Star Knowledge UFO Conference
Interview with Chet Snow
( with "Illinois" Shapiro, June 1996 )

Star Knowledge
UFO Conference
June 14th, 1996
Wagner, South Dakota

( J: - Joshua Shapiro; C: Chet Snow,
transcribed August, 1996)

(Editor's Note: I have known Chet for a number of years, and met him on and off at various Whole Life Expos. I also found out that Chet had an interest in the Crystal Skulls and was even selling my book (since my co-author Sandra lives in Sedona where Chet and his wife Kalista live). Chet had a pretty remarkable experience with "ET", the crystal skull that was on display at the Star Knowledge Conference. But one of the main things I was interested to talk with Chet about was his book Mass Dreams of the Future as some of his visions of the future were starting to come true, especially for the late 1990's. I had tried to interview Chet online via email but he was very busy writing his next book. So I took the opportunity in Wagner to finally sit down and talk with Chet and he did have quite a bit to say as you will see below .... J)

J: Chet, I would like to talk to you a little bit about your work, especially about some of the research you have conducted seeing into our future. Chet also has an interest with the Crystal Skulls so I be very interested to hear about any experiences you have had related to these artifacts along your path.

First Chet, why don’t you tell us just a little bit about who you are, your background and how you became involved in your regression work?

C: Well, I don’t know who I am from my background. Some people say that I’m not from Earth and I have no idea or if any of us are from earth. In this particular embodiment I was born in New Jersey at the end of the War, and my parents lived pretty much in the state of Pennsylvania, though they passed on when I was in my twenties. I did my undergraduate work at Johns Hopkins, and then graduate work at the Sorbonne and Columbia University and the International Institute for Advanced Studies. I collected diplomas and got lots of degrees and all of that kind of thing, ending up with a Ph.D. in Sociology and History, which was my major interest. After teaching at Columbia University for a couple of years, I went to work for the United States Air Force as an Administrative Officer, being sent to California to Travis Air Force Base, and I worked out there for seven years, from 1978-1985, living in the Napa Valley, which is very close to the same place where you guys were doing your work with the Crystal Skulls, but I really had no interest in any of these things and knew nothing about such matters.

However, it was during that time out there that I met Helen Wambach, who also lived in Pinole (California), interestingly enough, and it was in fact through her that I really got started in this area. I went to her initially because of what now is being called “spiritual emergence”. In those days, one wondered whether one was having a breakdown or what was happening as I had various phenomena going on in my life. So, it was very helpful to go to her initially to understand that. It just so happened that there were about six months in which she was seeing new clients, so it was all clearly meant to be inducted. After starting to work with her, doing regression work initially, I happened to understand what was going on. We talked about so many different things. We did sessions initially once a week and we finally settled into a routine of once every two weeks, and after about six months she proposed that we do a future session, because she had found in her reincarnational work that about two-thirds of her subjects in group workshops (were going into future lifetimes), particularly where she didn’t get immediate feedback, because obviously with fifty or one-hundred people you can’t have them (all) answering you. So she would have them do everything in silence for about forty minutes and then have them write it out on a questionnaire. Many people were commenting on this, so she started asking.

She said, well if you can get people to go into the future spontaneously when they’re in their dreaming-mind state, and that is in fact what we tapped into, she felt that looking at it with EEG machines and other psychological testing that in fact what we were doing was the borderline zone between alpha and theta, where we go when we dream, where we get vivid imagery, where we get feelings, where we tap into a certain level of the unconscious that doesn’t have a linear concept of time, and a three-dimensional concept of space anymore so you can really go through dimensions, you can go through time barriers. When she said people were doing this spontaneously, going a few minutes ahead into her next questions, she decided to take them ahead into the future.

The first things we found with this research very interesting, (I met her just when she was getting started in that future research) and that was that there is sort of a difficulty, I think of it like a membrane sort of, that there is a barrier, something that keeps people from getting very good information about the future that involves their own current life expectations. Ultimately, I think Deepak Chopra has come up with the best description of that, which is that we have “organ consciousness”, and we have “cellular consciousness”, even though it’s not conscious - rational - thinking mind, cognitive as the rest of us is. Our mind is targeted, but the body has these (various) consciousnesses and what happens when you try to push somebody through a sieve, let’s say, of mental activity into a place where they still haven’t gone yet with this body, they resist at the organic level, the organ level. Because, if you think about it, our organs, our physical body is, after all, going to dust. This is the old cycle, and it’s the life cycle of the physical world – it’s called entropy. Going beyond that, we found that if you took somebody outside that envelope of expectation of their current life, like 150 years from now, because very few people expect to still be alive in this body 150 years from now, and even with current aging techniques and all that I’m not sure why anybody would want to be. I mean, I think I’d rather trade in my car for a new model every so many years rather than keep the same clunker [laughing here]. Also, certainly one of our reasons for being here is experiencing variety – that may be a necessity for us. But anyway, she found that if we took people let’s say to 2150, from now, where you wouldn’t expect especially adults living today 30-40 years old to be in their [same] body. Then, people had no problem. It was as if the ban, the sieve, the barrier, the membrane was gone and the organs go “Oh, that’s not me” – bam! It’s another person. So, your mind can get involved.

Just as the same is true when going to a past life. It’s actually easier for many people to go relive a past life experience than it is to relive things from their earlier childhood, when again, especially traumatic things, where their body, this body, was involved and is still holding on to trauma and pain. One of the reasons past life therapy works so well is that it involves a level of disassociation from the current body’s trauma so you can go back and see if there was a “mimic” trauma, in other words a similar trauma, just like twanging the same chord on an electronic piano or something, and then if you do it in a different octave, and you’ve still got the same resonance. And then that actually has an effect on the physical body and on the mental body from today. And the same we found is true with the future. So you can go forward and see this. So, she started taking people into the “far future”, 150 years from now into future environments.

When she tried that with me, I didn’t get anything, even though I was a very good subject with the past life work and had done several regressions with her at that point. So she knew it wasn’t just that I couldn’t do it. And there are a few people that put up too many barriers, too many resistances. And it is often times the more educated that you are, the more difficult it becomes, because you put up a lot of left-brain activity and it makes it difficult to get into the right brain sometimes. But that wasn’t the case [with me]. So, we worked around this, and talked about this, and what did that mean, and what I kept getting was just a little floating, it was kind of nice and I was definitely not in a physical body, and it was something to do with energy at that point. So, finally, she said let’s go into the nearer future, since she knew that I had a fairly stable personality – we’d done all of that work already, this was about 4 months after we got started, and it happened to be my birthday. So, she said well let’s take you ahead 15 years, I was in my 30’s, she said, you know, very likely you’ll still be around [laughing]. So your body may not react in a negative way to this. We did that, and of course the result is the first chapter of “Mass Dreams of the Future”, which goes into this, waking up in this very humid and wet and cold and black environment, even though I knew it was Arizona and the desert and that consciousness was there – a place I never visited. So, that was what got me started, and of course when you go through something like that, and we did several sessions in that area, going from the mid-1990’s, about now, up until that time, and seeing myself living in Arizona, seeing myself going through this what I thought was a ranch experience. Although, you know the subconscious plays little tricks on us. Now, we moved into a ranch house, which is exactly the same house that I saw, down to the color of the walls, the outside walls – it’s kind of eerie to think about. But it’s not on a ranch at all. It’s in a subdivision in town, in Northern Arizona, in Sedona. I had once seen in a dream, this wasn’t in work with Helen, the letter ‘S’ kept imposing itself on the map of Arizona, so I suspect Sedona was clearly indicated for that. . .

J: Can I break you away here. . .

C: Ok sure – that’s how I got started.

J: Okay, that’s a good start! What I’m very interested in is now that part of this future vision that you had back in the ‘80’s has already happened to you, what you discussed next in your book [Mass Dreams of the Future] is I believe, starting next year, if I’m not mistaken, some problems with the Ring of Fire (a ring of volcanos from the Eastern Coast of Asia through the Western Coast of North America and South America). So I’d like you to comment, if something new has happened since your book, that you’ve received some verification or new insights about the 1997-1999 period?

C: A few things. One is, and I’m still waiting of course for this to happen, is the presidential election. What I saw was in 1997 that there would be somebody with important- looking ears or prominent ears, that one would notice the ears somehow as being in the White House. If he wasn’t in the White House, he was taking over for the White House. He was the person talking on television. Frankly, Al Gore looks very much like that person in [my] mind. It’s been 15 years, my conscious mind doesn’t remember precisely, but it was somebody like that. I’m waiting to see who Dole picks, because it wasn’t somebody as old as Dole. So, if he has a younger running mate with prominent ears, then watch to see who gets in. [Editor’s note: Now that Dole’s running mate has been announced, I wanted to see if he met the description of Mr. Big Ears. In my opinion, Kemp’s ears are just as prominent as Gore’s. And, he is younger than Dole -- could Kemp be the one? --M] Maybe he won’t live until 1997.

The second thing was that, starting in 1997, there was a significant drought problem. That was what was foreseen. And the food prices started to rise. I was working with, at that time I saw a ranch, and there was a woman involved with this ranch, and it wasn’t even a physical relationship – we were friends. It was like a community or something, and she and I, with some others, were talking about the price of beans and they were starting to go up rapidly and if we were gonna buy bulk food for keeping for storage through what she had foreseen were going to be troubled times, then we needed to buy them rather quickly, get some money and to store them, that was the big problem.

Because it had come to me and it was very strong that storing them in plastic would not be good. There would be something about the plastic that would deteriorate the value of the food, which I guess is now being shown to be true – that you shouldn’t keep things in plastic containers like for a year or two at a time. They should be in glass, and eventually we thought of packing them in some kind of cardboard inside of glass, or glass and then cardboard around the glass. So that was two specific visions I had and it is interesting to note that at the Star Knowledge Conference, many of the native elders, and I’ve heard this from others, and the Hopi elders and Navajo elders, have been saying to us, well wait, the drought is coming, even though there’s so much rain in many parts of the country right now, it’s not going to stay. Mother Nature is over-replenishing her stock, so that when the drought comes some will survive. And that seems to be a pattern that happens.

Following these two events I saw that in late ’97 or early ’98, there were what they called the lighting of the Ring of Fire, starting in my vision with Fujiyama, or some other volcano in Japan, or maybe I just associated this with this area as you know how the subconscious takes a symbol like your dream and pops it into. So I saw Fujiyama. It might not be Fujiyama in the physical but it might be some mountain behind it. But it was in that area of the world and it was definitely Japan. This volcano was creating these ash clouds, I guess, and changing the climate, making food production even more difficult, you see, because areas that would get winter sunshine or maybe would get sunshine normally, were not getting sunshine. This was followed by a series of earthquakes in California, and I remember very distinctly that there were two earthquakes that were separated by not a long period of time but a month or two. Everybody thought the first one, which was a major one, was it, so everybody let down their guard after they got through that one, and then the second one came and that was very devastating to people’s morale, the psychological impact was very, very strong. That’s when we had the eruption of great social violence, the cities and the people. . . because food was scarce, prices were high, they were declaring martial law, and a whole bunch of other things. That was not a very nice scenario, but that was what was seen.

Now, I personally think since then that some of this may have mitigated, at least to some extent. I know in my personal future, for example, you asked me, had I seen Kalista? Well, the truth is no – I had not. And, I remember feeling very lonely on my birthday, at that point. She took me ahead to my birthday in 1998, I think it was. I remember feeling very lonely, that nobody had remembered, like everything else was so bleak that who thought about birthdays, we were getting through another day, right, and it was alright to keep going. But in 1991, I went (you know we have a therapist’s association or people who work in regression work, APRT) to one of their (APRT) annual conventions, you know Dr. Wambach died in 1985. So, since that time I had never really allowed myself to be progressed. It’s hard to find somebody else, when you really started to do this work yourself. I’m sure you know what I mean. It’s like with the [Crystal] Skulls, you wouldn’t want everybody to do a reading for you from the skull after you’ve done so much work with skulls, because you know, it goes through their mind, there’s a filter process, and I just didn’t find anybody. [Later] I found somebody I liked, and so I did a progression with her again into the near future, and lo and behold, this was in April or May of 1991, and I think we went into ’95, ’96, ’97, and I was amazed to see that I was living in ’95 in France with a dark- haired woman and some other friends, and I thought, I’m not in Arizona I’m in France, what is going on here? And it was sort of like that was part of this, and I saw later I was in Arizona, but I wasn’t alone, and I thought this was very strange, this was not in my life plan.

And what happened was, and this was in my newsletter where I think you read it Joshua, that six months later, seven months later, through the intervention of some other mutual friends, I went to a woman in Germany who is called Mother Mira, who is an avatar, an ascended master, extraordinary person, who touches you, she sees people in a large group and you go up and she touches you with her hands for a few seconds and looks in your eyes and she literally changes energy in the energy lines of your body, and boy, it was a very powerful experience. Now, Kalista wasn’t there, but it turns out that she had gone, maybe the week before or the week after, I don’t know which. But, at the same period of time, independently, she also had the same experience there. And, a few weeks later we got together with some other people, mutual friends, who were going to do a meditation, and get together and talk about other experiences with Mother Mira. What was strongest with me was it was like looking into the universe and seeing beyond time- space. I’ve never had that in a conscious state. I had that with Dr. Wambach, I had that with the Monroe experience, the Monroe Institute, Robert Monroe’s work, going out of body. [Note: For those interested, the Monroe Institute may be found on the Web at: http://www.monroe-] But never just walking into a room and kneeling down, and looking into a woman’s eyes, wow! And she wasn’t even there! That was what was extraordinary to me. I’ve never seen anybody, who you could look at them, and they disappeared, and this total, cosmic sort of beingness, came over me. And that impressed me.

In the meditation, the same thing started to happen, without her physical presence, a light came into the room as part of this experience. Everybody opened their eyes to look around at this light, and everybody had a different experience, which was really fascinating to me, because that was how I experienced the return of the Cosmic Christ, which I talked about in the last chapter of “Mass Dreams” in another life, a future life. Everybody would see something a little different and yet everybody would know this was the same thing. So this light came into the room and Kalista felt her presence and felt love, and knew that it was destined somehow for us to know each other, and I saw Mother Mira, and I saw her go like this and point right over there, and point over to me, and you know, it can’t get much more obvious. I was like, oh, who was this lady – wow! [Chuckling] So obviously we started to talk. Who could ignore something like that? [Laughing] So that’s how that part of my future I saw changed. So I know we can change – there are interventions possible.

J: Okay. Let’s focus a little bit on the future that you saw related to UFO’s, since we’re here at a UFO conference.

C: The most interesting thing about that was, neither Dr. Wambach or I really had any connection or conscious interest in UFO’s in 1983. Later on I had found that in fact I probably have had contact with UFO people since I was 4 years old. The story is interesting to hear, because I remember vividly as a child I slept in the same bedroom with my older brother, which is a common thing, when I was 3, 4, 5, 6 years old, until we moved to a new house and I had my own room and that was great. Anyway at that point I remember we used to have this thing about a boogeyman that lived under the bureau, and it was greyish-white and had big eyes and would scare you in the night – mmm, this was a funny thing! And often it was on the night of the full moon and we’d shut the curtains real tight and my brother would tell these horrifying stories. He denies this to this day, because he’s an atomic physicist, and, you know. I only remembered that really later.

So in this experience that we took people into the future, we asked them no questions about UFO’s. However, one of the future environments that people came up with was going into space. And another one was where people were living in sort of a dome, high-technological type places, that this technology, where did this all come from? But they said that the Earth was depopulated – they all agreed on that. So where did this technology come from? Then we asked them a question about supplies and technology, we just sort of had included that. I would say that upwards of 50% of the people who were in the technical places, not the primitive people or the rustic people, or even the sort of new agey-type people so much. But these people responded with, my goodness it looks like a warehouse, and many of them then thought, well, it might be a spaceship, that is big and is there, and I go into a room, and a few of them said there’s this unusual-looking person, that I couldn’t hardly describe as human, and a lot of them said it looks like an ET, but many of them said it was an unusual-looking person who gave me what I needed. So it seemed as if, at this later period of 100 or so years from now, whatever happens to Earth, that there would be a connection at least to a part of the human race by beneficial aliens who are obviously trading and getting something back from this, but who are supplying technology supplies and that’s what was keeping that part of our society going.

J: Did you see anything related to UFO’s coming up in our near-future, did anything come up in your research related to that or your personal experience?

C: Well, it wasn’t in my mindset at all at the time that I did this research with Dr. Wambach. If I recall, at the ranch we weren’t talking about UFO’s. We were talking about day- to-day goings on, and the martial law, and telepathic connections as though we were (already) using telepathy, and I suspect that part of that dealt with, visitors you might call them. And it was on a telepathic level, not so much on a physical level. I don’t recall seeing any physical, third-dimensional beings with us in that spot directing anything – we were on our own. But I do believe we were in telepathic contact with groups and that very well might include ETs .... In my own mind was very close to it, so it may be possible that they were there and I just wasn’t involved. You know how that is, it affects you, how you're thinking about these things, and later on, having gone now four years later in 1987, when I went to the Monroe Institute which was through their techniques and procedures is the first time that I experienced something strong enough that allowed me to go in to break down hypnotic suggestion barriers that they (the ETs) put on my own contact experiences. And that was some years beyond when I worked with Dr. Wambach, so no, consciously I would have denied it. It is also a fact that all the years that I worked for the Air Force, and I didn’t have Cosmic Top Secret Clearance, but I had Top Secret Clearances, and I worked with archival work and lots of different things and our Airlift Command was the command that flew all around the world taking the troops places, and no one ever, ever mentioned a UFO experience to me, personally. So, if they do have them they’re very, very quiet about it.

J: Okay, let’s move to the interest that you have or connection with the Crystal Skulls. How did you learn about the Crystal Skulls or become interested?

C: Well, again, 1987 was such a seminal year, and it was in 1987 that I went to the Monroe Institute, you know Robert Monroe and his techniques for leaving the body. I had had out-of-body-experiences in dream states before, and they had always disturbed me because usually they were very embarassing, because one thing that almost always happens is you don’t have any clothes on when you’re out of your body [chuckling] – you’re in your body! So in that state, well I’m thinking psychologically, oh well these are embarrassing dreams, because I’d suddenly be in front of a bunch of people without my clothes on. I later found out that this is not uncommon for that to happen when you’re asleep without clothes on, suddenly you go out of your body without clothes on. So in 1987 I went to the Monroe Institute and, while there, Robert Monroe’s administrative assistant and secretary, told us about Anna Mitchell Hedges coming with a crystal skull to Charlottesville. With about 4 or 5 other people, I went over there with Helen, the secretary, and I didn’t know anything. It was in a high school gymnasium. There weren’t many people around, frankly, maybe 100 at the most. People had lined up, and she had it on black felt on a table. She was in fairly good health at the time, and this little white-haired lady was telling her story, how as a young girl she had gone to British Honduras and had these visions, found this artifact, realized it was hers, felt very strongly connected to it. I think she did even say that maybe she felt that she was the reincarnation of the person who had posed for the skull, or who had guarded the skull or had the skull, thousands and thousands of years ago. I’m not sure if she used the word Atlantis but it seemed to me that that was what I got.

On touching the skull, it gives pictures. I was amazed. I probably was in a heightened psychic state after just going through a week of everyday, going out of your body and tripping around the universe, and this was also the week that I had the UFO memories for the first time, that surfaced, and I’d ever allowed to come to a conscious awareness in my mind. And this is one of the rare interviews I’ve ever talked about it, because, I wouldn’t say I’m uncomfortable, it’s just very private. But I have discussed it a little bit, and I did send a copy of my experience of that to everybody else in my Gateway group [Note: Gateway is one of the programs at the Monroe Institute]. It was funny, only one person responded – I think people were in denial about this, or at least they were, at that point still. Because I had seen a lot of other people from our group, in the same ships [laughing], so that was interesting. So, I touched the skull and had really quite a very powerful, powerful experience.

What I came away with from that was that, this skull at least, had been in touch with our planet and with our race since the dawn of whenever it was, thousands, if not even tens of thousands of years ago, maybe even older than it was physically, it had encoded into it, like a history, like a memory, of all the significant events that had ever happened. So, those were downloaded into me at that point, which was very strange, because I didn’t know why and I still know that there are things, because it’s time-coded, that it will tell me that it hasn’t told me. And, I took very extensive notes, and it’s interesting because I lost those notes and I think I’m gonna find them this year, because it’s probably time for some of this stuff to come out. But I know they’re in my filing cabinets – it’s just where they are is a question. That was my experience – it was very powerful, and I also felt that it was very loving and friendly (skull). I’ve heard people say it was involved with death rituals and it has all this negative energy. I didn’t feel any negative energy. It was a very. . . you know, a skull is not something you’d like to think you could look at. . .but it was very easy to look at and, light, there was a lot of light.

And then it was after that, that my friends Bagley and Laura Bushnell had the Crystal Congress. Now I wasn’t in San Francisco at that time, but they showed me their pictures, and of course the skull was featured there, I guess you were there, and Anna was there, and they had shown the light down on it. I think that’s when I got your book, the first copy of your book that I got was at that time, it came out right about then, didn’t it? Not ’85, this was in ’87, so it was after the Crystal Congress, I didn’t even go to the Crystal Congress. I guess I must have talked with them about what had happened in my experience with the skull, because then they showed me the skull from the Crystal Congress, the pictures and all of that, and then I got your book. It came out in ’87, '89? (J: '89!)

Well then a little bit later, during this time I was still living in Europe and I came back to the Bay area where I’d had my home from before and I would live for about a month or two every year, so it was kind of in segments. But then when I came back in ’89 I really didn’t have any more connection with crystal skulls until going to Sedona and re-meeting Sandra Bowen (the co-author of Joshua's book) in ’93, wasn’t it? In the meantime, I had gone up to the Hopi mesas, I had been invited up to learn their prophecy by the elders of the Village of Hotavilla], the keeper of the tablets, whose nephew had seen my book and they called a few people together in ’91. One of the things that the Hopi have in their possession is a scroll, or a copy of an ancient Mayan scroll, and on this scroll there are a series of time pictures that take people through the spiritual and human divine connection of the four worlds, and in the fourth world, our current world, it shows steps leading up to the dissolution of this world, the purification, the ending and change of this world. Fascinatingly enough, one of the glyphs is a jawbone of a skull. I never could figure that out, I never associated it with the Mitchell-Hedges skull until someone at one of my lectures said, do you know that there’s a skull that has that jawbone that is separated from the head, and then they told me about the prophecy that said when these two were put back together and the skull could speak again then this would change history and it would rekindle the Native American way, the Red way in the Western Hemisphere, after it had gone through 9 Hells of destruction, and being put down,with all of the rest of this, seems to fit in with the Hopi prophecy which talks about the equidistant cross and the elongated cross, whichever one came would determine whether history would go in a positive way for Native Americans or a negative way. Of course we know it went in a negative way. Then in 1987 that shifted and as we see all over the planet, all over the country, Native Americans are coming back into their own in a way that they haven’t since white people came here, or European and other people came here. So, that’s my experience with the skull, and then having “ET” this week ["ET", of course, is another crystal skull discussed elsewhere on this site] has been very, very powerful. I must say that the differences between "ET" and the Mitchell- Hedges skull are very strong, that I found "ET" to be much more connected to the emotional body. To me it was very clear that its main use has been and will be involved in healing, and not so much prophecy, although I think it obviously again encodes information, but it stabilizes an energy and works directly into the emotional body.

J: You were talking about you have a feeling it may have come from Lemuria?

C: Yes, oh yes – that’s right. Whereas I think the Mitchell-Hedges skull is Atlantean, which is the more cutting, geometric, analytical type of information, the "ET" skull to me was definitely specific in origin, I immediately had a vision of the Pacific Ocean or the wide beaches, and Lemuria, and it could well be that some of the islands out there, Fiji came to mind, as places where one could tap into it even more strongly. Or Peru, west coast type places would be the best energy for it to be involved with because of that. Even in this country it might be interesting to take it to Santa Barbara, because many people feel that Santa Barbara somehow was a piece of Lemurian energy that moved up and glommed on to our West Coast at some time.

[At this point, Kalista speaks a bit about some of her experiences with ET after touching the skull around the nape of the neck, she broke out with quite a bit of perspiration. when she felt a great deal of heat emanating from the skull, and felt an energy going on inside of her as well as was hearing things and feelings more than seeing any specific images.]

So, it wasn’t pictures so much as it was feeling. I get pictures of things but the feeling was very strong with "ET". The Mitchell Hedges I just got, it was a nice skull, it wasn’t something bad, but I didn’t get a particular emotional reaction to it. But ET very definitely called this (reaction) out, and it seemed to be, not older in the physical sense, because probably the crystal was all formed at the same time. But it seemed as if the energies that were put into it were put from a different group of people, a different race or whatever you would want to call that. And they operated on this healing, emotional, healing level. And it’s clear to me why Joke [pronounced ‘yo - kay’, Joke is the keeper of the ET crystal skull, as discussed elsewhere on this site] has it because I’ve never seen somebody with as much “green” energy in her arms and shoulders and hands, as she has. That was even before I saw the skull, you introduced me to her, and I said, wow, this lady has healing abilities. I don’t know if she uses them, in fact I asked her had she been healed – sometimes that’s the result of having gone through a strong, personal healing experience, which she definitely had.. I think the skull chooses the guardian. I felt that with Anna. It was clear in listening to her that she was bonded through this skull. And I guess the feeling is that maybe more of these will come forward.

Frequently now when I talk about the Hopi prophecy I talk about their connection with the Mayans and how this other prophecy is part of that, and how it’s coming true, after the reconnection of the head and the jaw with the Mitchell-Hedges skull, particularly since ’87, then that like charged it all up, and so much has happened in that time from ’87 until now, with all that coming to light. And this conference is just one example of that, bringing the pieces back together.

J: So there it is, the famous Chet Snow. Thanks, Chet!

C: You're welcome.

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