Discusses Leaked Info On
Newly Discovered Chambers
Beneath the Paws of the Sphinx

Note From Dave : The mysterious chambers below the Sphinx are going to be opened soon, reportedly, this September. It may be a large media event, so stay tuned !

Interview with Graham Hanock

On July 11th (1996) - Graham Hancock once again appeared on the Art
Bell radio talk show. This is a short transcript of an interesting
part of the conversation:

Art Bell: Graham, what do you think is inside the chamber under the Sphinx.

Graham Hancock: Well, curiously enough, and I can only report this anecdotally, without being able to tell you that this is definitely fact, we had a leak of information, from one of the people involved in the team working at the Sphinx and that leak of information, and I repeat I cannot confirm that this is definitely the case but it is interesting because its from one of the people who has been working at the Sphinx with this team for the last couple of months using ground penetrating radar and seismic equipment and that leak of info says that they have found nine underground chambers and that metallic objects have been identified in all of those nine chambers.

AB: No kidding!

GH: That's the information that I was given.

AB: Ah, how good do you think that information is?

GH: I think it's pretty good. I think that it's the genuine article.

AB: Nine underground chambers and they've located ..

GH: According to their remote sensing equipment these chambers contain metallic objects.

AB: Is the equipment sensitive enough to discern the nature at all..

GH: I know nothing more beyond what I've touched just now. This was a leak of information, people who are working on this project are supposed to be sworn to secrecy and not to tell anybody anything about it, but this is the leak we received.

AB: Wow, that's some leak!

GH: Yes, it is. Particularly since if we examine the ancient Egyptian traditions concerning the "Hall of records" concerning the secrets, the great secrets of the gods that they say is concealed at Giza ... it speaks of books, documents, records going back to the time of the gods and it says that this record chamber is guarded by metal statues of curious or strange abilities.

AB: We're at the bottom of the hour and we're going to come back and take calls.... Holy mackerel! Am I glad that we have Graham back ... that's some leak, isn't it?

(Transcribed by JJ Mercieca).

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