The Mochicas & the Lord of Sipan

The Lord of Sipan
( Lived about 200 A.D.)
Sipan belonged to the Moche Culture, which began during what is known as the Cuspinique period about one thousand years B.C., and was eclipsed by the Chimu culture one thousand years A.C.

Sipan is located in the northern part of Peru, close to the coast, in the middle of Lambayeque Valley, 35 Kms. at east of Chiclayo.


Half god, half man, king among his people, a privileged person, a noble, a warrior, lord over the lords of his time, the Lord of Sipan was revealed to the world in the last years of the 20th century. He reigned approximately 200 A.D. and died about 40 years of age.

The discovery of the Lord of Sipan leads to a reflection on life in those times: A beautiful valley in the desert and there lied a Kingdom, the Kingdom of Sipan, with riches that could only be imagined in the stories of the greatest adventures. The people of this time (based on the relics discovered) were in the service of their king, but this was not a king like those of the Old World but rather, a very special king, a friend to his people; a man whom shared and worked with them in agriculture and art; a thinker who saw the need to preserve his culture for the world to come, who ordered the construction of great temples and pyramids... that was the Lord Of Sipan.

We are fortunate to see the incredible beauty of this time as grave robbers broke into other parts of the ruin of Sipan, a mere few feet away from the Tomb of this Special Ruler. In the National Museum in Lima, one can see the true splendor of this era and the Lord of Sipan. The excavation has uncovered objects of gold, silver and copper, vessels, remains of his clothing and personal objects of great value.

A visit to Sipan is a privilege reserved for this generation. It is an encounter with the people who, in the sorrow of losing their leader, placed so many offerings of such value, in his tomb, that they are displayed to the world today as evidence of Peru's worth.

As you can see from the picture below, a re-creation of the tomb, all of his close friends (aids) and wives were buried with him. The Moche believed in the afterlife and many of their pottery that remains show people in a meditative pose.

Site of Sipan (Overhead)

Special Symbols
(Found in the Tomb of the Lord,
representing his Duties in Life)

Spirits of the Earth

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