ORTK Online Bulletins #1-3

I had an opportunity to learn about the activities of ORTK (Operation Right to Know - the Truth about UFOs) when I attended a local MUFON sponsored event in Chicago (summer, 1994) which featured Stanton Friedman (who I had met before when I was a speaker on some UFO panels in California) and Bob Dean. Two of the people who are active with ORTK in the Chicago area, Mary Kerfoot and Pat Welsh (actually have known Pat for many years and she is the one who forwarded the newsletter to me, bless her heart!), mentioned below, I also spoke to at the conference. I heard Bob Dean knew something of the Crystal Skulls and spoke to him briefly at Mary's home. I knew that ORTK was trying to get the Government to reveal what they knew about Roswell and passing out a Citizens Sheet requesting this but after reading the bulletins it seems they are branching out into all aspects of the UFO area. So to help them in this very special goal I decided it would be nice to share their bulletins with our readers. Hope you enjoy them and will cotact the editor, Kevin Komarek to receive them..............


From: Eric Stevens
Subject: ORTK Bulletin #1
Resent-From: "Welsh Patricia"
Resent-Date: Mon, 1 May 1995 16:40:00 CST-6CDT


Chat with Kevin Randle
By Ed Komarek


I called Kevin Randle (one of the authors of The Truth About The UFO Crash At Roswell) last Saturday to see if he had any new information on the alleged 1947 Roswell film. All he said he had was what has come over the internet and been passed on to him. He is still quite skeptical about the alleged film. He also said rumors that he was going over to England for a showing before the end of April were not true. He said he would be glad to? go if somebody paid his way. Also, Kevin said his new book on other UFO Crashes was coming out this week in paperback in a bookstores around the country.

As most informed folks already know Kevin's partner Donald Schmitt self-distructed on him recently. Unfortuantely Kevin got drawn in because he stood up for Donald not knowing Donald had lied to him also about his not being employed at the post office among other things. Naturally all this reflects badly on the research done by Schmitt even though most was double checked by Randle and others. Of course all this plays right into the hands of Stanton Friedman who has himself been slowly self-distructing the last several years takeing snipes in the press about other UFO researchers. Stanton is taking his fall from number one UFO researcher rather badly, trying to put down others in order to make himself look better. Stanton even took some snipes at me and ORTK in the media that I had been kind enough to send on to him. Of course Phill Klass couldn't be happier. Phill even called Randle with his sympathies.

It seems that Karl Pflock is up to his old tricks threating to sue Kevin over Kevin calling him a CIA operative or some such term. Karl says he was only a CIA employee. I think Kevin is ready if Karl is dumb enough to sue. Karl has been grossly misrepresenting Kevin. I myself have begun to appreciate the power of the subpoena in court proceedings. Debunkers rarely sue because they know all their crap will come out in the wash. This does not keep them from makeing legal threats to intimidate others. Karl has also threatened to sue me over a very minor matter.

I also called up my good friend ufological gadfly Jim Moesley to check in. I figured Jim would be in hog heaven with all the controversy in the UFO field of late. Pickings have been so poor untill lately tha Jim had been desperately calling me for tips. Of course Jim put himself right into the Schmitt controversy by calling the post office and verifying that Schmitt worked there. Now if Schmitt is going to recover from this at all he is going to have to make a public confession in full which I hear is due soon.

Jim says that a source of his here in the states which he would not name has a video copy of at least part of the Roswell film. Jim says his source told him that it indeed shows Truman getting out of limousine in the desert. Of course Jim figures this has to be a hoax after all how would a limousine get out into the desert. I think it could easly be towed through the rough spots if there were any. I told Jim he would have to do better than that. For the uninitiated Jim Moesley is a oldtimer in the UFO field that was once the number one UFO lecturer but was deposed by Stanton Friedman.(Jim took it a lot better than Stanton when he was deposed by the Schmitt Randle team.) Today Jim has given up on figuring out the truth and just digs the UFO social scene. His favorite sport is shooting down the egos of UFOlogists and Debunkers. If you take your self too seriously and have litte humor then you will eventualy feel Jims sting. Heaven forbid if you are a UFO or debunker bigwig and he catches you in a compromising position like lieing. If you are interested in the behind the scenes social scene and the airing of UFO dirty laundry then Jim's zine Saucer Smear is for you. If one of you internet computer jocks will put it on the internet I already have Jims permission to do so.


For those of you new to the UFO field or ORTK please be patient as we are just in the early stages of organizing on the internet. I hope through these bulletins to gradualy update you on UFO matters and what ORTK is about. You can access our newsletter at http://www.duke.edu/~dpk/ortkinde.html . If you have a problem just contact mjhines@ix.netcom.com . I am told Laurnet now has the newsletter on his page also, thanks. The latest internet UFO news can be reached at http://www.best.com/~schmitz/IUFOG/iufog-media.html - keep up the good work Dave. Be sure to use caps for the part with caps as Don Ratch found out is necessary to get this page.

The last two Desert Rats are very good. I have a lot of respect for Glenn Campbell and its good to see him coming around as he gets better informed. Thanks in part to heaven forbid, Gene Huff I think. At least Gene is no longer on his enemys list. I like Glenns credible way of informing the most diehard skeptic. Go to the Psychospy page from http://erau.db.erau.edu/~elston/iufog.html then click on the Desert Rat, then click on issue 23 and 24 for two very good stories that of Alfred and Jerod. These stories tend to back up the Bob Lazar story.

Gene Huff a good friend of Bob Lazar recently set me straight on Bob with a report sent through my email that he had written some time back. See if you can get Gene to email you a copy. His address is Gufon@ix.netcom.com.

From: Eric Stevens
Subject: ORTK Bulletin #2
Resent-From: "Welsh Patricia"
Resent-Date: Mon, 1 May 1995 16:38:51 CST-6CDT


A conversation with Bob Dean
By Ed Komarek, co-founder ORTK


I thought I would check in by phone with Ret. Sergeant Major Bob Dean for this weeks Insider Corner. Bob and his wife Ceclia are a couple of the finest folks in the UFO field. Bob Dean has impeccable credentials haveing worked for SHAPE, NATO in Europe where he claims to have held a cosmic top secret clearance. There he claims to have have access to and studied a specal NATO report that showed photos of extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien bodies. He says this report changed his life. If you are new to the UFO field read the article on him in the April 1994 issue of Omni Magazine or go to the title Inside The Military UFO Underground at this internet address. http://erau.db.erau.edu/~elston/government.html.

I was particularly interested in how Bob's book was coming along. I was only able to talk to Bob for a short time by phone as he and his wife had come down with the flu. Bob says he has no idea when his book will come out as he has been so buisy in the UFO field. He did talk to Colin Andrews, a well known circle researcher in Europe about the Roswell archival film footage. Colin did say that the film was tested by Kodak and was 1945-48 vintage film. Beyond that everybody is waiting to see how things fall out. Bob was also told that the film would be shown in the States soon. I assume that would be a video of the film.


Brenda Lancaster(email HJDX25A@prodigy.com ) one of ORTK's Executive Directors and Mike Jamieson, the other co-founder of ORTK want me to be sure to mention this campaign in this bulletin. We need very much one or more individuals on the internet to contact Brenda to organize this campaign on the internet. I have just too much to do just handleing general ORTK duties on the internet to concentrate in this area. Brenda needs help fund raising and the handleing of the ORTK UN petition drive on the internet. Brenda and Mike have had some nice ORTK pins made up for a donation of $5:00. Send checks payable to Operation Right To Know at Mikes address, 554 Randolph St. #2, Napa, CA 94559. Checks will be forwarded to the ORTK Maryland account and earmarked for this project. The money will be used to fund a advertising campaign and the Worldwide Action Drive which includes the UN petition. Donations to the general ORTK fund should be sent directly to ORTKs address: P.O. Box 3173, Gaithersburg, MD 20885. Please email Brenda at the above internet address if you have any questions or want to become involved.


The response I got from the introduction of the ORTK Bulletin has been quite positive with the exception of a lambasting by Brenda who feels that I should stick mostly with ORTK activities and not indulge in snipeing. I may have to figure out a way to separate my specualtions and comments from ORTK material in the future. I would like to state here that my speculations and comments I make, do not necessarily represent the views of the Executive Committee or the ORTK Board of Directors. I do think there needs to be a place in the Bulletin where members can share views and or opinions etc., which includes me. I have been in the UFO field for a long time and I feel that members have a right to know what is going on in the UFO social scene including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Brenda has been in contact with Stanton Friedman and says that Stanton was over in europe and was not impressed by those he talked to about the Roswell archival film. (At this point I will reserve comment in deference to Brenda) On the other hand it seems ORTK member, supporter, abductee researcher Richard Boylan seems quite positive about a imminent end to the UFO coverup. (I wanted to include his update as a addition to this Bulletin but I haven't figured out how to get his update from the newsgroups on to this email form.) I am not holding my breath on a rapid end to the coverup but I expect when it ends it will surprise most everybody including myself much like the end of the cold war.


Yes, Glenn I hope I have figured out how to suppress the mailing list on this Bulletin. I am coming along, I am coming along.

I noticed that now the cyberjocks have got a nice little feature on the server Netscape. One just clicks on the search button up in the top right corner of the screen and then do a search for UFO. This puts one right on a nice UFO page with the IUFOG as the first item. From there I can go to either MEDIA for update material or to HYPERLINKS to access other folks UFO pages and the newsgroups. This feature should be great for UFO newbies. Way to go fellows.

Don Ratch and I are now even beginning to work our media contacts via ENDnewbies. Way to go fellows.

Don Ratch and I are now even beginning to work our media contacts via the internet. Sun International got in touch with me the other day by phone and I passed on my internet address and was contacted by Sun by computer. Wow! I have begun to build a press network as well as a internation contact network for ORTK.

Anybody wishing to become a ORTK free member or just get on the mailing list email me Ed Komarek at: ekomarek@mail.public.lib.ga.us. Many thanks to Mark Hines (ORTK internet editor), Howard Olson,Dean Kanipe,Zac Elston, Eric Stevens,Laurant Levesque,Jeremy Zawodny and Dave Schmtiz for all the work they have done for ORTK. Things like mailforms, mirrors and URLs are all croping up all over the internet for ORTK. You are all doing a great job and I and ORTK appreciate it.

Dan says the new Forum newsletter will be out soon. For the last Forum go to the internet address: http://www.duke.edu/~dpk/ortkinde.html then click on the date 1994.

Date: Mon, 1 May 1995 16:05:43 -0500
From: Ed Komarek
Resent-From: "Welsh Patricia"
Resent-Date: Mon, 1 May 1995 16:37:09 CST-6CDT


Conversation with Larry Bryant
By Ed Komarek (5/1/95)


I checked in with my good friend Larry Bryant(director of MUFON governmental affairs, director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, member of the Board of ORTK) last week. As the reader can see from the above titles Larry is one of the few people highly respected by both the the UFO establishment and the not so UFO establishment types such as myself. Larry just recently retired from the Pentagon where he has been a thorn in the Pentagon's side for years. Larry is a prolific filer of lawsuits and Freedom of Information Act requests against various governemnt agencies. Larry has doggedly pursued agencies of the Federal Government that cover up UFO information. He has become one of the most respected people in the UFO field. For those that know Larry well, he is a prodigious collector of UFO paraphernalia and UFO information, a regualr pack rat. When visiting his home several years ago even the chairs and sofa were piled high with stacks of paper and books leaving no place to sit. Larry is clearly one of the best informed people in the UFO field. He takes great delight in passing on to me reams of information so that my desk is rapidly takeing on the appearance of his house. He knows I will spend days reading the material unable to pass up such a feast of UFO information.

I called up Larry to see if he had any pictures of the past ORTK-GAO demostration that could be passed on to our internet editor Mark Hines, for the ORTK internet page. He gave me a contact who took pictures, so hopefully Mark will have what he needs soon. Recently Larry won a partial judgment against the Army and now he is pursuing a freedom of act request against the NSA. Even with all their resources they just don't seem to have the ability to quickly deal with FOIA requests even after all these years since the Act went into effect. Larry even got his Representative in Congress involved to no avail. Here is a quote from a letter of October 28, 1994 from Larry Bryant to the NSA. "Since it has been about 1.5 years since your receipt of (and delay in fulfillment of) my FOIA request for a copy of the Fred Olsen litigation case-file records (Request Log No. J9472-93), I am planning to submit this record of delay to the publishers of the Guinness Book of World Records, for consideration as an entry in their next edition." After getting Representative Moran to look into the matter, on March 29, 1995 Moran got a letter from the NSA, along with more excuses for the delay, that were passed on to Larry. It certainlyu seems the NSA is in no hurry to respond to Larry's FOIA request! Such is typical and the norm in FOIA UFO cases. Keep on them Larry.


"Wow Phil, I didn't know you cared," was Ed's response to seeing a post of a portion of the dastardly Phill Klass's dreaded "SUN" newsletter on one of the UFO newsgroups. It seems that Phill was referenceing my ORTK Bulletin #2 in his latest "SUN" newsletter. Glenn Campbell in his Desert Rat newsletter #23 refers to Phil in this manner, "THE EVIL PHIL KLASS'S delightfully dismissive and eminently entertaining "Skeptics UFO Newsletter... Ordered from Philip J. Klass, Nefarious UFO Skeptic(NUFOS), 404 "N" St. SW, Washington DC 20024 for $15 per year. It seems Phil devoted a considerable amount of space in this latest issue of "SUN" to degrading Bob Dean who was Ed's guest in the ORTK Bulletin #2. Thanks Phil for the publicity. Of course followers of the UFO social scene know that Phil went on the attack with his pen or was it a pencil, against Bob Dean at a conference last year calling Bob a liar in front of the press and in the process got chewed out by Bob's wife to the point where Phil later had to apologize for his outrageous behavior. "I am flattered for the coverage in "SUN" this means ORTK must be doing something right." says Ed.

Things are really moving along well as ORTK organizes on the internet. Thanks to Eric and Howard the ORTK awaiter is bringing in new members at a rate of 20 per week. Eric says his list has over 60 people now and my address file has over 50 so far. So we have broke 100 going for a thousand by the end of the year I hope. We may have to soon consolidate the membership list at the awaiter location but I want to keep developing my membership list here at this location for as long as possible so that I can personally be in contact with our new members as they come on board. We are developing good international contacts that are working to keep ORTK informed and help in spreading the word about ORTK. People like Schwann, schwann@aztec.co.za a real computer wiz from South Africa, who is realy helping to spread the word.

I have also been able to contact Dr. Rubtsov in the Ukraine who I met in Karkov several years ago when I was lecturing in the old USSR on UFOs. I believe Dr. Rubtsov to be a fine person and scientist who is realy trying to help his people get infomred on the UFO subject. I am also trying to get into contact with my other friends in the CIS countries by computer because since I became a activist my snail mail has not been reaching my friends in the CIS countries. I hope to again spend some time in the CIS countries in the next 2-3 years when I get the bucks.

Eric Elston has been scanning in some stuff I sent him. This includes part of the McDanial Report, pages from Flying Saucers Serious Business that discusses Frank Drakes role in Project Ozmo the precursor to SETI, and the Tai Ceti article by Forest Crawford that mentions the name of Frank Drake as the scientist that harmed a captured ET. This article got me interested in the man. Forest Crawford is a credible UFO investigator on the UFO lecture scene. Forest told me by phone quite a while back that after the article came out a couple of Frank Drakes's men came snooping around. Frank Drake is a another UFO debunker who is close to UFO debunker Carl Sagan. I think they work together on highly classified UFO projects while at the same time they debunk the subject to keep the public uninformed. See my ATK-MAJIC article on Jeremys WWW UFO Page: http://www.bgsu.edu/~jzawodn/ufo/. Eric's stuff is at: http://erau.db.erau.edu/~elston/iufog.html.

ORTK board member Mary Kerfoot and Patricia Welsh are circulating a letter in support of Dr. John Mack in his fight with the Harvard Censure Board. Even UFO skeptic Jim Moesley thinks its a bum deal and hopes he beats the rap. Email Patricia Welsh at: SPWLBC@nuls.law.nwu.edu and she will snail mail you a addressed stamped envelope along with the letter. (Hopefully ORTK will have it together soon where petition drives etc. can all be done by computer and we will be able to deliver a large number of letters or petitions quickly to a destination.) We hear that many students at Harvard are upset at this outrageous effort by the Harvard elite to stifle free thinking and scientific research. I wish we could have a ORTK demostration there to help Dr. Mack. Do we have anybody in the area that would want to organize a demostration at Harvard!

I suspect the notoriously unscientific CISCOP organization is behind this effort to intimidate Dr. Mack and other scientists that might want to get involved in the UFO field. I don't think its any coincidence that Donna Bassett's husband worked right down the hall from Phil Klass when Phil worked for Aviation Week(often know as Aviation Leak Magazine for its close association with government).

This is a political war we are fighting folks, it doen't have anything to do with science. Its about time the UFO community woke up to the fact that its politics not science that will end the coverup and solve the UFO enigma. Scientific solutions will not solve a political problem where the data is being minipulated for political reasons. CISCOP is a political lobbying organization not a scientific organization and it has been devastatingly effective in propagandizing the mass media and the public.

We hope to hear from the ORTK folks abroad for ORTK is a international organization. Whats going on in your neck of the woods John? How is ORTK Britian doing ? Dr. Boylan says the Roswell press conference has been delayed till May 3. ( Editor Note: - now May 6th )

I am hopeing that the ORTK board members on the internet will send me a quarter to one half page on themselves and what they are doing so the free membership can have access to other ORTK viewpoints and perspectives other than mine. Also Mark Hines(our internet editor) hopefully can give us a piece on himself and his activities for ORTK. Maybe different ones of ENDother than mine. Also Mark Hines(our internet editor) hopefully can give us a piece on himself and his activities for ORTK. Maybe different ones of us can edit the ORTK Bulletin so that the members will be able to see ORTK from different persepctives than just Eds.

Come on you folks out in cyberspace, join us. Just email me Ed Komarek at: ekomarek@mail.public.lib.ga.us. We will try not to clutter up your email and only plan to put out these bulletins once a week and our irregular newletter the Forum only comes out several times a year. Become informed! You have a right and a need to know.


Members feel free to copy and distribute this message around the internet. You folks with pages can be a big help for us too if you can carry these bulletins and the ORTK newsletter on your home pages. Be sure to give my email address so we can be contacted or put up a mailform to my address. Thanks.

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