with Joshua Shapiro

Well dear brothers and sisters, there you have it ... a pretty intense communication had by all in the Lightworkers List. I thought it might be appropriate to summarize what we all did talk about. Clearly the subject matter of UFOs, Extraterrestrials, our real identities as Children of the Infinite Creator and many other things were briefly touched in these messages or soul conversations.

I think it is pretty clear that the vibration of our planet is getting much faster these days and we are very close to moving into higher octaves of existence (Ascension was of course mentioned in the messages which is nothing more then moving into a higher dimension and linking with that part of ourselves which has always existed with us). It seems to me that the people drawn to this mailing list all feel they have a Light work to do and have had a sequence of events which have slowly (too slowly some may say) revealed to them this work (remember now when we are being ourselves and enjoying what we are doing then work is not work but a joyous expression of the Creator through us, usually when we are spontaneous -- the method I am using to write these words, 1st time folks, is when it happens). In this conversation some of us discovered that our experiences of the other parts of reality (can be perceived or remembered even when in a human body) or other parts of ourselves, that this spiritual or etheric piece is emerging and in the future Golden Age, all the people will be at this level.

The initial message placed was trying to understand the contact we are having on the Earth at this time with Extraterrestrials (or perhaps these beings are our true ancestors - our missing link). Questions were posed should we pay any attention to the more controlling ones such as the Greys or are all ETs basically interferring with life on Earth by having contact with Humans before we are ready. I think it is quite clear that there are numerous opinions on this subject and perhaps the only point we can say all parties agreed upon is that we are having this contact and depending upon a person's orientation and attitude, they will draw whatever experience they need. In the end, it seems that this contact is for the purpose of waking humanity up, that God's Universe is far and beyond just the reality we perceive here on Earth. There will be no going back to the old days, when things were quiet and we had enough just to deal with ourselves.

Also it seems from my own personal research and some of the side conversations we had in this thread of messages, that occupants of UFOs or spacecraft have been contacting many difficult cultures and civlizations (ancient) on our world for a long time and that these alien races bring some form of understanding about our spiritual essence. Certainly as man becomes more aware of this part of his essence, the so-called miraculous actions of the ETs, their philosophy of life and such, will be better understood and integrated.

Thus far, this contact has been done behind the scenes or subtly but I received the impression from those who participated in this conversation, that we are all feeling a sense of the Truth being revealed soon. It was amazing to watch at the end, how the messages progressed we were able to help trigger memories and knowledge within each other.

Now is the time to stand up and share with others what we know and who we are ... as my guidance has shared and as members of this list are doing each in their own way ... this higher information must be shared. And, it is important to stay in touch with others of like mind as the coming challenges will require cooperation and commitment to each other.

I salute each of you, my dear brothers and sisters, as through this experience we have all learned more and hopefully have a bit of a clearer picture of the exciting and challening events ahead. The Mother Earth is calling us now to work with her to bring this planet into the Golden Age. And I know within my being this will happen. For a part of me is already there.

In Peace & Light always ...
just another networker on the path,

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

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