Images of various Crystal Skulls

On this page are pictures of various crystal skulls that exist in the world today.  Some are considered to be ancient (over 1000 years in their creation), others are old (made from 100-1000 years ago) and others are contemporary (made within the last 5-10 years or so).

We suggest you select which of the skulls speaks to you to focus on its image.  The pictures here are various crystal skulls that will be discussed in our new book known as "Journeys of a Crystal Skull Explorer" (click here for more details).

For each crystal skull, we list its name, type of quartz, the classification of the skull and its current caretaker.

Just as there exist various prophecies of 13 skulls working together (not that we are inferring that this is the exact set BTW), we present twelve skulls that are helping people on the planet with you as the activator and the 13th element to make this circle work! 




Pictures of Crystal Skulls

"Ami", the Amethyst Crystal Skull
(Amethyst, ancient,
caretakers: Al Ramirez, Stan Chan)

(smoky quartz, ancient,
caretaker: Joke van Dieten)

(clear quartz, ancient,
caretakers: JoAnn & Carl Parks)

British Crystal Skull
(clear quartz, old,
caretaker: British Museum of Man)

"Grandmother Rainbow"
(clear quartz, ancient,
caretaker: DaEl Walker)

(clear quartz, ancient,
caretaker: Laurie Walker)

(clear quartz, ancient,
caretaker: Sherry Whitfield)

(clear quartz, old,
caretaker: Floyd Petri)

"Blue Star Maiden"
(clear quartz, contemporary,
caretaker: Moonhawk)

"Portal de Luz"
(smoky quartz, contemporary,
caretakers: Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head)

"Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye"
(clear dark, smoky quartz, contemporary,
caretakers: Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head)

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If anyone has any experiences or insights they receive during our meditation, please feel free to contact us.  Through our World Mystery Research Center we continue to collect key information about the crystal skulls.  Only by putting together these different pieces can we begin to better understand the purpose of the crystal skulls and how they can be of great assistance for Humanity.  
Thank you!!