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by Joshua Shapiro
Coordinator of NA NET Global

NA NET Global is a network of New Age-related web sites. Of course, what this means to you depends on your definition of a network. Let us share with you our interpretation of a few words that will allow you to see just what we're talking about:

A NETWORK is a group of individuals and organizations who have something in common (in this case, the New Age) and work together to empower each individual member to be the best they can be. It provides some type of system to allow its members to contact each other, (e.g., a mailing list, providing email addresses and other contact information).

NETWORKING is the process which is tranforming our world into an Age of Peace and Harmony as people share with each other information and resources. It is the tool that can single-handedly transform our world into a Paradise. According to the book Megatrends by John Nasbitt, written back in the 1980's, networking is one of the ten most powerful processes to effect change on our world. On a more practical level, it is the collecting and sharing of information and resources by various individuals and groups to accomplish a specific goal or project -- the key word here is sharing.

A NETWORKER is an individual who collects and shares information, (usually on a specific range of topics), or is the catalyst for bringing together people and organizations of like mind.

The INTERNET is a world-wide network of computers which is allowing humanity to quickly interact with each other and share information and experiences on almost any subject imaginable to Man.

Our Goals

Now that you know what we mean when we use those terms, let us tell you a bit about the goals of NA NET Global, our reasons for coordinating the Network, and how it compares to its sister network, UFO NET Global. (For UFO orientated web sites).

There are probably various Internet networks of web sites already in existence; our goal is NOT to replace, or become THE network, but rather to enhance and augment them and to be a visible example of the power of cooperation by showing how many sites have actually agreed to work together. Obviously the advantage of such a network, since the Internet is International, is that if there are any incredible events, news, or new, important information about the manifestation of the Aquarian Age, between all the members, we can share this information with the world quickly and easily.

We hope if there are some other types of New Age networks of web sites, that there may be a way to link all of the networks together, as this is truly the goal of networking. Thus, NA NET Global is very open to participate as a member in other such networks. Besides, in the true spirit of networking, a particular site can be a member of many networks. The end result of what UFO NET Global can accomplish, or any other network for that matter, is really only limited by our imaginations!

You may ask, "Why is VJ Enterprises doing this? What's in it for them?" Well, to be honest, we're in for a lot of hard work, but there are great rewards to come as well! We are doing this because we believe any visible example that can be provided of the power of cooperation and sharing of resources is one of the highest forms of the Light that one can offer. We are hoping that, as other organizations see and begin to understand the simple process that we have set up for others to participate in NA NET Global, other members will help us to share the load and that eventually the Member Pages can be mirrored to other web sites all over the world. One final note on why we're doing this -- you all know that when your heart is singing and you hear an inner call, you must do what makes you the happiest, and that's what NA NET Global does for us!!!

You may already be familiar with UFO NET Global, our UFO Global Network. Both networks operate essentially the same way, with some modifications where necessary to provide for the differences between the two topics: New Age and UFOs. Registration of your web site, membership requirements, and general administration will be handled in the exact same way.

As you can see, we hope that NA NET Global will become much more than just a well-organized list of New Age-related web site links. We foresee it as being an incredibly powerful, comprehensive network of the providers of New Age-related material on the Internet, which facilitates swift distribution of New Age-related information among its members and to the world.


The first thing you should understand is that VJ Enterprises is offering to coordinate the membership of this network at no cost. This means that there is NO FEE to join NA NET Global. In exchange for this service, we ask only that you meet five simple requirements in order to become a member:

  • Each member must offer a web site on the Internet, as this is a network of web sites;

  • A Member Site must be involved in sharing information or knowledge that is related to the New Age (Holistic / Metaphysical / Spiritual)

  • Each prospective member must complete the NA NET Global Registration Form, which provides with the information to compose the member's entry in our Member Pages;

  • Each member is required to post this NA NET Global description page and graphical link to this page from their main web page, both of which are provided to the members by VJ Enterprises;

  • It is each member's responsibility to contact VJ Enterprises if any of the information originally given via the NA NET Global Registration Form changes or if their web site will no longer be up on the Web.
  • For a more detailed explanation of the criteria to become a member of NA NET Global, please visit our NA NET Global Introduction Page.


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    Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about NA NET Global. We hope you will take advantage of this network -- the success of NA NET Global grows with each new member that joins and each visitor to our Member Page Lists.

    If you have any questions about this network, or if you have some other ideas to offer in helping us to make NA NET Global the best it can be, please feel free to contact us.

    With Best Regards and to the forthcoming Golden Age,
    The Members of NA NET Global

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