Are Any of Us Natives of Earth
by Joshua Shapiro

Excerpts from the book: UFOs, Space Brothers and the Aquarian Age
J & S Aquarian Networking, Pinole, CA - 1987

Excerpts from various sources to answer Man's Origin

I have been told by my friend and co-author, Sandra Bowen, who is a very accurate spiritual reader (lives in Sedona, AZ), that I have been taken onboard the spacecrafts on several occasions; once when very young. However, whether this is true or not, I have no conscious memory of such. She even goes so far to discuss that I am an alien to the Earth, not the Earth body, but the soul essence. For myself, whether this statement is true or not, I feel it makes no difference, because all Star People and Wanderers must go through the same life experiences as earthlings, the same tests, deal with the same problems.

However, as I stated at the beginning of this section (see Wanderers and Star People by Joshua), none of the people on the Earth currently, or in our past are native to the Earth. All of us have been brought or chosen to come to this planet/classroom by our own free will. It is just in the case of the Star People and Wanderers, they are here to help their spiritual brothers and sisters to realize the Divine Beings they are, for somehow they have been caught up in the illusion of the material plane and forgotten how to move forward. Below are three sources which discuss this concept as we know it that Man, has migrated to Earth from the Stars. Afterwards, I will summarize the information given in this section:

Cosmic Science Research Center

From a channeled message reported by the Cosmic Science Research Center in Portland Oregon, dated April 1, 1974, we list a few excerpts. The remainder of this message will be given in the next part of this essay with other materials from Cosmic Science Research Center.

"This is Omnivoice, the voice of Divine Truth, from intelligence levels beyond the limits of Earth. Omnivoice is a chronicle of events and experiences of other worlds, their inhabitants, and of the work they do in fulfilling the Divine Creator's plan for humanity.

We are not of your world or of your intelligence level, yet we know of your civilization and of your world, for we have monitored it from the very beginning. We were present when your world formed from a howling magnetic vortex, and we have watched it grow from a small, white hot ball to its present size, over a period of three-billion, five-hundred million years or so, your time. We watched your world grow steadily through a series of cataclysmic upheavals, and watched it change from its small white-hot dense form to a small, cooling, barren hollow sphere. For centuries your world was barren and devoid of life, until it developed a weather system, and rains came to your world to cool it even more, thus bringing it to within biological tolerance temperature range limits.

At this point in the evolution of Earth we vegetated it, then in the proper time, we populated it with the migrants from our worlds. The civilizations we place on Earth created beautiful cities that were built to last. Some of these earlier ruins still stand on your world today. The people who occupied these cities have long since departed Earth, either by death or by evacuation at the time of periodic expansion of the crust and polar changes. These polar changes happen regularly every five to six thousand years, [Editor Note: study the history of Egypt, and you will see there are two periods of it; one under the influence of Atlantis, after Atlantis was destroyed, which created a superior culture/civilization well beyond our own today, and then most of the ruins we find currently, are what was left after a polar shift occurred, leaving a much more primitive, superstitous culture] and are part of the evolvement of any planet. Because the magnetic environment has been changed after the polar change, what life manages to survive the cataclysms perishes a short time after the polar change, and the Earth is once again barren. Life is not continuous, but exists only from one polar change to the next. Following each polar change, we move in again and vegetate the Earth, then in the proper magnetic time, we colonize it once again with those whom we were able to evacuate just before the polar change.

Ever since the first Divine Creator created the first living organisms, including unisex man, life must come from life; there is no possibility way for life to generate spontaneously from inorganic chemicals. The seed of life that was, has been and will be placed on Earth had to come from life somewhere else beyond Earth. And so it was, and will be, not only for Earth, but for any other planet when that stage of evolution is reached."

{This information was signed, ABRAHAM, Galaxy Control Central Committee, Solar System of Hatton,Galaxy of Adam}

G.H. Williamson

Again, we hear from Mr. G.H. Williamson, and his book "Other Tongues, Other Flesh", from book III, Chapter 1, entitled "The Migrants":

"In the beginning, the Earth was a comet. After it had gathered enough cosmic debris it became a planet, a new world. For untold ages this satellite of the Sun was a molten mass of fire. Meteorites from outer space bombarded the whirling sphere, great clouds arose. Finally, the great blankets of clouds condensed and it rained incessantly; the 'cooling off' process had begun. Life first appeared on Earth when it was still boiling and seething with chemical turbulence in the air and in the hot seas. Some time during this period a synthesis occurred, and there was the first movement of life in some unknown spot of the Earth's vast seas. A microscopic glob of transparent jelly, flagellate. These multiplied and spread through the seas, where evolution was to start and eventually produce the indigenous life forms of the planet Earth. New types of half-plant, half-animal creatures began to inhabit the waters of the Earth."

"The Earth planet, now cooled and teeming with mineral, vegetable and animal life, was ready at last to receive human life. On another planetary system spiritual life migrated through interstellar space and began to struggle independently with the problems of Earth planet environment."

"So we come to the place where man appears on the planet Earth. The human race in its present pattern has been upon this planet anywhere between seventeen million and ten million years. For centuries scientists have pondered the question: 'How did life in the human form make its advent upon Earth?' The famous Missing Link between the Anthropoid Apes and Man will never be found because the link is a spiritual and not an organic link. A great migration of souls known as the 'Sons of God' arrived on Earth when the evolution of its indigenous life was progressing and incarnated in certain animal forms. This caused the basic difference between the human and other mammal forms. The primate species went on living and breeding as a true species, giving us the monkeys, apes, and gorillas of today. But the ape-forms that were borrowed for incarnation by the spirit-souls arriving from outer space, apparently supplied the original expressions of the human. These forms continued to breed and develop, and gradually sublimated the ape-forms into the races of man as society now recognizes them."

"The 'Sons of God' made wives of the ape creatures and the progeny was antediluvian man, or prehistoric-primitive man. The physical attributes belonged to the anthropoid apes and the spiritual attributes belonged to the migration which came from the planets of the star-sun Sirius."

"The Migrants made the Earth planet their abode in order to gain experience on the physical plane. The Sirian planets centralized Though Incarnate so to speak and man was sent to Earth, a prisoner of pain for education. Man's heart was heavenly in divine creation, his body was physically handicapped by weight, but he acquired proficiency in altering his body. Man could create by thought and he created monsters and abominations."

"Man, therefore came from races of angels mixed with beasts, and he is now engaged in separating the brute from the angel. He has a mission on Earth for he is this planet's keeper and essentially has lessons in flesh to learn."

"Evidence of the abominations can be seen in ancient cultures such as the Sphinx (part man,lion), centaur or griffin. Eventually the Elder Brothers created a new law for the planet that only like could mate with like and a vast catastrophe occurred where all monsters and anomalies were destroyed. [Editor's note: What Williamson calls the abominations is mentioned in a number of readings given by the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce.]

Medium: Carole Davis

Lastly, in the book called, "The Skull Speaks", published by the Anna Mitchell-Hedges Research and Exploration Association, in which medium Carole Davis, channels for the Mitchell-Hedges clear quartz crystal skull:

"When we {this represents the minds of beings placed in the skull, which those of the appropriate vibration have the ability to tap into. They are from another galaxy and a dimension where time and space do not exist} arrived upon this Small Dark Planet (they came during the time of Atlantis, and used this as a headquarters), it had trapped within its atmosphere, all thought forms that were of a negative vibration. The density of this planet being slow, and the surrounding atmosphere being thick, it had trapped within it all negative thoughts from other galaxies. Therefore life had begun upon this planet in a very gross, dense, and non-intelligible way." (page-38)

Question: What is the purpose, the ultimate goal of the Gross Beings?

{Gross Beings represent souls which are completely absorbed in the material existence of the Earth and have no desire to change and discover their true spiritual essence. They will attempt to prevent and destroy others who threaten to bring change to this way of life, mostly from fear and ignorance.}

Answer: They have no purpose, no destination. They have no goal other than "being." Remember they were created from all the negative "Thoughts" of other planets, other atmospheres. They settled here only because of the grossness of this Small Dark Planet, then were trapped here and came into "body." There were those who would describe them [Gross Beings] as "The Putting Out of Negativity" ... "The Clearing Out of Other Planets" ... "The Releasing and Purification of Other Planets". This took place and, that which was released, settles here upon this Earth. (page-55)


From this information, we are given that many souls were either drawn here or outcast from their respective planets, due to the density of vibration that existed on the Earth. The minds represented in the crystal skull engineered a plan to help these souls out of the illusion of separativeness and good vs. evil. Thus the ideas of Star People/Wanderers/Gods from the Star, are basically souls who have not fallen {i.e. - The story of the fall of the Angels} and have come here to help their brethren see the Light at the end of the tunnel.

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