Dr. Richard Boylan
UFO Encounters of a PHD ..

Richard Boylan at the
Star Knowledge Conference held
in South Dakota, June, 1996
For a person to be a UFO researcher on the side, is not too much of a problem. However, if you happen to be a scientist or psychologist who is a well respected professional in your field, this past time can be deterimental to your ability to do your job. Recently, Dr. Richard Boylan living near Sacramento in California, was stripped off his license to practice psychology in this state. He believes that this occurred because of his public stance to sharing information about UFOs. Although we do not know the circumstances of the trial which resulted in Dr. Boylan losing his license, we have found him to be an honest and forthright purpose in personal communications with others.
I have seen a number of posts by Dr. Boylan in various UFO related newsgroups and recently when I joined Searchnet's UFO mailing list. I felt that Dr. Boylan is very dedicated in helping others to understand this puzzle we call the UFO phenomena (or Coverup, depending on which side of the fence one is on). Rich also agreed to allow me to fire some questions to him via email. So I decided to gather what I call the Boylan materials and provide a sample of the information that Rich has been sharing at a high cost to his life personally. We believe that since the official agencies who know more than we do what is happening around the UFO question are not speaking, then we as individuals must try our best to investigate.

We hope you find some interesting insights here and please feel free to write to Dr. Boylan directly, he is open to speak with others as it appears he is just a seeker like the rest of us. Rich Boyland can be contacted at rich.boylan@24stex.com.

Cheers ............ILLINOIS


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