Interview with Willaru Huayta

(A Spiritual Messenger of the Inca
and other stories about a
crystal skull in Peru)

Willaru Huayta is a "Chasqui" or spiritual messenger in the Incan Tradition. Raised deep in the Amazon and of Quetcha origin. Willaru is one of those special light beings who has fully committed himself to working on behalf of the planet and humanity during this time of transition.

He traveled last year (October-December, 1994) through many US cities sharing information about the Inca Prophecy when the Condor of the South meets the Eagle of the North. Willaru participated with Vera's tour to Peru in June of 1993. He was their spiritual guide in Cusco and Machu Picchu. She was telling Willaru about herself and then said that her husband works with Crystal Skulls. Willaru said that he had seen a blue skull in Peru and Vera took a double take because I (Joshua) had told Vera I sensed a blue skull up in the north part of Peru (in a jungle area, guarded by local natives, I felt this when I was in Peru in September of 1990). So we gave Willaru a call when he game to the US and this was the story he related:

Several years ago, while Willaru was in the northern part of Peru, traveling through different villages of Indians who live in these areas, he stayed with a people called the Compa. The Compas are a very suspicious people as they don't like strangers so only because a person known to the Compas (maybe this person was a oampa) introduced Willaru to them, was he permitted to stay with them.

They realized that Willaru was a spiritual teacher and became responsive to his teachers. One day, the Compa people came out of a local cave and brought to Willaru a crystal skull. They thought that since he was very knowledgable, that possibly Willaru could tell them what this crystal skull was. They intuitively knew it was a sacred artifact but were unclear what it might be used for. They asked Willaru "Can you tell us what this is?" Willaru answered "No, I have never seen such an artifact before. We asked Willaru what he felt from this skull and he said "I feel that it was used for magnetic-healing and contains a very loving energy as well as contains great wisdom." He felt as if this was a crystalized mind.

When we asked Willaru what did the skull look like he said "That the skull was clear quartz but had blue in the eyes and on the top of the head". He said the skull was human size and that the workmanship was very good and that the jaw was done very accurately, you could see the distinct teeth. The skull was one piece of clear quartz with blue in the eyes and the head. We asked if it would be possible to see the skull, if Willaru could take us to the Compa but he said that the Rebels are located in this area and this is a very dangerous area. The Rebels had actually killed some of the Compa people and thus were even more distrustful of strangers. Willaru said if this area became more safe at some future point, he could try to see if we could go there.


( Conducted during Metaphysical Tour in Peru
by V J Enterprises, July 16-30th, 1994,
Interviewer: Gloria Villigrana )

( I asked one of our passengers, Gloria Villigrana, who was born in Mexico, and speaks fluent Spanish, if she would be interested to interview Willaru, to followup with some of the information Willaru shared with us via a telephone conversation in 1994. Gloria had been helping us to translate parts of our crystal skull book into Spanish, and thus had quiet a bit of knowledge about the crystal skulls. I asked Willaru seven questions, and as you see below, some of his answers were quite profound ...............Joshua )

#1 -- Willaru, please view the photographs of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull (clear quartz) and "ET" (the smoky quartz skull) and can you describe how the skull you saw in Northern Peru is the same and different from these skulls?

Willaru: -- The crystal skull I have seen looks more like "ET" it's back protrudes about .25 - .30cm. I could see seven colors through the front part. The face was like an indian's face, triangular (the Michell-Hedges is square) the one I saw has the sides flat like "ET"s.

It is said that it belongs to the Inka's "Root Race" who's origin is the Crystal City that exists in the Fourth dimension or Paradise. This celestial city is at the bottom of the South Pacific sea.

I was introduced to this skull by the priests of the Religion of the Sun of the Compas Ashaninkas, a tribe that lives very deep in the Amazon region of Peru. I will go back when my consciousness has awaken so that I'll be able to decipher the skull's knowledge, and also to receive messages from this skull. When I first saw it, I was not prepared, I had just began to be awake - I was a recently awaken Inka. One day, after a lot of work to have my consciousness fully awaken, I will go back.

When I first saw it, I knew that the message was that this skull was an instrument of work that can help me to die psychologically (with my psychological defects) because the skull means death (is the head of a dead person). Not a physical death, but a death for my bad thoughts. These thoughts are against the Inka. Is the dark side of the Internal Sun that exists inside of us by law of the opposites. This death is necessary so that the Inka can be liberated - because the Inka is imprisoned inside oneself - when the Inka is liberated from the seven deadly sins, one can incarnate the Universal Cosmic Christ.

To liberate the conscience is to crystalize the mind, to crystalize the physical body, and to crystalize the soul - this is what it means to have a "Christ Mind" or a Crystal Skull.

This skull is an instrument of high magic that was used by those revolutionaries of the conscience, (with it, they achieved great masteries) like the Christ of Tawantinsuyo (Old Peru), Inka Wiragocha, and also the Christ of Old Mexico, the great Quetzalcoatl. Those Masters knew how to use these instruments.

Not to die, means to die in our psychological defects. In order to be born, we have to die. He who does not die, is not born.

The birth of the Phoenix is the birth of the great Masters, is to be born in the Superior Dimensions, is to be born of the Crystaline Waters.

The Christ Mind iluminates itself from the Crystaline Waters of life, from the sacred waters, so as to win eternal life.

This knowledge that takes us to high realization, to the Ilumination, were teachings of the Schools of Great Mysteries such as Machu Picchu and other cities in the Amazon Jungle like Paititi. These cities were ruled by the Golden Law - El Gran Dorado.

Temples were first build inside oneself, then one could have the right to go to El Gran Dorado City. This is what the crystal skull or "Christ Mind" says.

# 2 -- When you say that you saw blue in the eyes and in the head of this skull, can you elaborate a bit more how this blue was appearing inside of the skull === was this like a ruitilated crystal that has fibers the crystal has grown around or something else?

Willaru: -- The blue lights were the lights of our Eternal Father. That light irradiated inside the Temple of the Internal Sun, it mostly came from the back of the skull. It felt like it had grown from Crystaline Waters.

# 3 -- In any legends or spiritual knowledge connected with the Incas, is there any reference to a skull or crystal skull? Do the Inca legends discuss Crystal Skulls in any way?

Willaru: -- Only the Inkas that have a spoken cultural heritage (one that is passed from generation to generation) would remember these legends, but there are very few left.

# 4 -- Did you get any sensing of where the Crystal Skull you saw may have come from? Did you feel the Inca were involved in its creation or could it be the skull was an artifact from a much older civilization (one that may not have lived in South America but brought sacred artifacts to South America)?

Willaru: -- The Inkas knew that the Spaniards were coming before they went to the Enchanted City of Gold or Forth Dimension. They left behind these objects of great spiritual value to the high priests that were staying in this Tri-dimensional or Maternal World. They have kept them almost 550 years, from generation to generation to give messages to the new humanity.

The first Inkas were the Sons of the Third Sun - Lamuris - in the Mu Continent of which the South American Andes is one part and the other part was submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. They lived 26,000 years, which lasts one zodiac year and one Solar Race.

This Crystal skull also appear in the hands of the Sons of the Fourth Sun - The Atlanteans. This object of great spiritual value gave messages to humanity about the mystery of dying and birth. Some of these Crystal Skulls that the Inkas brought are of Atlantean origin. At the end of this Solar Race, these objects were put away by the High Priests and Priestess of Love.

They were teaching the Perfect Marriage to the Fifth Solar Race - who were the Inkas of our Solar Race that disappeared long ago.

Now in the Aquarian Age, the Sons of the Fifth Sun can still use this sacred instrument for the salvation of their souls and their physical bodies , to make / be the seeds of the Sixth Solar Race - Coradi - they will live in the North Pole and in the South- American Andes.

These Crystal Skulls or Christ Minds, tell us to learn how to create the four (4) existential bodies of our real being. First, within our own physical body, next, create a vital body to travel to the Fifth Dimension; then, create a causal body to travel to the Electronic World; and last, create a Solar body to travel to the Absolute Sacred Sun.

These bodies are created working with the mystery of sex - that is the mystery of the fire that fecunds the water to christify ourselves. The Inka Christ must be born in our hearts, this is the second coming of the Christs of every culture of the world.

# 5 -- Willaru, have you heard about any secret cities that are hidden in the jungle or Amazon? Have you heard about any people who live underground? Are you familiar with a system of underground tunnels that run throughout parts of Peru and South America?

Willaru: -- Yes, there are secret cities hiden in the South-American / Amazon Jungle (Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru) cities like Paititi, Oreganka, Abodilla, and Chakil.

There are two kinds of subterranean cities; one is from the Superior Fourth Dimension - which are the Cities of Light, and the other is from the Inferior Fourth Dimension - which are the Cities of the Darkness, where the lights are ultraviolet or negative and where extra-terrestials of the inferior type live (they torture and abuse people).

The true Inkas that once governed the old Peru live in the Superior Fourth Dimension. That is where all the Discs of Gold from the Temple of Koricancha, Qosqo (Cusco) where taken. All the objects of great spiritual value were taken to the Fourth Dimension. They will return these objects of great spiritual value like the Disc of Gold and some Crystal Skulls when the Inkas return again to govern Qosqo, the South- American Andes, and the future Sixth Race.

#6 -- Where does the Prophecy of the Condor of the South and the Eagle of the North come from. Who or what is the origin of this prophecy? Is there a date associated of when this prophecy will occur?

Willaru: -- The Inkas knew that the Spaniards were coming and at that time they received an order to go to the Superior Fourth Dimension. Before they went there, they left this prophecy:

The Cosmic Night has come to our culture, and it will last for 500 years. During these years the King of the Darkness will govern. Then the King of the Light will again open the doors to the Superior Dimension and there will be a great awakening of the conscience. That time will be called the Resurrection of the Dead - not for the dead, but for the spiritually dead.

The Inkas will resurrect among them as well as the Eagles, the Masters of the Northern Tribes, and the Condors, the fallen Masters of past lives. These two Masters will come together, unite and speak about the Resurrection.

This is the prophecy of the Inka Waynacapaq that says:

When the Condor of the South comes together with the Eagle of the North, the spirit of Mother Earth - Pacha Mama - will awake, then She will awake millions of her children, this will be the Resurrection of the Dead.

This began to happen with such great force in the year 1962, right at the beginning of the Aquarian Age, and will continue until the Exodus (the retreat to the Fourth Dimension).

( Please also see Vera Shapiro's article about this Prophecy in our Tour section ... click here.)

# 7 -- Through Anton Ponce de Leon, who lives in Cusco, and wrote a book about the great teachers that live in the Andes, are you aware of Anton's work and the teachers that he met? Can you share more information about these holy men in the Andes and who they are, what type of knowledge they possess?

Willaru: -- I know him, but only he can speak about it because that is his mission.

I am guided. The Internal Master gets in contact with the Inkas of the Forth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Dimensions, they will guide.

In the physical plane there is a new order at this time; to be part of this awakening of the conscience, and the School of Great Mysteries has opened its doors again. The disciples of this school are guided by a Master of the White Lodge from the Tri- dimensional plane - which is already in progress and working with great strength in South-America.

The School of Great Mysteries teaches the Three Factors of the Conscience Revolution. The first factor, as the Crystal Skull tells us, is the death of personal defects; the second factor is to be born - which is the second birth - to be born out of the Waters of Creation, to be born in the Cross. To be born in the Cross we have to die in the Cross. The sexual cross between husband and wife and transmute that energy up from the genitals to the top of the head, and from the top of the head to the heart. That is the way that the spiritual children are born within us. The third factor is the sacrifice for humanity. This means to give knowledge to humanity with love and wisdom - only when we give, will we receive wisdom - he who does not give, will not receive.

That is how the Inkas are born with the Three Factors of the Conscience Revolution.

In this Tri-dimensional World, the Condors and the Eagles need to learn to eat the Serpent of Knowledge. He who does not eat, will be eaten by the earth and the fire, by the air and the water.

This is the prophecy of the Inkas for us: We, the Sons of the Fifth Sun have the same destiny as the Lemurians and the Atlantians, (but) it is all up to us.

The seed for the Sixth Solar Race, depends on how we the Condors and the Eagles work together.

That is why is important to awaken the conscience. After we awake in this Tri- dimensional World, we need to awake in the Superior Dimensions.

When we liberate our conscience, we will be free to fly in the Superior Worlds, and we will know the true Peace / Liberation, and Love / Happiness.

Until the Final Victory,

I am a Chasqui Messenger, Superior Esoteric Plane, and I tell humanity.

Willaru Huayta

Rumors of Other Crystal Skulls in Peru
( Summary by Joshua Shapiro )

As I have shared in other sections on this Web, I have traveled to Peru on a few occassion and through my wife who conducts Metaphysical Journeys there, we have some good friends in Peru. In this section, I will just summarize stories I have heard about the possibility of other crystal skulls existing in Peru.

I met an archaeologist in Peru named Marino Sanchez through Peter Schneider, who was the President of Peru Mystic Tours. Marino told me that he had a document that claimed that the Spanish had seen a skull made from a green stone that they discovered connected with an Inca ruin, that was quite hideous and destroyed it. Marino also took my wife and I to the National Museum in Lima, and claimed that they had some small crystal skulls on display at one time. When we arrived at the museum, the crystal skulls were not there.

Through various other crystal skull researchers, they also mentioned to be in passing that they have also heard a rumor that the Government of Peru had found a crystal skull, possibly with a movable jaw. They said that they were studying this skull at the University in Cusco and then it was moved. I could never verify this story from my guide when I was in Cusco.

Arsenia Pitts of Las Vegas, Nevada, who worked with me to create a non-profit Foundation there in 1989-1991, also came into temporary possession of a crystal skull purportedly from Peru. Arsenia became intrigued with crystal skulls when we both met Jose Iniquez at a lecture I gave in Las Vegas in 1989. In any case, some friends of hers in Sedona, AZ called her about a married couple that came through their town and were selling many different types of quartz crystals including a crystal skull. She went down there and bought this skull and called it "The Presence". She was told it came out of southern Peru. This crystal skull was recently stolen from her car.

Our friend Joke tells us a story of another skull made from lapis-luzili skull, in her possession now, that is about one-third the size of a human skull that she received from a primitive tribe of Indians in Southern Peru. "Lazuli" as she calls this skull accompanied us on some our crystal skull event stops with "ET" (the smoky quartz skull in 1996).

When I was in Peru in 1990 with my wife, we visited a shaman in Cusco who claimed that when he was an apprentice to his teacher, somewhere near Lake Titicaca, that his teacher had found a crystal skull in the ground. They said this crystal skull had a great deal of negative power associated with it, and that it was reburied in the ground and he did not know where it was. We participated in a ceremony with him, where the spirits spoke to us, the lights were turned out, we saw sparks of light flash and birds seem to be flying in the room. It was a rare exeprience.

Lastly, the archeologist I spoke about before, while we were eating breakfast in our hotel in Lima, just all of a sudden stood up and pointed at me and said in Spanish (fortunately my wife translated) that I knew where a crystal skull was in Peru. Trusting in my spontaneuity and intuition, I felt my body pulled to the jungle area in the northern part of Peru and told him I felt a clear blue skull was up in this region. A local psychic here in Chicago, in some way in linking with me has claimed that such a skull (perhaps aquamarine) does exist and she has seen it appear to her. When meditating with four ancient skulls in Miami (including "ET", the smoky quartz one), I had a vision of this skull appearing in front of these other skulls. It will be interesting to see if I have a very active imagination or if my feeling that such a skull was brought to Peru when Atlantis was destroyed 12,000 years ago is true.

( Editor's Note -- Update 1/1/2000 -- Based on these earlier experiences, I finally made some journeys to Peru, specifically to see if a blue skull did exist ... these visits occurred in September of 1997 and August of 1999.  There is also a computer diskette available that shares my journals from both of these trips and a number of pictures.  For more information please visit our page: Search for the Blue Skull .)

Thanks for listening ...... Illinois

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