Three Excellent Reviews Of
The Roswell 50th Birthday Bash

Following are three excellent eyewitness reviews of the Roswell Incident's 50th Anniversary week long celebration held in Roswell over the July 4th, 1997 holiday.

You will find all three very interesting and informative.


Review #1

Raja and Moira Dove are close personal friends of mine who I have known since 1987. They are dedicated to sharing the best spiritual and ufo information with others via their organization.

Review #2

Sotirios and Judy Grimanis are from Greece. We first met at an Aquarian Age class I gave in 1995. We've stayed in touch ever since.

Review #3

Mr. Canales is an avid reader of UFO materials. He is Editor of THE CRITICAL REVIEW, an online book review journal--

By Raja and Moira Dove


Claims that on a stormy night in July of 1947 (much like the July night we arrived 50 years later), an alien spacecraft crashed in the desert region of New Mexico, near Roswell. That military personnel retrieved both wreckage and the bodies of the crew.

For forty years this legend circulated as a rumor. Then in 1987 (and we were there) the rumor became much more!


Years ago in the 1980's, our starry guides told us not to focus on these kinds of phenomena. They warned us that they were either somehow govt. contrived and therefore not worth our investigation, or that they were of lower level phenomena and again, not worth our energy investment. We were not to be the nuts and bolts prove it or not - a UFO did or did not land, crash, etc., type of Mission.

Higher Guidance did say that many of these sightings were true signs that UFOs are coming, but this was not the main concern. What was important was the message they were delivering, the work they were doing and that communication with them - can come from within.

Readers may ask, so why has it changed now? Higher Guidance brought us to New Mexico for a special reason. Part of that reason concerns the fact that New Mexico is perhaps the most famous of U.S. states, as far as the significant UFO relations; white sands, (research our #21 issue) and of course Roswell. So when the 50th anniversary came up and we were given Press Passes to cover the event which also included a guided tour to Carlsbad Caverns, all courtesy of the New Mexico Tourist Association. We went and we were amazed at what we witnessed.

When one sees things for themselves, they can get a birds eye view - inner dove's view! We felt, we saw, we interviewed, and even we were captivated and amazed! The most significant point of all for us, and there were many significators, was the fact that the entire town put on its UFO suit and were favorably promoting UFOs and ETs! It was truly an absolutely fantastic phenomenon.

A friend that we saw at the event, who now works at the Santa Fe library, who was once a participant in one of our workshops 12 years ago, remarked, "Remember a decade ago, we were laughed at for our beliefs in UFOs? Now look, a whole town devoted to our favorite topic: UFOs!"

As we witnessed, saw, etc., we came away with varied distinct possibilities. Higher Guidance concurs that they are all correct in this parallel world of polarities and opposites. One, it did land. Two it was ET. Three, it was all made up by government forces, for sinister reaspns, or simply to test public reaction. Four, and this is the one wee are most privy to, it was an ET craft that the government had inherited and was testing out and it crashed. As to the dead alien bodies, we believe these were something that had occurred before the actual crash.

Bill Moore once remarked to us at a UFO show he hosted in Burbank, California 12 years ago, "What if there are ETs an UFOs, but that they are planning an invasion?" It seems like Government forces all-ways strongly involved in scenarios and concerns of this type. Bu this is not the focus of the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-planetary Mission and its attendant press medium, the Star Love Network Journal. Our Inner Guidance tells us that though this scenario can be true, and most important, for us the foucs is upon the many Loving ETs and their messages for HU-kind.


We were most impressed with the line up of cast and characters there, which included some descendants of the original persons, and even some of the original people that, were involved in the Roswell incident 50 years ago. We interviewed Lt. Walter G. Haut, the Public Relations Officer at the Roswell Army Air Base, who under orders from his Commanding Officer, Colonel William Blanchard, wrote and distributed the non-famous July 8, 1947 article that appeared in the Roswell Daily Record stating:

RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region

The museum offered copies of the original in newsprint, which we got for our records. Haut was intensely interviewed in a large pressroom with press corps huddled together from over 16 countries, including local networks, CNN, BBC and more. We photographed, videotaped, and asked penetrating questions to intuit the reality behind the situation. Also interviewed were Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., eleven years old at the time. He was with his dad, Major Jesse Marcel Sr., during the retrieval of the crashed ship. He offered enlightening statements regarding a piece of the wreckage that he witnessed. He reproduced detailed drawings of the hieroglyphics-like symbols he saw on the surface of a small I-beam section. Dr. Marcel regularly testifies of his belief of a crash of some type of UFO in Roswell.

The speakers line up included Erich Von Daniken, renowned author of 22 books re: ancient cultures lived with ETs, Dr. John Mack, author who works with abductees, Whitley Strieber, author of Communion, Bud Hopkins, investigator of UFO abduction reports, Robert O. Dean, Retired U.S. Army NATO, where everyone was aware of 4 different ETs, Linda Mouton Howe, film producer and commentator on animal mutilations and crop circles, Stanton Friedman, scientist and long-time UFOlogist, Robert Ghost Wolf, author, teacher, shaman, Al Bielek, survivor of the infamous "Philadelphia Experiment" and who also participated in the Montajuk Project, .

We encountered one of the mot crowded Exhibit Halls we have ever witnessed, meeting many old friends and collecting business cards from new folks who may fit into our marketing ventures for other events. Later in the Roswell International UFO Museum, we were captivated as we listened and saw the original radio room and radio equipment and the original radio message that said Flying disk found on ranch. Then the military higher-ups issued a statement saying this is un-true, it was only a weather balloon! Immediately this is when a massive cover-up occurred, according to many. In our opinion we offer the various facts, and encourage others to investigate these things and form their own opinion.

The alien bodies we saw were fantastic. Who would make up something LIKE that, and if so, why?

When we asked the New Mexico Govt., official who was our Press liaison between the NM Tourism dept and us if she believed that a Flying Saucer crashed here, she said; "Without a doubt"!

What was amazing was the whole Town's population of 48,000 nearly doubled for this event. The last official Tourism dept counting was that 40,000 people came and spent 2 1/2 million dollars! It shows the state of evolution of earthlings that everything runs along commercialism.

We were also highly impressed with the human organizations, like banks, hotels, and restaurants. Real estate, everything had a UFO sign on it. Listen to the cast of characters involved in the town: U.S. Post Office issued an official Press release stating: "Roswell Post Office To Offer 'Out Of This World' Collectible Envelope". Bank of America and other local banks posted notices on their marquees: "We Believe In UFOs! Heck, some of them keep their money here! Come On In"! Pullman Bank from Chicago made available a special VISA credit card with ET on it.

WORLDtel Interactive Inc., issued a Press Release announcing, "We are the first ever to offer a Secured and Unsecured Credit Card featuring not only an ALIEN on its front side but uniquely a complete communication system and virtual electronic address with voice and fax mail on the other"!

Real Estate Companies advertise their belief in UFOs. Restaurants advertised special UFO meals, loved by ETs. Large companies like Testors, the famous maker of model airplanes that many of us built as kids and some adults still do, displayed and offered for sale their special UFO and ET line.

Even the New Mexico Military Institute, a four year, co-educational college preparatory high school and university parallel junior college had posted on their Marquee: "We Believe In UFOs! You Should See What We Teach Our Students About Them!" We did not have time to find out what it was they taught their students about, 'Them'.

The Fundamentalist born Again Christian Denomination held their own conference on ETs at an all day event from 9 am to 9 p.m. at the local Christ Church. Basically, the minister said ETs were the devil in disguise. Nothing good could be said about them, according to the Christ Church minister, how sad!

The Doves
of Aquarian Mission/STAR LOVE NETWORK:

By Sotirios and Judy Grimanis

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 19:33:38 -0700
From: Sotirios and Judy Grimanis
To: Joshua Shapiro
Subject: Roswell

Hi, guys!!

Well Roswell was a blast!!!

We met some realy nice people, we went to most of the speakers, Von Danigen was the best, and Bud Hopkins talked about his new book, Witnessed, and John Mack talked about his new study with the 62 children from Africa. They also had Paul Davies the guy who made the Roswell movie,he had a piece of metal that was examined by two scientists from USC and they said for 15 months they could not come up with any thing that was made on our planet.

Also, he had Jessie Marsel jr on stage, and he said that this was like the metal his father brought home in 1947.

Then Linda Howe said that she had two different metals that were sent to her by some one in the military, who's father was at the clean up operation in Roswell. These pieces had some strange properties to them. We spoke with col Phil Corso,and he drew the crouds every where he went. He was very interesting, and i think he telling the trouth because his family was there and i dont think any one would lie in front of his grandkids.

Stanton Friedman said the usual, he stands alone whith his theories, Bob Dean was very informative, i liked his slide presentation, especily the connection of religious paintings and UFOS. He had paintings with Jesus and Mary and a UFO hovering in the same painting. He had manny of them.

He was also comparing the ufos in the paintings with ufo pictures that were taken in 1995 ,1996. That was very interesting. He also spoke about his organization Stargate int, he has alot of peoples signatures to prersent to congres so these ppeople can be freed from their natoinal security oath to testify in congres and expose the ufo cover up.

We went to crash site, on the way there I was interviewed by a german tv crew, and back in RoswellI was interviewed by a Kansas City newspaper.

It was close to 80000 people there,but the media down played every thing.

Well it was a trip to remember, and ther is mre to talk about, like our side trip to the Anasazi indians grounds, and the church of Chimayo north of Santa Fe.

Please say hello to Vera, we will try to get together before you leave for Peru.

We are not to far from the truth coming out i can feel it!!!!!!


BY Armando Canales

Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 13:19:20 -0700
From: Armando Canales
Organization: Critical Review Service
To: Richard Shapiro


I was in Roswell to hear certain speakers and meet with a couple of authors.

My name is Armando Canales. I am the Review Editor for the CRITICAL REVIEW. We are on the WWW and specialize in book reviews, esp. in the areas of philosophy, mysticism, religions, etc.

We are at--

Here is my submission on one day in Roswell..............................

A Day in Roswell on the 50'th Anniversary of the UFO Crash

While the regional and national media focused on people dressed in alien suits and other eccentrics, the serious part of the weekend here in Roswell was ignored.

As we entered into Roswell we immediately noticed the many huge churches. This is a religious town, a conservative town. Once it was a military outpost housing the U.S.'s atomic wing. The runway at the airport today is a vast, long smooth tarmac. There were many reminders of what this place once was.

While Roswell may use the anniversary to capitalize on tourists and visitors (almost every restaurant had "out of this world food" somewhere in their ads), there was serious science and scholarship presented. But sadly the public will NOT be hearing about this...thanks to the networks and most newspapers that ignore or misrepresent the facts.

On Saturday, on the campus of NMMI (New Mexico Military Institute), an integrated school, having women and blacks throughout the Cadet Corps, the best lectures took place. In the Pearson Auditorium which seats 8 to 900 people, I was fortunate enough to hear Linda Moulton Howe speak to some 650 people on "Art's parts." These were purported UFO wreckage leftovers sent to Art Bell, host of the nationally transmitted "Dreamland" radio show. See these references:
[see Scientific Testing results]

The results of the newest tests were presented by Howe. The major labs in the nation, including Sandia Labs and Los Alamos, while not saying that these are remnants of a UFO, concurred that the material is made in such a way that they were not knowledgeable as to who could possibly manufacture it. The best part is the possible underskin of the Roswell disc. It is made in layers of magnesium and bismuth. The thicknesses are in the 10 microns range. The media instead focused on some ragged metal junk that was displayed at one of the UFO museums. That material was proved to be the work of an artist in Japan. The Albuquerque paper had some 4 days of stories exposing this hoax. No doubt many in the public and other media CONFUSED the fake material with that held by Art Bell and Linda Howe.

I ran into media people from all the major networks at many Roswell events, like at the Expo, where hundreds of people lined up to pay a buck to get in and buy T-shirts, books, and videos from various vendors. The media gathered around the "psychics" and palm readers and "UFO belly dancer" ignoring the serious speakers at the Roswell UFO Conference. Many intelligent, well educated people paid $10 to hear each speaker. These included Donald Schmitt, Budd Hopkins, John Mack, Robert O. Dean, and many more. The cream of the UFO writing and researching crop.

Reuters reported that the lectures drew some 200 persons. At the Linda Howe speech, the auditorium was 3/4's full in my estimate, meaning some 650 paid to get in. Later that evening I bought my ticket to hear Stanton Friedman and being a few minutes late, I was lucky to find a seat towards the rear of the theater. Many people stood along the sides, straining to get a look at the slide presentation. I did not see any major networks' logos on any cameras for this speaker.

My local paper in El Paso, which is part of Gannett, which owns many major papers and USA Today, had a report on Roswell, featuring a picture of guys wearing alien masks. The media thought Roswell was a joke and covered it as such. A couple of the speakers were quoted in one liners.

Even the unorthodox-sounding Christian teacher/author Chuck Missler was presented in the usual stereotyped way, 'he says that UFO's are demons.' Actually Missler teaches they are the Nephilim, the PRODUCT of angelic and human sexual intercourse. Missler says that the flood of Noah came about NOT because of people's immorality, but because the blood lines on planet earth had been corrupted! Missler is highly controversial and many of his interpretations unique and scholarly. Yet the media presented him as an anti-UFO fundamentalist ignorant preacher nut.

Many hoped the gathering in Roswell, with people coming from all over the U.S. and the world, would help educate the general public about the strange events that occurred in 1947. Unfortunately disinformation, lies, and bias won out again. We who want to hear the truth will not get it from the media. Each one of us has to look to those people who work hard, often spending their own money and resources, to find the truth. These are people like Kevin Randle, Linda Howe, Art Bell, Robert Dean, Don Schmitt, and many, many more. We need to keep supporting UFO research organizations, authors, lecturers, Web Sites, and magazines. I would suggest cancelling your local paper and investing that money in a subscription to a good UFO magazine or two.

Every honest citizen can do his or her part to help the truth get out, no matter what the military, media, and government do. They seem to have their own agenda. Let the grassroots UFO movement spread like weeds after a Roswell thunderstorm!

by A. Canales