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Note: Article Reprinted from the September/October 1996 issue of "Contact Forum", published by Blue Water Publishing. We thank Brian Crissey, owner of Blue Water for permission to reprint this series of articles on the Symbols of the Star Nation.

I want to thank all my relatives from the four directions who have come to gather and make the Star Knowledge Conference a success. I am giving these symbols to you via Brian Blue Water (Brian Crissey, Wild Flower Press) for your consideration and review. Please review them with the influence of your spirit and you will find the true meaning behind each sign.

Please remember that it is not your fault for not knowing who or what we are, because we have been programmed by law into being the educated and religious slaves of society. I am thankful that many of you are following your spirit through this change and remember that each and every one of your has been chosen to walk through this change with the Family of Light.

I have been instructed by my grandfathers to go into seclusion for the purpose of initiating the transcripts of the Star Knowledge and Star Vision Conferences and also for writing a book on the symbols of the Universal and Spiritual Laws. I will stay in tune with the ceremonies of canupa throughout this seclusion for the purpose of clarity.

The language of the symbols will be initiated with the help of channelers such as Marilyn Carlson and medicine person (interpreters) of all the tribes in a cooperative effort for our spiritual and mental growth.

I have resigned from my position of employment as a teacher from the school in which I work in order to accomplish this task. If you can help me or if you know of anyone that can help me with whatever it may take, please let me know through Brian Blue Water on the Internet at and I will contact you at my discretion.

The Spirit has instructed me to get this information out before the first of the year, so our time is limited. The Spirit has also said that many people that are spirit-led will assist me. So I thank you for your time and your influence. I stand as your servant,

Mitakuye Oyasin
Standing Elk

Where the Symbols Came From

On August 18th, 1995, Standing Elk and his son were staying overnight at the antelope Retreat Center in Savory, Wyoming, when two beings appeared to Standing Elk and led him out through the walls of the building. They appeared genderless and were gray-brown in color. Appearing more human than alien, they spoke to him in a metallic-sounding voice. They took him to a creek, where two other taller beings awaited him. They held a four-to-five-foot-long beam, and along its length were strange symbols.

The beings carefully explained each symbol to Standing Elk. At one point, Standing Elk's son awoke, and the visitors immediately took Standing Elk back to the Retreat Center, where his son told him that the Star People had been there. Standing Elk comforted him and told him to go back to sleep. At this point, Standing Elk was cold and tired, and his memory of what the symbols meant had mysteriously vanished.

Turning to traditional means, Standing Elk began a series of inipi (sweat lodge) ceremonies that asked the tunkasila (ancestors) and the Star Nation for insight into the meaning of the symbols. The process required a full year to interpret all the symbols.

What you see on the pages (1,4,5 and 6 -- as was shown in the September/October 1996 issue of Contact Forum published by Blue Water Publishing, see Star Nation Symbols) is the meanings of these Star Nation symbols as gathered by Standing Elk and others during the Inipi Ceremonies over the past year.

Take this information into your heart and seek your own personal interpretations and truths. None of us know the answers. We are all seekers.

-- Brian "Blue Water" Crissey

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