses every day!!).

Donette (about what she felt with the mold reclarified): Yes, well as this is a mold of the Mitchell-Hedges skull, of course I immediately felt a vibration in my hands - a tingling. The first time I was informed about the Mitchell- Hedges skull was through a photograph which showed the skull as quartz. And I felt a slight emanation of energy/information coming from the mold, but overall I would have to say that the mediation we did and the visualization we did was more of my projective symbolic representation of the quartz Mitchell- Hedges skull. So through the mold I felt I had to work a little bit harder to get the information that I was getting (via the photograph). So, in conclusion, I guess that I could say that I did feel some energy from this mold, but I also was consciously aware that I was working on projecting the love energy that was coming through here.

(Editor's note: Most people have said they felt more energy from a photograph of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull than the mold)

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