Images from the Roswell Film


For the last few weeks, due to the tremendous interest around the images from the purported Roswell Film held by Merlin Productions and Ray Santilli, our Web Site has exploded. We have been seeking an answer how to be able to continue to share these images with our readers in an affordable way and to not over run our current Web provider, Now we are happy to announce, that we can. In preparation for the International Media releases, set for August 28th, according to Mr. Santilli, plus the release of a video copy of the film, we once again can offer a peak into what is coming up.


In order to accomodate the new load of readers, on August 1st, we will be moving our site from to Closer to August 1st, we will post this new URL address. If you reference our old URL address, (THANKS BOB GARTH) will create an automatic link so you can still find us.


In response to our request for some help to pay for our site, we are indebted to a person known on the Net by his nickname of "Sentinel". He will become a co-sponsor for the Roswell Information. He is extremely interested in all aspects of UFOs and is open to correspondening with other people who have had experiences or information to share. Or if you just want to send him an email with thanks for his help, he can be reached at: Thanks Sentinel .... when we all work together, it is amazing at the things we can do. Every little bit helps. THANKS SENTINEL!!


This page is temporary, until we have our new site fully functional. In the meantime, you can now view the Roswell Images by clicking on a selection below.

A brief descirption of what is contained in the sections listed above:

Three Real Images of Autopsy: - Finally, some scanned images sent to us by Michael T. and Steve Kaeser, which were shown in a major French Newspaper and on RTL Germany. I believe this is the real thing, finally!

Two More(/Additional) Images from Autopsy: - Steve Kaeser received four more images from Edoardo Russo of Italy, who wrote a paper on the film and attended the UFO Conference in Italy in May of 1995. Steve was kind enough to share these images with us!!! (divided into two pages with two images each)

Cover of French Magazine & Autopsy Drawing: - On Paragon Computers they shared an image of the entire French Magazine calls VSD. We provide here, the cover in color. In addition, a French pilot named J. G. Gresle, attended the May 5th showing of the film in England and drew a sketch of what he saw. This was part of the French article as well as is posted in the Encounter Forum on Compuserve.

Enjoy the images .... sincerely,

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro

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