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Ms. Hamilton holding the crystal skull

"Orchid Flame"

A Lesson
in Life

Crystal Skull
Politics and Philosophy

( by Joshua Shapiro
April 1997)

The "Orchid Flame"
A Lesson in Life

Crystal Skull Politics & Philosophy

On Friday, February 7th, we posted a page about a purportedly new crystal skull known as the Orchid Flame. Previously, we had been contacted by a woman who said that her name was Cassandra Hamilton and she was living near the San Francisco area. We had been in communication by email for a few weeks, trying to understand what exactly she had. As is our goal, via the V J Enterprises web site, we do our best to keep our readers informed about new developments we hear related to the Crystal Skulls. Below is the first email we received:

Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 03:07:53 -0500 (EST)
Subject: skull authentication

Nice to find you! (referring to our web site)

I own one of these skulls and am looking for someone who can tell me more about it. It was acquired in Guatemala. I have contacted several museums but can't find anyone who will help. Can you put me in touch with some one? This is the most information I've ever come across and I've been looking for years. Something told me to try the web. Glad I did. Nice site. Do you know if the Smithsonian has any info on the subject? I heard there was a skull there at one time. Called and got nothing.

Just in case you're interested, the one I own is 16 pounds and shaped like a human skull. I swear the eyes follow me around the room. It even winks at times. No really. I know it sounds crazy. I found it on a research trip. Sorry, can't say any more than that. Can't even say why I have it. But I have questions if you have time to answer them.

I had asked and received some pictures from Ms. Hamiltion of the skull (see the images above). One night, I took a moment and meditated upon the pictures and received various impressions that felt to me that the object had some energy and could be real. I speculated about some possible time frame of how old it could be. These personal insights were shared on the previous version of this page. This was my first mistake and a lesson well learned as you shall read below. What I learned from this experience is not to make any comments about a skull until I have seen it in person, no matter how good the story told behind may sound!

That weekend in February was a very interesting one indeed because shortly after we posted the page -- I was headed out to Texas, to visit with Floyd Petri and his family to see his crystal skull known as "Windsong" (click here to read my report). While I was visiting Floyd, Chuck Pelton, a key crystal skull researcher, was told about our page. He had personally seen this skull and had met the owner. He immediately sent an email to Floyd, just missing me. Upon returning from Texas, my wife told me I had a fax from Chuck. Chuck stated that although it was very nice facsimile of a human skull (missing the lower jaw), it was clearly made from plastic, or a fake. I was quite surprised by all of this and not sure what to say. It had seemed from all the emails I had received from Ms. Hamilton, it had all the earmarks of possibly being a true crystal skull. She seemed to have a pretty good knowledge about the subject and was familiar with other situations and people I knew involved with the crystal skulls. I wanted to take the next few days to try to confirm what Chuck was saying and my second mistake was waiting too long to get back to him to verify his fax.

In the early part of April (1997), Mr. Pelton released his own interpretation of his experiences with Ms. Hamilton and her skull via the newsletter he prints called The White Knight. By permission of Mr. Pelton, we quote him directly from his article:

Several months ago, the Society (The Society for Crystal Skulls) received a letter advising us that this skull was in the area, and the owner wanted us to authenticate it. We made contact with the owner and set an appointment to evaluate the skull. At the appointed time, the owner, a short, thin, rather nervous woman, arrived with a case in hand. She carefully unwrapped an object and presented it to us. It was a skull without a jaw. Very clear and quite beautiful, however, nothing but plastic. Mr. Nocerino (F. R. 'Nick' Nocerino, President of the Society and was with Chuck at this time of examination) had a puzzled look on his face, then turned to the woman and asked if this was a joke. She replied in a serious tone that it was not. Nick and I both laughed and told her that this was not quartz crystal but a resin copy of a small human skull.

This proclamation did not seem to phase her. She continued giving us the history of its discovery. Other research associates (of the Society) came into the meeting room and examined the skull also, each agreeing it was an excellent copy of a human skull. In a short period of time, the woman packed up her little case and quickly fled the building.

If you are interested to receive a copy of this publication, please contact Mr. Pelton directly at: White Knight Productions, Attn: Chuck Pelton, 1371 Kilrush Ct., Suite A, Pinole, CA 94564; (510)724-8264.

The last part of the proof for myself came when I sent to Ms. Hamilton an email on the morning of Monday, February 10th. In this email I mentioned to her that I had been in touch with Mr. Pelton who had seen her skull. Till the time of the creation of this page (April 1997), she has not responded back. It was quite obvious that a hoax had been orchestrated and I walked into this trap and got took "Hook, Line and Sinker."

Since that time, I have been doing some deep soul searching to understand why I fell for this situation. I do not offer any excuse to explain my actions or seek to blame anyone else. Any person in a field that is controversial such as UFOs or Crystal Skulls knows there always a risk or gamble involved in trying to verify information given by others. But I hope in the sharing of this experience, that it might be valuable for others to see there are many different sides to the crystal skull field and not everyone is honest.

Indeed this has been a humbling experience and certainly a wake-up call to more thoroughly examine the various new crystal skulls as they are presented. For myself, I have a tendency to trust people but the reality of our world is that not everyone comes from this basis. At times I know in my excitement at the possibility of a new discovery, I can get carried away (typical for an Aries person I guess) Therefore, I sincerely apologize to our readers if we mislead them in any way.

Periodically, we hear from other people who are familiar with the crystal skulls that there are a number of new human size (or near to) crystal skulls for sale that are claimed to be ancient or very old but, in fact are being carved today. It is just a sign, I believe, that as more and more people have an awareness of the crystal skull, the situation around them is becoming much more intense these days. In addition, the term "Ancient" seems to give the implication that an ancient crystal skull is more special or valuable than other types of skulls, when in fact we have no official method to confirm the age of the shaping of any of these objects. In my opinion, we need to look past such categorizing and see how each crystal skull can be best utilized for the benefit of all, honoring and respecting each one. Whether a crystal skull is made recently or not, each has its place and a purpose. I have found some of the contemporary made crystal skulls to be able to serve as a wonderful training tools to better understand what they are all about.

So, we wish to publicly thank Mr. Pelton for steering us in the proper direction ... it is this spirit of cooperation and helpfulness that ensures in the future, the quality of the research that is ongoing and being done on these most unusual artifacts, can be done in a more exacting manner. However, for the present, since the crystal skulls are not considered an official subject of study, we must still rely upon the findings of dedicated individuals and organizations to spearhead the drive to find some answers. At moments, we are lucky when various professionals agree to volunteer their time to assist in this process. We hope that through the continuation of such investigations, it will be clearly shown that some of these skulls made from various types of quartz crystals, now beginning to surface publicly in greater numbers, are more than just a quartz crystal in the shape or resemblance of a human skull.

This situation also clearly demonstrates how difficult it has been to authenticate older crystal skulls since we still do not possess an absolute procedure that can verify the age of the creation of these artifacts. The material itself, the quartz is of course very old and not that easy to mold or put into a shape. However, the real burning question is how can we date or get an approximation of the time when the quartz was formed into a skull (when traditional dating methods such as carbon 14 only work on organic substances). It is hoped in the future that through a combination of efforts by crystal skull researchers, scientists and archaeologists, that some new system of verification and dating can be achieved.

As is true in other fields of research, we find there are various people who are vying to have The Theory to explain the phenomena (or in this case to explain why the crystal skulls exist). Conversely, there are many professional people who have felt a bit threatened by the mysteries connected with these artifacts because of reports of various type of paranormal activity around the skulls including some individuals sharing about a profound personal experience in their presence or changes occurring in their life after this time. These reports are very challenging to some of the so-called accepted theories of reality today. Thus in such situations, all it takes is for some major mistake to occur during the investigation for these type of professionals to find a reason to throw away all of the good theories and research. We know through repeated observation, that those crystal skulls considered to be quite old (at least several thousands of years in age) have had a visible effect upon a number of the people who have made contact with them. From all the research done with various crystal skulls, it appears they possess some type of energy beyond what is normally found in quartz, which is still not fully understood or explained. However, we still challenge professional scientists and archaeologists to explain why so many people are now having these type of experiences connected with the skulls. We expect this will be an interesting question for some time to come.

But in the meantime, there are more crystal skulls traveling now then ever before, visiting people in various parts of the world. This is allowing a new first-hand experience for people to make up their own minds if there is something extraordinary connected with these artifacts. And from the numbers of people attending these type of events, it seems to demonstate that there is a greater public interest about the crystal skulls. Also we were contacted last year by four professional television production companies showing an interest to include this subject matter in one of their future shows (two of these companies have already done so and another one is working in this direction). This might be an indication on a higher level that the crystal skulls are being prepared to have more interaction with us.

But I do want to publicly thank Ms. Hamilton (or whoever she is) because it certainly opened my eyes to what types of situations exists related to the Crystal Skull. And most definitely I do believe it was a test of some kind, which I admit, I did not pass (this time). I also must acknowledge that on some level we create all the events that surround us and that Ms. Hamilton acted as a catalyst to help me get back on track and focus on what is really important about the Crystal Skulls.

The crystal skulls are a highly charged subject matter for a person to be involved with for a number of reasons. If indeed they are a powerful tool that can help to awaken a sleeping humanity to the more spiritual and divine aspects of his inner being, this could result in the world as we know completely changing -- i.e. -- we trust, becoming more harmonious and a peaceful plabet. People in general do not like change or transformation so it makes senses that some people will attempt to keep things the way they are. Thus we are witnessing today, one group of dedicated people working hard to help others understand what the crystal skulls are all about and find some answers. And then we have another group of people who wish to keep such information hidden. Various sensitives who have worked with some of the crystal skulls thought to be old or ancient, have had visions of such struggles occurring in the past (such as in Atlantis or Mayan times). It could be that the souls involved in these past struggles are back now to see if they can work together to use these tools in a beneficial way for humanity. I believe it is a good sign that so many new skulls are coming out and available for people to have their own experiences with. I also encourage our readers, if they feel some affinity for this subject, to try to see one of the crystal skulls available.

I continue to feel that the crystal skulls are here to teach us about ourselves as they seem to be some type of trigger that is helping other people see who they are, or producing a release of old patterns (thoughts and emotions). They appear to be a mirror reflecting back the inner spiritual essence within us (that is always there) but has been hiding for a long time. Another special bonus for us on a personal side, is during this journey of exploration, we have met some of the most wonderful people along the way, many others dedicated into giving service to the world and create a peaceful planet.

As always, it is not our intention or expectation that our readers will agree with all the theories and ideas proposed on this site about the crystal skulls. It still remains to this day, in our opinion, that the best information collected so far in regards to possible origins of the skulls, how they may have been manufactured and their purpose, has been through parapsychological tests (but such tests are still not considered enough evidence nor are the results consistent per say). Nor in any way, do we claim to be an expert or authority on this subject matter. We see ourselves more in the role of a networker, a sharer of information, where each reader can decide what they feel is valuable or not. In addition, we have had our own experiences with a number of the crystal skulls and have seen some incredible changes in our own lives, so we feel a sense of duty to make others aware of their existence. Thus, we are offering through our various activities, to be one of several sources that others can come to for questions or even more importantly to be able to share some news or special insights about these sacred artifacts, which then can be passed on to others.

Every day we are learning more about the crystal skulls. We truly believe that the mystery will only be uncovered through a total sharing and the cooperative efforts of the individuals and organizations involved. Now, we want to understand why the crystal skulls exists, who made them and if these people knew somehow, that these special objects might be beneficial for all of humanity in the future (now). We still feel that ultimately the crystal skulls are one of many keys that will assist us into the prophesied Golden Age, a time of peace and harmony. And that as more people become familiar and comfortable with the crystal skulls, this will exelerate the process of new crystal skulls appearing into the public eye.

We have never been involved in a field of study (including the UFOs) that contain such an intense energy surrounding them or that has affected the people involved so strongly. We have observed incredible uplifting and healing energies generated by the skulls, especially when groups have done meditations to share a a loving peaceful energy with the Mother Earth. Or even just watching or listening to personal stories of how the crystal skulls have transformed individual lives. It is sort of being in a mini energy vortex as some people describe. Howevever, even with such reports, not everyone has felt comfortable dealing with the crystal skulls. Conversely, we have experienced along the way, a similar strong energy attempting to present obstacles and challenges to stop such a sharing of information. If one studies past history of different cultures and countries, you will see there are numerous recorded examples within specific civilizations that when an object of purported power was known, usually small groups of people would attempt to gain possession of it for power and control over others. It could be speculated that the Orchid Flame, might have been an attempt to confuse and take away the focus of the tremendous upliftment possible with the crystal skulls. That some unknown people are starting to worry about what effect the crystal skulls might have upon our world. Who can say?

Now more than ever, it becomes very important for individuals and organizations involved with the crystal skulls to try to find ways to work together. Many people are inwardly sensing that in this year of 1997 -- humanity's struggle to free him/her-self from physical and philosophical limitations is about to see an explosion as secrets hidden behind the scenes on many subjects is about to come out. That humanity is facing the ultimate challenge for our survival which will force us, whether we wish to or not, recognize each other as brothers and sisters and move forward to a promising future through cooperation. In the past, there has been resistance to this idea on many levels and in many field of studies. With some groups cautiously and protectively holding their information for fear that others would steal and use it for their own advantage. To some degree, these types of situations have been going on related to the crystal skulls which has caused a confusion among people who have an interest and want to learn more about these artifacts. These people ask: "How can an artifact like the crystal skulls which is proclaimed to be for the benefit of Humanity, be causing such conflict among those who work with it. Maybe it is not what it seems?" I have watched on a number of projects which began with a clear and noble vision fall to the wayside as the participants became entangled in various arguments and heated discussions over how to proceed, loosing their goal.

This is not to say for ourselves that we have been perfect ... and not made our own mistakes along the way. There are various individuals and organizations who have questions our motives for sharing this information. We knew when we received an inner suggestion back in March of 1995 to begin our web site and share new information about the crystal skulls that such challenges would come up. This is, of course, a learning process and much can be gained through such experiences. However, we believe we are now entering a crucial time that for all of our survival, cooperation will be the key. I have heard many Native Americans discuss this idea, saying that modern culture has forgotten how to live in this manner. It is time to start to bring the crystal skulls together, an idea that is not new and has been voiced by many connected with this subject matter.

Therefore, may this page be a call for unity and a chance to begin a more cooperative process. We recognize that in the divine scheme of things, each party involved in sharing about the crystal skulls is playing a special role to prepare humanity for working with these sacred tools. As each of these key players becomes successful and open some new door of revelation about the crystal skulls, this is truly a success for all involved and a moment of celebration. Many important new ideas and perceptions have been brought forth within the last few years related to the crystal skulls and there is a feeling in the air of a major breakthrough yet to come.

Our vision still remains to work towards creating some type of event or conference devoted to the Crystal Skulls where various crystal skull caretakers and investigators can share their findings. In addition, it would be wonderful to see various crystal skulls together in the same room, as these powerful energy capacitors could amplify a strong healing vibration that could be sent to Mother Earth and to all life upon it. We believe it is important to honor each crystal skull and recognize that each skull has its own particular purpose or service with no one skull better or more powerful than another. Similarly, we must look at all the relevant information that has been uncovered about the skulls and begin to pool it together to start to receive more clarity about these artifacts.

I do know in my heart that at some future time, the crystal skulls will be brought together. This has already happened to some degree within the last few years. In 1993/1994 "Max" traveled to Canada to be with the "Mitchell-Hedges Skull". Just after Christmas time in 1992, my wife and I accompanied Joke Van Dieten (who is gathering quite a collection herself, with last count having seven skulls of various materials in her home) and her friend Hans from Germany, bringing "ET" to visit Anna Mitchell-Hedges and her skull, who was living with friends in Indiana at that time. And of course, last year (1996), the BBC sponsored a special research done in England at the Museum of Man in London which comprised of several crystal skulls (that they flew in, including their own) which was a part of the special program they aired on May 25th, entitled "Mystery of the Crystal Skulls" (shown in the US on A&E in March, 1997). So I believe that these events are indeed a powerful sign of things to come and I expect more of such activities will continue.

For ourselves, we pledge to continue to use this web site as a vehicle to share new and updated information that relates to the subject matter and encourage other similar organizations to consider doing the same. The Internet ia powerful media that can reach other people very quickly.

We must however remember, we do not need the crystal skulls to become whole or to unite humanity. They are a reminder, a tool for awakening the sleeping higher levels of consciousness inside of us. There will come a day when they have fulfilled their mission and can move on. Actually the most powerful tool in our possession is ourselves, if we trust and belief in this hidden divine aspect, this is where we will find all of our answers.

In a recent book about quartz crystals written by Ra Bonewitz, he talked about the crystal skulls and felt that people were over playing their significance. That we were forgetting about the magical quality of the substance they are made from, quartz crystal. A quartz crystal does not have to be in the shape of skull, or even need to be old, to possess a healing energy or help a person to become more awakened. However, I think due to the fact that they are in our image, it creates a curiosity in others to want to find out more about what they are. And finally, I think if we really want to understand the crystal skulls, we need to pay more attention to what the Indigenous people share, since these are the people who live in the areas they are being discovered. In many cases, these people feel they must keep secret these artifacts because of Modern Society's tendency to misuse such tools for personal gain or profit. These people's actions are probably a very important clue in understanding what the crystal skulls are all about. We need to pay more attention to these so-called primitive people, who's traditions and spiritual practices teach them to live a life in harmony with the Mother Earth.

Once again, we wish to thank all the people we have met and worked with for their support and assistance in sharing about the crystal skulls. This job is not one that can be done effectively by just one individual or organization. We believe we are coming to a time very soon when numbers of people who feel an inner calling to assist the planet toward the Golden Age, will be meeting and working more closely together (who have made such an agreement while in Spirit, before being born) with others to create new and wondrous projects of Light. Such projects might not only include working with the crystal skulls but other sacred objects as well.

In the meantime, getting back to the experience with the Orchid Flame and to recap:

This experience has only strengthened our resolve to continue to share more information related to the crystal skulls. At this time there is a great deal of attention being focused upon the the known crystal skulls claimed to be ancient to verify if they truly are ancient or very old. Thus, it would be expected to see new people surfacing that claim to have such type of artifacts, when in fact this is not the case. It is not our role to be critical of Ms. Hamilton, life is our greatest teacher. This situation is only pointing out the need for a more formal and organized process of research to be able to identify and categorized existing crystal skulls and new ones that are and will surface. These challenges may be an indication of some truly powerful events which are yet to unfold. It always seems that before some remarkable sequence of events begins, serious challenges and tests come up first. Perhaps the new interest around the crystal skulls is creating a bit of concern for some hidden organizations or individuals who, like in the case of UFOs, is seeking ways to discredit the crystal skulls themselves or the individuals involved in this field of study. We trust and believe deeply that the crystal skulls will remain a sign-post that change is on the way, that a global transformation is at hand.

Well readers, thanks for listening .. I am sure more exciting challenges and revelations await us in the future ... as more of the knowledge of the ancients comes out. Perhaps soon, we will rediscover some process to be able to receive directly from the crystal skulls the secrets left by their creators, keys to help us prepare for what lies ahead for Humanity.

All the best, Peace & Light always

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro
The Crystal Skull Explorer

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