Los Angeles, California

( *** March 7th-9th, 1997 *** )

Furama Hotel
Los Angeles, California

Highlights of the Prophets Gathering
Speakers & Panelists

don Valerio Cohaila
Aymara Priest from Peru

Vera Shapiro
Peruvian Journey Conductor

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro
UFO/Crystal Skull Explorer

Join Don Valerio and Vera Shapiro as they share insights about the Inca Prophecy and the Andes Shamanism. Joshua Shapiro will be participating in the UFO Panel as well as offering a Dialogue with author Scott Mandelker about the Star People and giving a presentation of how the Crystal Skull are a sign of prophecy of the Times!!

Other Special Speakers

AS THE NEW MILLENNIUM DAWNS, humanity is hurtling toward what is being called the Quickening, the Omega Point, the Great Cleansing, or the Eschaton. Global media, as well as the awakened intuition of millions, have brought these dynamic predictions from fringe to mainstream acceptance, as all nations eagerly await the future.... Many of us feel the momentum rapidly building in the direction of something extraordinary, a supra-historical order with radically transformed conceptions of reality. Far from mass hysteria, the millennial drama is the fulfillment of diverse ancient traditions.

TO HELP BUILD greater understanding of this unfolding drama and the importance of individual decision, the Axiom Group is calling forth The Prophets, an unprecedented gathering of leading messengers of change. By exploring the common threads of prophecy and their significance for planetary transformation, we will weave a rich tapestry to support personal process. Ancient and modern predictions will be linked, esoteric history will be revealed, and provocative ideas regarding the destiny of Earth and humanity will be shared. We will also look to the undeniable influence and intervention of the multidimensional and extraterrestrial community around us.

Panel Presentations


Location: Furama Hotel Los Angeles
Address: 8601 Lincoln Boulevard,Los Angeles, California
Phone for Information: 1-888-99-EVENT (1-888-993-8368)

Date & Times: March 7th, 7:30-11:00PM;
March 8th, 9AM-11PM; March 9th, 8AM-8:30PM

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Conference Tapes & Quotes

Now, you can be part of the excitement of the conference. Find out what new information was shared by this interesting collection of speakers. All panels and presentations were taped, and these tapes are now available through Axiom. Below is the address of the web page that has information how to obtain your own copies. Also the site includes reports and quotes from the conference.

Prophet Conference Audio Tapes

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