Two Images from the Wreckage
Shown at the BUFORA Conference, Aug. 1995

While scanning the Mufon section of the Encounters Forum on Compuserve, lo and behold, there were images from the Wreckage that is part of the Roswell Film and since this week I have free access to this site, since I am doing an online conference on the Crystal Skulls, you better believe, I downloaded the images. I had thought that we were pretty much at the end of the film, but these images tell us that there is still more to be reseached and I am back to being in an "OPEN" status now.

Below you will find two of the three images that were posted and be sure to link over to Roswell Film Image, Page 6 to see the third image, which is the most interesting, the Alien Control Panel.

Enjoy and let us know what you think .....


Please send any feedback to Sentinel or Illinois on what you feel these images show. We thank you!!!

This image shows materials lying on a table from the
wreckage of the UFO that crashed in New Mexico in June of 1947.

The second image of wreckage which purportedly shows one
of the I-Beams of the Crash Saucer with Symbols upon it.

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