Prediction's of
Gordon-Michael Scallion

"Most Noted Earth Changes Predictor"
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An Interview with Gordon-Michael Scallion
From the May 1995 edition of New Frontier Magazine.

Very insightful article on who Scallion is and
how his ability made itself known to him.
Also discusses the earth changes visions
that he has predicted successfully and his future predictions.

Gordon-Michael Scallion:
A Summary Of His Most Important Predictions
Friday, November 11, 1994 By David Sunfellow

Listing of predicted geological changes, but very little reference to the causes.
Another L.A. earthquake. Mt. Rainer eruption. Japan swallowed by sea.
Concludes with a comparison to Edgar Cayce's predictions.

GAIA Alert
Earth Changes Monitoring Web Site

If you want to see the earth changes for yourself,
this place has links to that information.
Be it earthquakes, hurricanes,
emerging diseases, endangered species,
comets, etc. you can find a reference to it here.

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