Roswell Film Evidence

Based on Past History

Date: 7 Apr 1995 15:34:22 GMT)


>> Lifted from Berlitz-Moore's Roswell book: 
>> Lieutenant Louis Bohanon, commanding Roswell's third photo 
>> laboratory unit, whose duties included the photographing of air 
>> crashes or damage to planes, left the base less than two weeks 
>> after the incident.  
>> Another point to come out in the radio interview with Philip Mantle 
>> here in the UK Tuesday, was that the unnamed US cameraman who 
>> allegedly took/copied the films had been transfered in at very 
>> short notice from Washington and was not a member of any local 
>> unit. 
>Another interesting thought, and I may be way off the mark on this 
>one, is why the story is that the "supposed" craft crashed on 
>02/07/47. And yet the "supposed" autopsy occurred on the 14/07/47.  
>Is this an error of de-bunking ?,is this an error of fantasy ?. Or is 
>it that they kept the creatures "on ice" whilst all the confusion and 
>paranoia took place. Then when they had finally got their heads 
>together after all the leaks, a "special" team could be assembled 
>from all over the US ( a kind of make-shift "compartmentalization") 
>and the autopsy occurred nearly 2-weeks later. With a new cameraman 
>drafted in to replace the existing base cameraman. 
>In my eyes it would seem a logical thing to do, given the URGENCY to 
>ID the THREAT, whilst endeavouring to stop more LEAKS and to prevent 
>general and wide-spread panic. 
>Cheers ! 
>Peter John Fitzgerald Bowe 
Hi Peter, 
Might not be too far out, if you look at the timeline: 
July 2 Wed    - Date of electrical storm thought to have caused crash. 
July 3 Thur   - Debris field found, site 1 
July 4 Fri    - Holiday 
July 5 Sat    -  
July 6 Sun    - Brazel reports find to Sheriff Wilcox 
July 7 Mon    - Marcel + Cavitt collect debris at site 1 
July 8 Tue    - M + C arrive back at RAAF, Marcel departs from the 
                scene to Fort Worth with his debris. 
                * speculation * air search initiated, 2nd(+3rd) 
                site(s) found 
July 9 Wed    - * speculation * ground forces arrive site 2 
July 10 Thur  - * speculation * recovery and cleanup operations cont 
                  through weekend 
July 11 Fri   - * speculation * (several eye witness reports where 
                  "bodies" were mentioned also mention "ice" or "dry-
                  ice" ie the Roswell Mortician Glenn Dennis) 
July 12 Sat       .. 
July 13 Sun       .. 
July 14 Mon   - ? Date on autopsy film ?   (the docs might have had 
                  the weekend off ) 
( This from Roswell Testimony as posted to this group) 
------------ Start 
[F.B. was an Army Air Forces photographer stationed at 
Anacostia Naval Air Station in Washington DC when he and 
fellow photographer A.K. were flown aboard a B-25 bomber to 
Roswell Army Air Field sometime during the second week of 
July 1947. F.B. was interviewed by Stanton Friedman.] 
One morning they came in and they said, "Pack up your bags 
and we'll have the cameras there, ready for you." We didn't 
know where we was going. 
[After a few hours' flight, they arrived at Roswell.] We got 
in a staff car with some of the gear they had brought along 
with us in trucks, and we headed out, about an hour and a 
half, we was heading north. 
We got out there [one of the crash sites in the Corona area] 
and there was a helluva lot of people out there, in a closed 
tent. You couldn't hardly see anything inside the tent. They 
said, "Set your camera up to take a picture fifteen feet 
away." A.K. got in a truck and headed out to where they was 
picking up pieces. All kinds of brass running around. And 
they was telling us what to do. Shoot this, shoot that. 
There was an officer in charge. He met us out there and he'd 
go into the tent and he'd come back and tell us, "OK." He'd 
stand there right besides us and [say], "OK, take this 
There was four bodies I could see when the flash went off, 
but you was almost blind because it was a beautiful day, 
sunny. You'd go in this tent, which was awful dark. That's 
all I was taking, bodies. These bodies was under a canvas, 
and they'd open it up and you'd take a picture, flip out 
your flashbulb, put another one in [take another picture] 
and give him the film holder (each holder held two sheets of 
four-by-five inch cut film) and then you went to the next 
I guess there was ten to twelve officers, and when I got 
ready to go in, they'd all come out. The tent was about 
twenty by thirty foot. The bodies looked like they was lying 
on a tarp. One guy did all the instructions. He'd take a 
flashlight and he'd come down there. "See this flashlight?" 
Yes sir. "You're in focus with it?" Yes sir. "Take a picture 
of this." He'd take the flashlight away. We just moved 
around in a circle, taking pictures. Seemed to me [the 
bodies] were all just about identical. Dark complected. I 
remember they was thin, and it looked like they had too big 
of a head. I took thirty shots. I think I had about fifteen 
[film] holders. It smelled funny in there. 
A.K. came back in a truck that was loaded down with debris. 
A lot of pieces sticking out that wasn't there when they 
took off. We got debriefed on the way back to the airport 
[Roswell Army Air Field]. About four the next morning, they 
woke us, they took us to the mess hall, we ate, we got back 
on the B-25 and headed back. When we got back to Anacostia 
we got debriefed some more, by a lieutenant commander. [It 
was made clear to both F.B and A.K. that whatever they 
thought they saw in New Mexico, they hadn't seen.] 
--------------------------- end 
Anybody know of Pres Truman's movements for July 1947 ? 
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