Personal Experiences
with the Mold of the
Crystal Skull

by Joshua Shapiro

Mold of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull
constructed by Frank Dorland when
he had the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal
Skull for study from 1964-1970

The morning after Frank Joseph had dropped the mold of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull at our home was the first time I had an opportunity to worked with it, First, I held the mold and carefully studied its shape and size. I saw that the teeth of the lower jaw had been damaged (as Frank told during the time the forensic team had it creating the face) and I noticed that the lower jaw had been split apart and had to be glued back together. The color of this plaster mold is almost a pure white and my wife felt inspired to wipe the mold with some water, to help bring out its brilliance. Also in my first impression in holding the mold, I felt some heavy energies as if the plaster material was struggling to emanate the energies of the true skull or perhaps, since it had been kept in a box for a long time, the mold needed to be recharged. So to help open up the mold, we felt inspired to keep it in a window of our apartment, so that it would receive sunlight each day.

When I would sit in front of the mold and hold it by its temple, I found that I was able to instantly felt a connection with the real crystal skull. Sometimes when I closed my eyes, I could almost feel that the real skull was sitting right in front of me. But this feeling would not last for a long time, maybe 30 seconds to a minute and then it would fade and I would feel that the mold held no energy, was barren. I had been able to study a few slides (given as a gift) of an epoxy/resin mold of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, which was quite clear, also made by Frank Dorland, and the clear molds seem to contain more energy or hold more of the crystal skull's essence for me. One trick I will do to those who attend a crystal skull lecture I offer, is when I get to these slides of the mold, I will ask the group which crystal skull is it. Because most people can experience some energy connected with the image on the slide, people think they are looking at a real skull and of course some guess it is the Mitchell-Hedges skull. I had the same experience when I saw another clear plastic mold of the Mitchell-Hedges skull shown on a morning TV programed on NBC called "The Other Side", aired in February of this year (1995). They were interviewing people who had some psychic experiences connected with inanimate objects and Deana Emersen appeared on the show with a clear plastic mold of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull.

So seeing that I had some of my own experiences with some type of energy connected with the mold, I decided to expand my tests and see if other people felt such a connection as well. Please find listed below, links to three other times when we explored the effects of the mold upon other people. We received some interesting results in which are listed below. First we shared the mold with a few friends in our home in October of 1993; next I brought the mold with me to Brazil in January of 1994, so the Brazilians could see the shape and size of an ancient crystal skull and lastly, the mold was used as a center piece in an Activation led by Star Johnson in August of 1994.

Face of the
Crystal Skull

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