Are These Images Related to the Roswell Film?

Many people are of course quite curious what does this film look like, that is purportedly from Roswell. I think that the movie done about Roswell by Showtime (if you can find it in the video stores) was very realistic and probably provides as good an image of what it must have been like during that exciting time.

Recently, via communications with various people, I have received three graphic images purportedly related to Roswell and provide some likeness about what we might be seeing in the Roswell Film when this is released to the public in August. We are in negotiation with Mr. Santilli to see if we can also post some of the stills from the film. So for the meantime, check out these images and see what you think. Underneath each image, is an explanation of what the image is suppose to be and how I obtained it.

Also, I would be very interested if any of our readers (since you don't write too much) would send their comments on these images if you feel they have some validity or not. I would like to share a new page with comments if possible and if there is interest.

Thanks ......... ILLINOIS

Image Received from Hans v. Kampen, Germany

Construction by Johannes von Buttlar using
a Computer Program to show that the
Rosfilm was similar to what he saw.

This image was received by Hans v. Kampen via Compuserve. I will let Mr. Kampen's own words describe what this image represents:

"This (image) was shown May 23rd, 1995 on Sat.1 in Germany. According to well-known German SF-Writer, Johannes Von Buttlar, this paintbox (a computer painting program) reconstruction is "Pretty Close to Reality ..." I have no reason for doubt on this statement, however Von buttlar couldn't decide whether the film (he was present in London for the viewing of the film on May 5th) is true or false!"

SAT-1 (sat one) is one of several German satellite TV channels, very popular. In its programme on May 23rd, 95 at about 22:45 hrs central european time (2 hours ahead of GMT) it had Johannes von Buttlar and others discussing Roswell. In that item the animation was shown.

In another email more clarification on this image:

I've mentionned it before (I thought): it is a reconstruction on the basis of an account from the wellknown German SF-writer Johannes von Buttlar. He has stated on TV May 23, 95, SAT.1, approx. 22.45 hrs CET, that this reconstruction (a short approx. 1/2 minute animation with the Paintbox®) shows 'perfectly well' what he (believes to have)(has) seen in London. And although having great difficulties with the truthworthyness of many claims in Von Buttlar's books (I call his writings 'scienceFICTION', if you understand me), I have no doubt about his claim concerning what he saw in London, May 5th.

The matter is, that Von Buttlar most of the times precisely documents what he has seen, but his interpretations and explanations of things most of the times are incomplete, popularly formulated and thus questionable. Von Buttlar refused to take sides about what he saw. 'It could be a fake!' he said. Notwithstanding some concerns about the reliability of the Roswell/Santilli film material I must admit, that Mr. Ray Santilli owns this material for some time now. I believe for 2 years. He certainly is dedicated to it and claims the material to be original. Which I believe. I have some correspondence going on with him in a fruitful and professional way (I now and then produce radio and TV programmes in Holland). Mr. Santilli does not claim the material to be original Roswell material, from what I've learned. He accepted the material as such, however. He doesn't ask 'millions of dollars' for it either! Normal footage-prices for professional usage apply (how could this be else in the broadcast world!). There is a lot of wild guessing and speculation going around at this moment.

The only thing circulating at this very moment is the sequence from the SAT.1 programme (the reconstruction) and all kind of contradictory accounts from people who said to have seen a short clip from the films. I am certain that *at this moment* no other material circulates! How the situation will be as of the 5th of June I am not certain. Between June 5 and July 4 some material will very likely become available is my educated guess. In Holland 2 leading magazines ('Privé' and 'HP De Tijd') will bring cover-stories about UFO's, Roswell (and me) next week. As soon as I hear more you'll be informed immediately!

PS: The animation takes about 30 seconds and shows the scene I send you with the camera coming from above to slightly more to the left and down (a tilted pan). The image I send you is about 5 seconds on the way down. The objects itself didn't move in the animation.

And lastly, some other insights coming from our German cousins related to the film:

The day after a friend of ours, Dr. Michaella Meijler - pathologist, saw the recording and told me, that she saw (quote) "an unusual autopsy table not in a usual autopsy theatre. A body of a slim, non-Caucasian woman (!!) ..., presumably fairly young, ... looking as if pregnant, however the belly stood to low thus mastitis (fluid in the abdomen) seems more likely, ... and pathologists in strange clothing as if radioactive contamination was present - using a strange long pincher to remove tissue from the right leg. ... no sign of a normal autopsy where the first cut is mostly from under the chin to within the abdominal area to open the corpse. ...No support under the chest to straighten the corpse for a better opening. sign of usual equipment for an autopsy." (end quote)

She was astonished by what she saw. To her it was a very unusual scene. If done this way blood should have been 'all over the place'...

Von Buttlar told that he was asthonished too, like all other viewers who had no chance to speak with Mr. Santilli afterwards. He said, he couldn't decide whether this was a fake or not. In Germany no reactions were published or heard of since...

Hans v. Kampen (German UFO Researcher)
Compusere Address: 100544,1761

Autopsy from the Roswell Incident?

Image showing Alien Autopsy
from the Roswell Incident?

I received an email from Christopher Estep of Clovis, California, who stated that he found the image above on a bbs in Las Vegas. For myself, it does look a bit Hollywood, and it does pose the question if it is possible that our technology is getting so good that we can no longer tell the difference between fantasy and reality. In any case I thought I would share this image and see what other people think.

I also sent a copy of this image to Hans v. Kampen, and here is what he said:

Re: Gif.image. Thank you, Sir! Well, of course images from sf movies pour in at the moment, claiming to stem from Roswell. This image doesn't resemble the descriptions from the persons who saw the autopsy clip in London May 5th. But we must keep an open eye as to what develops here, and I agree with you: ... soon we will learn more!

I sent my opinion back to Christopher and asked if he knew more of the source of this image, but he has not written back as of the date of the creation of this page (June 13th, 1995). If others would like to contact Christopher, his email address is: commoner@CyberGate.COM.

One day we will have all the answers and I hope that day is soon!

Illinois Shapiro

PS: - An old friend, Steve Kaeser, who you probably have read some of his post about the Roswell Film, stated that this image was taken from the Showtime Movie done on Roswell. As I said, our special effects people are getting good and even if this is true, I think it is a good idea to be able to have a visual image that can show us what could have happened back in 1947!

Steve Kaeser Strikes Again!!

Writing from Alien Ship at
Roswell, Graphic from Paragon Site

Steve Kaeser sent me the image above. Below is a part of his email which explains where he obtained this image ........ Illinois

Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 18:48:48 -0400
From: (Steven Kaeser)
Subject: Roswell Image

This GIF file was placed on the web site that has been set up by the Santilli group to promote the sale of his video. That site is:

In an effort to increase the sales of the film, it has been promised that five images from the film will be posted on the site, and this is the first that I have found. However, I must admit that I was disappointed. This is allegedly a representation of the graphic markings that were found on pieces of the alleged craft. These are obviously hand drawn, with un-intelligible notes in the margins. No details were given with the image, and it has since been removed from the site.

It is very interesting the note the similarity between these character and the Greek alphabet, but without additional information this is almost useless. But I thought you should see it, if you haven't already.


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