Photo of Mars Rock
from Nasa
Life on Mars
and Beyond

with Illinois Shapiro
and Dave Vetterick

Make sure you take a look at the list following our comments below. You'll find an extensive number of articles, NASA announcements, and reports on research which support the possibility of life beyond our planet. These findings are coming in faster and faster every day.

1996, may go down as a special year in the history of humanity. After over 50 years of almost encontroversial evidence that the Earth is having contact with extraterrestrials from many alien races, over hundreds of thousands of sightings, after who knows how many reported abductions cases or close encounters contact ... finally, the forces behind the scene have found the best way to let the world know that life does exist on other planets. NASA has officially announced the discovery of micro-fossil remains on a meterorite that is from the planet Mars. This must be the beginning of the end ....

Or it must be the beginning of a new begin, where the truth about ETs, UFOs and even the origins of Man can not be held back any longer. All throughout the end of 1995 (with the controversial "Autopsy Film"), and into 1996, more and more proof of UFOs and ET exists is bursting forth ... There appears to be no stopping the avalanche of information coming out ... very soon we will have to find a way to include in our everyday lives the idea that we are not alone and that contact with other extraterrestrial races is here now!!

Generally we do not give such a focus upon scientific discoveries by official agencies such as NASA but we believe this particular admission of life existing on another world is a very big clue that the secrey of some of the information related to the UFOs is about to come out.

Please find below many additional pages which add information to the new discoveries.

It is almost time to celebrate ........... ILLINOIS

CELEBRATE?..Heck I'm doing a good old fashioned country jig!

In my opinion this evidence amounts to the single most important building block for the foundation of understanding "Who We Are" and "Why We Are Here".

Once we accept and acknowledge life can exist beyond the grain of sand we call EARTH, then all the great emigmas of the world can be looked at again with fresh and open minds.

I need only mention the Sphinx, Pyramids, and Stonehenge to make my point. When the blinders come off, how much clearer our past and very existance will become.

THANK YOU.... Dan Golden and NASA for finally giving us an official "hole in the dam", but you'd better stand back because dam is about to burst wide open.



(updated August 1, 1998)

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