Images of the Crystal Skulls
in our Private Circle

(with Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head,
the Crystal Skull Explorers)

For our visitors from the Coast to Coast Radio Show:

Welcome to our page.  As promised, you will discover on this page some examples of the different type of crystal skulls that exists within our world today, the subject we will be discussing during our visit for this radio show program on June 29th-30th (2005).  This page is also linked to a special meditation we  offer each Sunday for World Peace that is explained below.  Please feel free to join us as we will also be discussing this meditation during our interview.

If you would like to jump to the main Crystal Skull Home Page instead, to read more about the crystal skulls, there is a link given at the bottom of this page.  Also feel free to take a peek at the two crystal skull books we have published, on your way down this page. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay with us as you explore the very fascinating world of the crystal skulls.

On this page are pictures of the crystal skulls that my current partner (Katrina) and I have in our custody or have chosen us to be their caretakers (updated in 2013).  Each of these skulls works in its own unique way to assist other people. This page in connected with a Global Meditation for World Peace we offer each Sunday, that works in tandem with the energy of the Crystal Skulls.  If you would like to learn more about this special meditation and join us, you can click on the link below (this link is presented at the end of this page as well):

Crystal Skull World Peace Meditation

We offer the following pictures of the crystal skulls for the participants of our meditation who do not personally own their own crystal skull. There is a way to work with these pictures and another piece of quartz crystal so that you can have contact with the energy that is associated with the skulls.  It requires for you to select one of the photos of a specific crystal skull shown on this page.

In order to not interfer with your selection of which skull to chose to work with for this meditation, we will only list the name of the skull and the type of quartz it is comprised of.

Therefore, we suggest that you select whichever skull seems to speak to you or you feel some affinity for it.  When you have made your choice, print out the image of this crystal skull.  Then take a piece of quartz crystal and leave this crystal on top of the picture for 48-72 hours if possible. During the meditation you can just hold the crystal or you can also focus and gaze upon the picture at the same time, if you wish.

This meditation is an experiment we are doing.  If anyone has a good response to the meditation, we would be open to hear from you.  You can contact us via email at:

Thank you for your interest and participation with our Crystal Skull meditation for world peace ...  

Joshua and

( Photo Credit for the following pictures:
Shapiro & Katrina Head )




Pictures of our Crystal Skulls

"Portal de Luz" / "Portal of Light"
(smoky quartz skull)


"Geronimo Golden Eaglle-Eye"
(smoky quartz skull)

(an old frosted clear quartz & carnellian skull
that was found in the ground in Mongolia)

(clear quartz skull)

The King / Laialani
(amethyst Star-Being quartz skull)

(apported via a trance medium, opalite skull)

(human size two piece rose quartz skull)

Overview and Instructions for
the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditation



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