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( General Overview & Instructions, January,1994 )

Welcome to NA NET CHICAGO!! For many years, people in various cities of this country have envisioned a powerful networking service that could assist local spiritual and New Age individuals and organizations to be aware of many of the resources and contacts that exist in their area. Now, for the first time in Chicago this exciting and powerful service is available for you for FREE.

The purpose of NA Net Chicago is to provide a simple system utilizing a personal computer that will allow any individual, business or organization to instantly be aware of the New Age resources and activities that exist throughout Chicago and the surrounding area. Thus, you will now have a place that you can immediately consult to find exactly the type of New Age contacts you would like to interact with whether they are Spiritual - Metaphysical - Holistic groups, products, services or individuals interested in your respective activities and services.

In the current chain of events in our world, as many things are changing quickly, we believe it is of the utmost importance for us to come together and help each other. This system provides one form of opportunity to manifest incredible connections that can result in a tremendous upliftment of our community. Also, since many people desire some form of privacy, we have built into our system a permission capability so that we may only share the information that each person / organization so desires to be shared.

Once we have set up this system in a few cities, we will use the existing technologies to link one city to another city electronically. At this point we will also be able to offer expanded services such as electronic mail (message and letters sent to others in your area or other cities) and bulletin boards (a place to store announcements of activities). In addition, we will allow people who own their own personal computers to link into the network and directly receive the information they desire. This capability is not present in the current version of the computer network.

This official Network Entry Form allows any group or individual who is intrigued by our New Age Network to enter information about their organization. At this early stage of development, there is no charge. It is absolutely FREE for you to place your information into NA NET Chicago. Once the system becomes fully operational, in appreciation for all the people and organizations who supported us at this early stage, we will offer a free one year membership to continue to be listed within the Network. After we have received entry forms from the first 500 individuals or organizations who join the Network, a membership fee will be charged (we will keep this membership fee as reasonable as possible). We will be placing ads in local new age publications to announce this service as well as providing Entry and Request Forms at local New Age centers, for easy accessibility to enter into our system.


First, we enter into the computer all the information we have collected from the network entry forms. Next, as we begin to receive specific requests for listings of our members, our system is able to quickly respond and generate a printout of names (in a list or labels) who exactly match the criteria of these requests. The printed lists can give to the requester a detailed description of what each member is currently involved with and an address and/or phone number. Instead of the painstaking time it takes to look through telephone yellow pages (which generally do not list many New Age contacts) or traveling to many places, you will have the ability to find the exact and most up to date local resources that you seek now!!

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( Please remember while you are filling out this form that you do not have to fill in all sections. Only share the information about yourself (your organization or you personally) which you wish to communicate with other people. }

The top section of the entry form, labeled Contact Information, gives a potential member the opportunity to share with others how to contact them. For the NA NET System only, it is generally a good idea to provide complete contact information (i.e. - address and phone number) so that if we have a reason to contact you, we can do so quickly (see permission section also).

The next section on our form is labeled Contact Descriptions and allows you to describe yourself or your organization in your own words. It is very important in the Contact Description Sections to give a concise and distinct description of what types of activities you or your organization offer to the local community. We highly recommend that you include any and all New Age Categories that accurately describe the Products and Services you offer/seek and usethe appropriate titles of such categories in a way that other people would be familiar with. Below is an example of how one could describe their activities, or products and services they offer:

We are a local New Age Center. We offer classes, workshops and seminars on a broad range of metaphysical subjects including Astrology, Numerology, Psychic Development, etc ... We also offer a monthly meditation and sell New Age books and tapes.

The Permission Section on the bottom of the form indicates what type of contact information we may share with others who wish to contact you. You may specify that only your street address or phone number(s) be shared with others as well as whether we may include your name in a request for a mailing list by any New Age companies who contact us.

Therefore, based on the information we are collecting in this form, our system will allow matches to be made to your requests by: the descriptions written in the Contact Description Section; by the geographic location of a member; and by any New Age categories a member has specifically indicated in the description section; or any combination of these methods. We have done our best to capture the essence of each potential listee through the questions we pose in this form and also to keep the form as simple as possible.

Additional entry forms may be obtained through some of the local New Age centers or holistic foodstores near you, or please feel free to make your own copies of this form. We are seeking others to help us to distribute this form in as many locations as possible. If you would rather receive this form through the mail, please feel free to write to our address listed at the bottom of this page and send a SASE (self addressed envelope). You will need to place a 29 cent stamp for the first copy of the form and another 19 cents for each additional copy.

When you have completed this entry form, please mail it to our address at NA NET Chicago. Once the New Age Network System is operational, there will be a charge of $1.50 (please do not send any money now, wait until the system is operational) for each normal request (a normal request is up to a maximum of 4 printed pages and can include from 12-150 contacts depending on the exact details you wish printed about the members selected). For any larger requests we will work on a case-by-case basis. As this system expands, and our membership officially begins, we will begin to offer this service by telephone so members can call in for their requests. If you wish to receive a copy of the official NA NET Chicago Request Form, please send a SASE to us at anytime and as soon as we are up and running, we will immediately send out your requested list.

We look forward to serving you and the Chicago area ...........

NA NET Chicago

  MAIL TO: NA NET CHICAGO, C/O 9737 Fox Glen Dr. #1K, Niles, IL 60714
  OR CALL: Joshua Shapiro, (847) 824-1822

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CONTACT PERSON: _________________________________

ORGANIZATION NAME: _______________________________

STREET ADDRESS: _________________________________

CITY: ______________ / STATE: ___ / ZIPCODE: ______

PHONE (DAY): (_____)____________
PHONE (EVE)/FAX*: (_____)____________

{ * - Two versions of the Network Entry Form, either use evening phone or fax phone number }


{ Directions: You have space for about 40-60 words under each heading. It is very important that you use the most descriptive terms to describe yourself or Organization as other contacts who desire to know more about you will be deciding based on these words. }

New Age Products/Services You Offer:




New Age Products, Services or other Contacts You Seek:




Personal Visions, Dreams, Future Projects or Goals:




Professional Experience, or Personal / Organizational Background:







( Please check what information we may share 
     with others who wish to know your organization }

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