Portal de Luz

Golden-Eagle Eye

offered by

Crystal Interdimensional
Journeys and Explorations

Email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com

UFOs are everywhere
especially when
you travel in Peru!!
They are considered
a natural phenomena

Your Tour Guides
and Teachers

Joshua Shapiro
(an international
crystal skull explorer)

Katrina Head
(Interdimensional Spiritual
Healer and Channel)

Renato Longato
(Peruvian UFO author, researcher
lecturer and UFO contactee)

Have You Ever Dreamed
of Going to Peru??

This is
YOUR chance,
come join us!!

Tour Highlights

Meditations at various sacred sites
Cusco and Machu Picchu working
with the energy of the
crystal skulls.
(every passenger will receive a new
crystal skulls done by a Brazilian carver)

UFO Skywatch
(led by Renato, who has had
UFO contact in Peru)

Special Ceremony with a real Inca
Shaman for good health and fortune.

Private Crystal Skulls
(conducted by Katrina and Joshua working
with five crystal skulls known as "the Crystal kids"

The Lemurian Temple of Love
(located at the ruins called Ollantaytambo,
in the Sacred Valley, near Machu Picchu)

Lake Titicaca
(optional 3 day tours to the highest
elevated lake in the world includes a
visit to another sacred site linked to
Lemuria --
Amaru Muru and this is
a hotbed for
UFO sightings especially the
local people see UFOs go into the water)

Why is this Tour special
and unique and one you don't want to miss?

Peru is already a mystical and magical land that is a stepping stone to transform and enhance the awakening of many spiritual seekers.  You will not come back the same ...

You want to visit Peru with individuals who know this land. Renato is a native born Peruvian who has helped to create other groups to Peru.  Joshua Shapiro, the Crystal Skull Explorer, has also journeyed to many parts of Peru, and is still seeking the
Blue Crystal Skull. His large skull Portal de Luz has already absorbed energies from many sights in Peru.  The combination of the Crystal Skulls with UFOs will only empower your journey and provide a special tour to Peru which has never offered before!!

Read the itinerary of where we are going (on the next page), study the photos of Peru and you will know if this is your time to see this land of magic that has portals to other dimensions as well!!



Biography of your three guides and teachers

Joshua Shapiro (a crystal skull explorer)

Joshua has been involved with the crystal skulls for 26 years.  He saw his first ancient crystal skull (known as "Ami", which means friend, made from amethyst) in San Jose, California in the spring of 1983.  Since that time he has been traveling the world sharing the best information about the crystal skulls he has uncovered as well as visiting with many new crystal skulls that have surfaced.  He is the co-author of the books, Mystery of the Crystal Skulls Revealed (with Nocerino and Bowen, 1989) and Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers (with Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman, 2004-2005 English e-book, 2004 Polish Edition, 2006 Dutch Edition, 2008 Hungarian Edition).  He is also the chairman of the non-profit research foundation known as the World Mystery Research Center.  As part of Joshua's on-going research into the crystal skulls, he has visited Peru six or seven times since 1991, especially looking for a blue crystal skull in the Andes Mountains in the northern part of the country. He believes that in a past  lifetime, he came in a flying ship from Atlantis with other companions to bring various sacred objects to be stored in Peru awaiting for this time in our history to be rediscovered.

His current projects he is working on is a new crystal skull documentary, a feature film that shows how world peace is achieved by 2013, ongoing research with the crystal skulls,  having his latest book be printed in English and Spanish and working with Katrina Head for their new business (Crystal Interdimensional Journeys and Explorations) to offer tours of sacred places and more public talks and private sessions with the crystal skulls.  Joshua has been fortunate to meet and see quite a number of the old and ancient crystal skulls known so far in the world.

To contact Joshua directly:  email:  crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com

Katrina Head (Interdimensional spiritual healer and channel)

Katrina is a hands-on-healer who as she goes into an altered state of consciousness is assisted by the energies from a group of interdimensional beings who are known as the Guardians or the Melchizedek Guardians.  The Guardians exist on the 12th dimension and in order to send their special energies to the earth must go through a Council that is within the constellation of Sirius.  This Council acts as a transfer point, as the Sirians exist at a vibration frequency that is much closer to the physical reality of our Earth.  Therefore, Katrina receives the Guardian’s healing energies and modalities through this Council which serves as an intermediate point. 

Another part of Katrina’s work is to act as a steward for people to help guide them through spiritual ascension or our ability to evolve into a higher level of consciousness.   Within the less several years, Katrina has gone through a sequence of spiritual awakenings and inner openings as her physical vibration has shifted.  This has result in her awakening to her true self as a Starseed (or Star Person) and she is now able to see and experience directly multidimensional realities and beings.  She is in constant communication with evolutionary forces of “Light” which is really what the Guardians represent.  It so happens, her introduction to crystal skulls came when she was gifted a small rose quartz skull who told her, its name was “Guardian”. 

Therefore having her spiritual gifts awakened, Katrina has many contacts with energies related to UFO’s and the beings who pilot the ships.  She is able to actually clearly see them as luminous beings and able to hear their communication.  She is also able to take photographs when the light orbs are around and is sensitive to their energy as well.  The Sirian Council and the Guardians act as a key source of guidance for Katrina in the work she is doing in the world to help bring forth a Golden Age of Peace for our World.

Lastly, when Katrina met Joshua and had a chance to meet his “Crystal Kids” or the “babies” as she calls them, the first time she went through a tremendous inner activation as she felt a lightening bolt hit her.  Katrina believes this activation helped to bring out more of her true self as the “kids” held inner information which resonated with her soul.  Katrina is able to hear the “kids” speak to her as they have various requests and is a co-caretaker with Joshua now.  In addition, Katrina has met the ancient crystal skull “Max” when “He” visited Atlanta and Dr. Brown’s Atlantean Crystal Ball which is now being called an “Atlantean Orb” that integrated energetically into Katrina so she is able to work with the “Orb” Essence in her healing work.

You can contact Katrina at: livinglight2001@yahoo.com


Renato Longato (Peruvian UFO Researcher, Lecturer & Writer)

Renato Longato was born in Lima, Peru in 1961. He studied Sociology, Law, and Political Science at the Inka Garcilazo de la Vega University. Renato's life change after three consecutives UFO sightings in 1979. His experiences and ET contacts increased within the years. In 1991 and 1992, he traveled extensively through Peru, working for FOPTUR, the Peruvian Found for Promotional Tourism, as a field investigator and promoter of alternative tourism, know as Mystical Tourism. During his several trips, he visited many UFO hot spots and power places. His job, an unusual one, as he remarks, led him to meet alternative researchers and authentic shamans, who shared their ceremonies and wisdom, from the Coast, the Andes, and the Amazon.

Renato is the author of two books, "El Mensaje de los Andes", which means "The Message from the Andes" and "Dioses del Pasado - Enigmas de la Arquitectura Inca" which translated to English means "Gods of the Past - The Enigmas of Inca Architecture".  Now Renato is working on another book about his insights concerning the potential cultural impact of the extraterrestrial presence in this millennium. An official contact with an advanced society may bring the opportunity or risk depending on how we face our challenges in our planet and most important within ourselves.

Renato also co-hosted the radio show "Close Encounters"ť with Mrs. Matty Salazar and beyond this has lectured nationally and internationally at various conferences. He has also been interviewed by many people, TV and radio shows including Jeff Rense and Aquarius Magazine.

Lastly, in December of 2005, he coordinated a private meeting with well-known Mexican journalist and UFO investigator Jaime Maussan and a selected group of members from the Peruvian Air Force and other related organizations. The main agenda of the meeting was to establish a connection between countries with similar socio-cultural background, through the UFO presence in their territories. The private conference was held at the Peruvian Air Force School of War. This was the first time the Peruvian Air Force collaborated to exchange information about the extraterrestrial phenomena.

To contact
Renato: website: www.renatolongato.com / email: sipan4@yahoo.com

Objective of this tour

This is the first spiritual tour being organized by Joshua and Katrina under their new company.  Our goal is to allow each participant to experience the special spiritual energies within the various sacred sites we will visit during the tour enhanced by working with the energies of the crystal skulls.  To ensure that each passenger has their own crystal skull, we are working with our source in Brazil to procure small skulls for each passenger.  Since a crystal skull has the ability to record the vibrational frequencies of everything that happens in its presence, you will be able to take the special energies of Peru with you when you go home. Additionally you will have a chance to do a private session with the "Crystal Kids", the five skulls which Joshua and Katrina are the caretakers and also they will do a few talks to share their experiences and knowledge of these special crystal friends.

Renato adds to our tour, the energy of the UFOs and the friendly ET's who are subtlety working with humanity to help us in our spiritual evolution.  Renato will led us in a UFO Skywatch in the first part of our tour to Cusco and Machu Picchu and for those who join us on the extension to Lake Titicaca (also where many UFOs have been seen) we will do another.  Additionally Renato has helped us to also be able to work with a Peruvian Shaman directly and be a part of one of their sacred ceremonies.  So between the expertise of the three tour leaders, we believe we are able to offer a very complete and different visit to Peru then is normally offered.  Joshua also believes there is a UFO that appears as a cloud that follows him around in Peru which he has seen in journeys to the northern part of Peru and around Lake Titicaca.

Finally, we will be working with Kontiki Tours in Peru which is run by Jorge Luis Delgado, a very good friend to both Joshua and Renato (was actually Joshua's guide to Lake Titicaca, the first time he visited Peru) who is a very spiritual and kind person and will ensure our passengers are comfortable and well taken care of.  We have also done our very best to make the tour price as reasonable as possible but we also recognize too, that those people who are meant to travel with us, this was already decided in spirit many years ago.  We also wish to thank James Tyberonn, who is an organizer of many wondrous spiritual conference (we were fortunate to attend his 9-9-9 conference in Arkansas) and is a channel for Metatron, for being the inspiration to create this tour.  We also acknowledge Vera Lopez of Spirits of the Earth for her advice and helping our passengers with Travel Insurance.  And finally, last but not least, we wish to thank Terri Leidich, our travel agent for helping our passengers with their international flights.

If you click on the link below, you can go to the next page which shares the itinerary for both part of this tour and the pricing to go with us, including what is included and what is not.  If you should have any questions at all, feel free to contact Joshua or Katrina at the email or phone shown below.  We looking forward to providing one of the most remarkable and unforgettable visits to Peru for all of our passengers.  We hope you will join us.

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Peace, Light and Love always
-- see you in Peru!!

Joshua & Katrina
Crystal Interdimensional Journeys & Explorations (CIJE)

email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com
phone: (+)1 253-236-2953 (Washington State)