by Joshua Shapiro
Dec, 1990

Some of the Patterns found
in the Plains of Nazca

Greetings dear readers and fellow UFO enthusiasts. My name is Joshua Shapiro, your typical Aquarian Networker and recently turned world explorer (of course, since I am an Aries). In this article I would like to share with you some of my experiences and intuitive insights from my two recent trips to legendary Peru, the land of the Incas and more!

I would like to thank UFODRIC and Marion Egler for this opportunity. Although I have done slide and video presentation on Peru, this is my first chance to actually write this information. My first trip was in December of 1989 and was done solo. I organized this excursion with my friend Peter Schnider, who is from Switzerland and has lived in Peru for several years. Peter is the owner of Peru Mystic Tours in Lima, Peru, which is a tour agency interested in the more metaphysical aspects of Peru. The second trip was last September with my fiance (now wife, Vera) from Brazil (the tour organizer) and 50 other Brazilians. So I discovered I had different experiences when I traveled only with a guide or a whole group of people.

The places that I was able to go to included Lima, Nazca, Ica, Cusco, Macchu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. If you will permit me, I would like to just give a little background on the people and history of the country. There are two main languages spoken Spanish (Tu habla espanol?) and Kachuah (the Indian language). As with many countries in South America, they were invaded by the Spanish in the 1500's and 1600's and they tried to convert the local Indians to Christianity. Thus, many of the people do not like Spanish and would prefer the Indian tongue. You will find the country composed of people of Hispanic ancestory, Indian and mixed. In a large city like Lima you see mostly Hispanic people who dress much like Americans (not to mention many products of the U.S. sold there). But as you go away from civilization so to speak, you see more Indians dressed up in the costumes we are accustomed to seeing in documentaries and photographs taken from there. The people are very poor and once they learn you are an American, you will be approached by everyone to buy an assortment of clothes, hats, statues of Inca related items, etc... The people are generally a happy people and if you treat them with respect you will receive it back. So, if you go on a tour don't expect all the comforts of home.

Peru is a country of many diverse climates and environments. In the Southern part of the country you will find more desert conditions similar to the southwest in the United States. To the north is the Amazon and jungle. As you may know from reading other books and news reports, there seems to be many ancient ruins that are hidden in this area. I have not gone to this part of the country yet but hope so in the future. To the western part of the country you find the Andes Mountains which hide many secrets of past cultures and to the very far south, on the border with Bolivia is Lake Titicaca, the highest elevated lake in the world.

I think one of the main reasons Peru is so famous is because there are many ancient ruins that remain in good condition. Some of these ruins are very mysterious and there are powerful energy vortexes connected to them. If you talk with the Peruvians, I found that approximately fifty percent of them either had a UFO experience or knew of a person who did. And also, just as the controversy is being raised here in the U.S., some of these people have had a pleasant contact and others have not. In the more rural areas, UFOs are accepted as real and nothing extraordinary. The legends and traditions of the Inca are very strong in Peru. Although, their present religious beliefs and ceremonials usually combine the catholic teachings brought by the Spanish with the Indian heritage.

Now, let us talk about some of the places you can visit in Peru. When you first go to Peru, you fly into Lima, the capitol of Peru. Lima is like an American City with a downtown and some tall buildings. There are museums where you see some of the Incan artifacts and tours to old Churches and structures. Also I should mention that there are remains of many different civilizations that lived in Peru beside the Inca. Close to Lima are several ruins, and the only one I was able to visit was called Pacha Mac (?, not sure of correct spelling).

Pacha Mac is a large complex of temples about an hour away from Lima. Like all the ruins in Peru it is composed of large stones and has a temple of the Sun, a temple of Moon and a temple for the Women. I visited this site in my second trip and participated with the Brazilian group in a powerful meditation in one of the main temples. To me, I sensed a presence of a spirit that was very grateful for us activating its energy force. What one must remember is that many of these sites are much more than what we only perceive with our physical eyes. There are powerful energies one can feel if they are sensitive (which I believe we all are in our own way). Also, it depends on if one has a Past Life Connection with these places as well. When I was with the group from Brazil, I watched many people go through dramatic cleansings of deep seated emotions; either weeping, having their body shake fiercely or feeling utter peace and joy. Lastly, we were told that Pacha Mac was a school to teach the wonders of the universe to the Indians. It is a beautiful place, near the Pacific Ocean.

Another place near Lima, which I was unable to visit but has a strong connection with UFOs including many sightings, is called Chilca, in the desert. About fifteen years ago, Sixto Paz and a group of other young people, went to this area and made telepathic contact with some extraterrestrials who claimed to be based on Ganamede, a moon of Jupiter bur originate from the Orion system. Eventually they formed the RAMA Mission Group and this is one of the most well known UFO groups in Peru. Later, Sixto went back to Chilca and on one occasion saw a doomed structure in the desert. An ET type being motioned to him to come to the doom and after defeating his fear, he entered this structure. The structure was very tiny from the outside but very large on the inside, similar to the time-space dimensionality demonstrated in the British series called "Dr. Who" (are you a Whovian?). Sixto was teleported on board a space craft and taken in suspended animation to this moon of Jupiter where he saw Crystal Cities. They held in suspended animation because his physical body was not prepared to handle the hyper dimensional jump to travel to Ganamede. When I met Sixto in the San Francisco area, I recognized that he was the contactee because through his meetings with the ETs, they have energetically charged his body. His group teaches many Peruvians spiritual messages, meditation and yoga type techniques. I attended one of his meeting in Lima (didn't understand much of course) but there were over 2,000 people there, who were very religious but yet seeking answers to life which conventional and religious teachings do not provide. In March of 1989, the ETs told Sixto they would appear for the media and did so. I have seen a brief video showing the crafts moving in the sky with their lights blinking. The final piece of evidence that Sixto is having this special contact was when he was asked to leave this country by our government when he traveled here in 1989.

Another sacred area close to Lima is called Marcahuasi. For my friend Peter Schnider, this is one of the most powerful places in Peru. Again, I have been unable to go there yet but one of the famous 1950's UFO researchers George Hunt Williamson talks about this place in his book "Road in the Sky". In addition to many reports of UFOs sighted here, there are these gigantic stone faces of people, from many different races of man (some which do not exist in Peru) as well as many variety of animals from around the world. Mr. Williamson felt that these shapes in the stone were left by the Els (sometimes called the Elohim) who existed on our earth millions of years ago and eventually evolved behind the physical existence. Marcahuasi is about 12,000 feet above sea level and there are groups of Indians that still live here telling of its legends. This is definitely one place I plan to go. Also, Peter showed us the cover of a Peruvian Magazine where it showed an Extraterrestrial, standing on one of the Mountains in this site, waving. The person who took this picture never saw this being.

Of course, everyone has heard of the Planes of Nazca (lineas de Nazca). This is the place where one sees many figures drawn perfectly in the group and can only be seen from the air. Since we have only had aircraft since the early part of this century and these figures were unknown before then (contemporarily speaking), then who did this? And besides, there are some shapes in the ground which have no connection with anything we understand and many patterns of lines which make no sense. The first time I flew over Nazca (you take these small propeller planes but be careful because the pilots weave them this way and that), I was surprised that I didn't feel much energy from here. However, last September, when we arrived at our hotel, not far from the planes, I began to receive a telepathic communicate with an extraterrestrial. I did a meditation with my girlfriend, to share this energy and she had a vision of how the figures were created. She saw what looked like spacecraft flying over the planes of Nazca with a light beam emanated from the craft and literally carving the figure in the ground. You can not see these figures if you stand next to them on the ground. With my computer background, I understand how they could program the figure into the computer and let the computer guide the laser beam.

Some of the figures you see include several bird or Phoenix symbols, a dog, a whale, a monkey, a smooth (landing type) of trapezoidal shape (two of them) and of course the Space Man who is carved on the side of one of the mountains nearby. I also met a local man who said that archaeologist just uncovered the remains of people who lived in this area that was carbon 14 dated to be at least 4,000 years old and that these patterns were here before the Inca. The Peruvian Government loves this site because it is a great tourist attraction but offers no interest to try to research it to understand it.

About 120 miles north of Nazca, is the city of Ica. In Ica there is a very good museum which has many Inca artifacts. On some of this pottery it looks like drawings of extraterrestrials or are made with antenna looking handles. Also they have skulls which are pointed toward the back, which the Inca did with their children when they were born for some religious purpose. However, the most interesting thing in Ica is the engraved stones found in a nearby cave. In the downtown area of the city, Dr. Javier Cabrera, has been studying these stones for many years and has a museum with over 11,000 stones.

The engraved stones of Ica depict scenes of an Advanced race of Man, who dealt with dinosaurs and did heart transplants. From scientific tests on the stones, Dr. Cabrera believes that they are a story book of a race of Man that came from the Pleiades about one million years ago. In modern archaeological fields, and scientific studies, they of course believe that we are the most advanced race of man that has ever existed on earth. I believe, that there have been many advanced civilizations in our past, such as in Atlantis or Lemuria but that the earth has gone through many cleansing where either Man destroyed this world or through natural disasters or pole shifts. When I was in presence of these stones, I felt they were very authentic and further proof of possible contact with an Extraterrestrial race. The stones also show a configuration of continents on the Earth that no longer exists, pyramids, other types of animals, space ships, etc... So, if you go to Peru, you probably want to go see Dr. Cabrera.

Another place which most people are familiar with is Cusco. Cusco is said to be the capitol of the Inca and if I was going to live in Peru, I would probably live here. Cusco is about 12,000 feet high and is in the Andes, totally surrounded by a valley of mountains. I think there are about 350,000 people who live here and most of their homes are an adobe type structure. In Cusco you really see the typical Peruvian customs you expect. There are many old churches and building from the time of the Spanish and most of the people seem to have Indian blood. Here you will hear the Peruvian music with their flutes and drums.

Near Cusco however, are many ruins, above the city in the hills. The ones I went to included Sacsayhuaman, Tambo Machi, Kenko and the Temple of the Moon. The place where I had the strongest connection with as well as a strong sensing of an ET connection was Sacsayhuaman. In this place are very large stones, irregularly shaped which are fit together perfectly with no space between them. In my mind, it would be impossible for a primitive culture as the Inca to have made this structure. Sacsayhuaman (sounds like Sexy woman but its purpose if far from that) is comprised of three sets of stone walls in the shape of a serpent where at various points in the wall it juts out at a 45 degree angle. There are doors and steps, and the doors are very tall. Above this set of walls is another set of stones in the shape of an astrological wheel where many special ceremonies were held. Each June, the local people reenact some of the sacred Inca ceremonies in the field near the stone walls.

Again George Hunt Williamson felt that the Els were responsible for the creation of this place. Both times I visited here, I felt that tall beings were involved as well. I had two personal visions, one was that at one time, you could step through the doors here and be teleported to another location. The second was seeing a tall being (in spirit) step through the wall to greet me. Another woman in the Brazilian group said she received a telepathic communication from ETs while in this area, heard music which another woman heard, and knew she needed to come back. Lastly, while we were doing a group meditation in the astrological wheel I saw many UFO type clouds (UFOs ionize the air with their electro-magnetic force fields and create a cloud around themselves so as to not create panic and fear amongst the people. A sensitive can feel the energy of the cloud as being different, like it is more alive or there is a weight or something within it. By the way, we see many of these types of clouds here in the Las Vegas area, ok back to the narrative, sorry ... ) above us. I brought with me a conch shell, that a Native American Indian had carved a hole in so I could blow the shell (sounds like a horn). He told me they use this shell in their purification ceremonies. During our meditation, I blew the conch shell in the four directions from the center of our group circle and then held it up into the sky. A woman in our group saw a Gold Light come down upon me from above (I don't see things, I usually feel energy or am more intuitive) and then this light touched each person in the circle. For me, this place is very special and there is no doubt in my mind that it was built by a very advanced spiritually race of people, whether native to the earth or not.

Now I know, probably most of you are waiting to hear about Macchu Picchu. Macchu Picchu is probably the most famous site of Peru. And whenever I talk to other people who have never been to Peru, this is the place they want to go. Macchu Picchu is about a 4 hour train ride from Cusco. There is a trail from Cusco called the Royal Inca Road, where you could hike to Macchu Picchu but this takes about 4 days. Oh, one thing I need to warn you about is that in the Cusco-Macchu Picchu area you are 12,000-14,000 feet high, and you need to be in good condition. You find as you climb and walk around you get tired easily.

When you ride the train to Macchu Picchu, you will see beautiful green landscapes, with rivers and glorious sites of the Mountains in the background. Also you will notice the people in these areas live very simply either walking to their work or uses horses or donkeys. The area in which you are passing through is called the Urubama Valley and is a very fertile area, perhaps one of the best in the world. I believe that most of Shirley MacLaine's tv movie of her book was filmed in this area and yes, I looked for the sign that said there were UFOs about, but never saw it (People always ask me this question).

When you arrive in Macchu Picchu you usually stay in the city close by called Aguas Calientay, and yes there is a hot mineral springs here. You walk down the railroad tracks from Aguas Calientay to the bus and train station at the Macchu Picchu station. As you are walking, you are in a subtropical climate and you can see the ruins high above on the mountain nearby. The bus takes about 15-20 minutes to go to the top of the mountain where the ruins are from the station.

My first visit to Macchu Picchu I was disappointed. Because you see, when you look carefully at most of the structures, they are made from small stones with some type of glue to hold them together. However, after two trip to this area I have come to a few conclusions. First of all, if you study the different stones there (some of which were brought from many miles away) you will find two types of stones. The more small primitive kind as already mentioned and larger ones similar to the stones in Sacsayhuaman. It is my belief that several different civilizations existed here. And that my disappointment was due to that fact that I have a strong connection with the earlier ones, of which very few structures remain. As a contrast, when my girlfriend goes to this place, she tells me she is taking me home. She becomes very emotional, cries and feels great joy. I don't know, maybe I'm weird of something, but I felt the best energy here was not in what we saw above the ground but probably underground. Anyone, I think some very powerful people lived here at first, built great structures and lived peacefully. As the earth regressed, more primitive civilizations came, saw the great structures (some damaged by earthquakes) and felt that this was a special place and built on top of it. Later, I feel (due to other people's experiences on the tour who picked up some negative energies) that the people warred and fought amongst themselves, eventually abandoning this site.

Now, as some of you know, I am a co-author of a book on the Crystal Skulls (human sized and shaped skulls made from quartz crystals found in ancient ruins in Mexico and Central America and possibly in Northern South America). To me, there is a strong connection with the Crystal Skulls and the UFOs and I believe the skulls are another strong piece of evidence which shows the existence for UFOs. Anyway, there were three temples I felt guided to go in Macchu Picchu (in my second trip), and do a meditation with three pictures of the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. Each of these temples were composed of the more advanced type of stones. I went with Vera and two other members of our group to the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Three Windows and the Pyramidal Temple housing the sacred stone called Enti Hutono (approximate spelling). After each meditation I finished by blowing the conch sell. At the Temple of the Sun, I felt as if one of the skull pictures became alive as if that crystal skull was fully present. Afterwards, because I went so deep in mediatiation, it took me awhile to come back to earth, because the energy was so strong inside of me. When we did the meditation near Enti Ontono, I felt the presence of ETS all around us. It was like in the movie "Ghost", where they were standing right next to us. Also, I received a telepathic message (I would have forgotten this if it hadn't been recorded on video) from them.

A few other notes about Macchu Picchu from this last trip. One day while we were there we saw a large rainbow. It was quite beautiful. Usually when one sees a picture of the ruins, you see a particular mountain in the background. The name of this mountain is called Huanu Picchu (small Macchu Picchu). I have always felt an energy connection with this place especially toward the base, as one perceives it when you are actually in the ruins. Sometimes I would see UFO type clouds over this mountain. And thus, I decided, that I must climb to the top of Huana Picchu using the trail. And by the way, there are ruins on top of this mountain. Well, I was disappointed because when I got to the top I didn't feel any special energy although the view was spectacular. I strongly sense that in part of this mountain that I sense the connection, there is some kind of UFO base within it.

Lastly, our guide, Edwin Flores, told us that in 1987, during the Harmonic Convergence, they had a meditation here with over 700 people. There are some closed windows in some of the structures which when you place your head inside, will create a spectacular residence of sound. So these people did an 'om' in the windows and the people living below the ruins, said they could feel the mountain and the ground shake for some time. Interesting huh?

For myself, even more powerful than Macchu Picchu was a ruin in between there and Cusco called Olyantytambo. You know, after you have seen several ruins, the pattern of the buildings are similar, and so it is with Olyantytambo. As with most ruins you see a stone structure with steps and many tiers, high up in the mountains. From the base of the structure you basically see the same small stone patterns. However, as one nears the top, off to your left, you see stones like in Sacsayhuaman, closed windows and two doors which lead further up. Above this area, is the Temple of the Sun (each ruin usually has a Temple of the Sun and a Temple of the Moon) which contains a third type of stone that is very finely done, large and has a pinkish tinge to it. It was here in the Temple of the Sun, where I had one of my strongest experience (Dec., 1989).

For a reason I didn't understand, when I first went to this Temple, I felt this eagerness to just ran up the hill to go see it (without really knowing what I would find). I sensed from the stones that this place was at least 100,000 years old and I had a vision of a vast Temple which only a few stones remain now. The Major part of the Temple consist of 6 tall stones with a narrow strip of stone in between. On the large stones were protrudences of sacred Inca animals (serpent, puma, etc ...) and on another stone was engraved a pattern of four sets of nine square shaped steps. My guide said each of these stones is like a book and shares the history of the people. While I was meditating in this area I received a telepathic contact (I sensed of a Pleiadian nature) and felt as if a computer was under my feet. All around me it felt as if I was in a time-space energy field and I became oblivious to everything else with a peaceful feeling enveloping me. In my vision, I saw spacecrafts or flying ships carrying the huge stones to build this temple. I saw in the valley below thousands of people participating with the Priests of the Temple in a sacred ceremony. Lastly, I told my tour guide to look in the sky, directly before us and a cloud would appear manifestated by a UFO that was there in another dimension. And indeed the cloud appeared (sort of like the legend of the American great baseball player Babe Ruth pointing where he would hit a home run). Then I heard them say goodbye and it disappeared. To me, this was one of my homes in Peru. When I returned to the U.S., my co-author Sandra Bowen, who is a very good sensitive, asked me where I was on this day because she had psychically connected with me. When she saw my video of this place, she confirmed that is the place she experienced.

Olyantytambo and the general surrounding area has a special energy. Even in my second trip here, when we did a meditation at our hotel, trying to contact the ETS, I saw many stars flashing multi-colored lights and moving. My girlfriend went into a trance and had a direct contact with them. But again, I am sensing more of a Pleiadian presence here.

Lastly, I would like to discuss the area near Lake Titicaca. I became interested in this area when I read a book by Brother Philip (actually George Hunt Williamson) called "Secret of the Andes". In this book it describes a secret brotherhood in this area, where there is a special school for those on the spiritual path. Actually Brother Philip, according to Williamson, is the head of this school which was started during the time of Lemuria. So with my natural Aries curiosity I wanted to go there and find out.

Lake Titicaca is even higher than Cusco. The Lake itself is very large and there are many islands within it. The large Peruvian city which is on the shore is called Puno, and this is where one stays. I know many of you have seen the derbies the women wear in Peru (which they got from the British, when they were there) and this is the case in Puno. Some of the local people have villages on the reed islands and in our last trip, we were able to go on one of their reed boats, which were very sturdy and comfortable. I asked our navigator if he ever saw UFOs in this area, and he said it is a common thing. Many people claim they have seen UFOs come in and go out of the water. Another friend told me that Jacque Costau (?) once went in a submarine there to see what is under the water and was so shocked by what he saw that he has never spoken about this. My tour guide said the local people believe the Golden Sun Disk of the Inca is buried here. I think of all the places in Peru I visited, I saw more UFO type clouds here than everywhere else. Also, all the islands in the lake have stone terrace structures everywhere. The question I asked myself is where did they get all these stones?

On my first trip to this area, my guide took me to some of the ruins near the Lake. One place was called Kutimbo. It is an ancient village on top of a hill. In this area, one can see many other hills with totally flat surfaces on top somewhat similar to Devil's Tower in Wyoming (ala "Close Encounters"). Also in this site as well as the Puno area are many tower-like structures which they call Chulpas. Some of the Chulpas are made with more detailed and precisely cut stone blocks and others are more primitive. They have found mummies in these structures and the archaeologist believe they are like burial tombs.

A friendly visitor in Stilistani
who just wanted to have his picture taken

In another site in this region called Stilistani, there are many Chulpas that also border a small lake where the island in the lake has a flat top surface as well. My intuitive sensing was that there was a UFO base under this island. Also my guide said that the Inca had the Sun Disk here for a time. Lastly, I showed my guide a UFO type cloud in the sky here and he felt that it was one too. This cloud disappeared and then in the same shape and size reappeared in another location in the sky. I have never seen this before so I made sure I got a photograph of it which I show in my slide presentation.

I was able to spend one night on one of the Island in Lake Titicaca called Amantini. My guide had a friend there who offered us his hospitality and some food I have never tasted before. The people here seem to be very relgious as there is a heavy overtone of Christianity and the woman wear black scrafs. There are two temples on this island but my most interesting experience was after we finished exploring. When we came down from the ruins, I saw a perfectly shaped UFO with a dome on top in a cloud hanging over the lake. So I grabbed my camera to get a picture of it, but this cloud did not appear in my slide. Although, people who have viewed the slide feel UFOs were in some of the other clouds near that one. I saw this cloud again on my second visit to the Island also, but it vanished very quickly.

My guide knew a local Shaman and I received a spiritual reading from him. The Shaman used caoco leaves. What he would do is use a leaf to represent me or a situation and then would spontaneously throw other leaves over them. After studying each leaf for its qualities whether it was perfectly formed or folded, he would understand the situation in question. Many of the things he said came to pass for me (for example he said I would not marry an American but a Peruvian -- he probably was seeing Vera, as one of our strongest past life connections was in Peru, please see our story in "Angels of Love for more information about this most unusual connection). But the most important thing we discussed, after the reading, was about the underground tunnels. In my second trip he took me to a spot (now covered over), where he claimed there was a tunnel that went from Lake Titicaca to Cusco (about 300-400 miles away) that he saw when he was a young boy. After we spoke about the tunnels, I went into an altered state, felt incredible energy around me and joy inside of me. I know I have a connection from a past time with these tunnels. I believe that a great deal of the knowledge of Atlantis was brought to Peru (possibly stored now in the tunnels) and in the forth coming Aquarian Age is getting ready to come out.

Well my friends, this is only a brief summary of what happened to me on my journeys into Peru. In all my studies and networking around UFOs, I find that Peru presents one of the strongest evidence for contacts with UFOs that have happened in the past as well continues to have many sightings today. I think that more research needs to be done here. I have also stayed and lectured in Brazil and had many people come up to me about numerous UFO sightings there. So I firmly believe that South America has a key role to play in the emergence of the forth coming prophecised Golden Age and that there is incredible ancient wisdom still yet to come forth.

Thank you and God Bless,

Joshua Shapiro

If you feel the calling to Peru, my wife Vera,
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