Nellis AFB UFO Encounter

In 1994 an encounter occured at the Nellis Air Force Base with an unidentified flying object. A copy of the footage was smuggled out, and the program "Sightings" aired the footage with some commentary. The following images are to be credited to them and we thank them for making these images available for all to see.

The images were shot on a range that is in restricted air space near Nellis AFB. The tracking cameras got a radar lock on an object that was traveling away from the camera initially, then abruptly changed course when the object detected that it was being tracked. The object appeared to be curious abiout what was tracking it and came in for a better view. This video was enhanced and viewed by several photoimaging experts, on camera , and they seemed to be baffeled about it's origin and properties.

The above images were taken after the object became curious and decided to investigate the range camera.

This image is enhanced and appears to be four globes interconnected

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