Roswell, New Mexico & Other Facts

From: (Sunsiray)
Date: 6 Apr 1995 03:27:11 GMT

These are a few of the facts that go with Roswell, NM and other
fascinating landmarks:

        Robert Goddard, famed for his rocket designs did his
                        designs and experiments in Roswell, NM.

        Walker Air Force Base, a SAC base (which was closed in the
                        late 1960's) is right outside Roswell.

        White Sands Missile Range, near Alamogordo, NM, is only
                        about 150 +/- from Roswell, NM.

        Los Alamos National Laboratory, where the Atomic Bomb was
                        created by scientists in secret is north
                        of Roswell, NM.  Some of you may be aware
                        that for years Los Alamos was a "closed"
                        town that was run by the US government under
                        very tight security.

Does any of this kind of enlighten anyone reading here that the 
crash outside Roswell, NM was a US government experimental craft?

Marsha Sneed, 18-year veteran teacher

I am a native of Artesia, NM, which is 35 miles south of Roswell
and closer to Alamogordo.   Fortunately, I escaped from New Mexico
and got educated.  I still can't believe the folklore and tales
of mysteries that are perpetuated by good people who are basically
ignorant in New Mexico.

Don't believe me?  Check out the "Stradivarius" Violin in a little
museum near Lincoln, NM, where Billy the Kid raised havoc.  I thought
I would die laughing when I saw that!  But everyone of the natives
swears it's real.  They are good people in the Southwest, but they
aren't real educated.

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