Standing Elk's Call
The Star Knowledge Conference

( June 1996 - Marty, South Dakota )

Standing Elk performing a sacred
song during his presenation at
the Star Knowledge Conference
On this page please find the original message put out by Standing Elk, the Dakota Native American who had the vision for the conference and was posted to the Internet by Richard Boylan, another speaker at this special event. Following Standing Elk's message is a brief summary of the conference and who attended.
If you wish to read some of the reports and experiences shared at the conference, return to the Star Knowledge Home Page (link at the bottom). This is the first conference that Standing Elk organized and since February of 1997, he has setup another conference in Colorado and one in San Diego. In June of 1997, a new conference is planned for Wyoming. Enjoy ...........


Star Knowledge Conference
( First Announcement )

Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 08:53:04
From: Rich Boylan
Subject: Standing Elk's Message,

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[This is a message from Lakota medicine man Standing Elk to all. It concerns a Star Knowledge Conference which Spirit directed him to convene June 12-15 at Wagner, South Dakota, adjacent to the Yankton Sioux Reservation. From all over the hemisphere medicine people from various tribes are gathering to share for the first time secret oral traditions about generations of Star Nation (extraterrestrial) contacts and messages with the Native Americans. ]

Lakota medicine man Hehaka Inazin (Standing Elk) writes the following message to his Native American brothers and sisters and to all people of good heart. His message concerns his plan to hold a Star Knowledge Conference, bringing together Native American elders with special knowledge about the Star Nations (extraterrestrials') long history of contact with Native peoples. He is also bringing non-Indian Et experts together at the same meeting, to pool all information about the Star Visitors, and to share that information with the world.

Spirit has directed him and the other participating Native American Elders to take this new, open course. The Native Elders are no longer intimidated by the repressive intelligence agencies, and are sharing "genuine ET" information with the world.


"My name is Standing Elk of the Yankton Sioux Reservation, and this is my formal apology to all the elders of Turtle Island [North America], and I accept full responsibility for my words and actions in the future concerning the spiritual knowledge we are about to share with the people of the Americas and the world. My actions and words are none other than my own based upon the spiritual teachings of the Tunkasila and the spiritual knowledge of the Star Nations. If any Elder of the Red Nation feels that I am wrong in my actions or in any verbal statement, please feel free to correct me according to the Laws of the Kit Fox Society, that we as spiritual human beings have chosen to live by. "If it be necessary to punish a child, do so in such a way that it will improve his spirit or mind, but do not lay a hand on him, for you may damage the possession of the Great Spirit, his gift of life to you."

"As a Red Nation we have lived through dreams and vision of our Spiritual Tunkasila, and we have always chosen not to stray beyond our limits of the power of our spirit. My personal dream has directed me to contact certain Ikce Wicasa that will greatly increase the spiritual awareness that is to be shared with our brothers of the four directions. Through my personal contacts, some medicine men have agreed that it is time, because of the closeness and the fulfillment of prophecies that are vital for our existence as a human race. This sharing of dreams and vision of the Tunkasila will strengthen the foundation of Nations that are sincerely interested in being that element that will be the foundation of the "thousand years of peace".

"My hand is open to all those Elders of the Turtle Island who wish to share their message, dream and vision with the people of the world, for I cannot do it alone. Through our teachings, we know that not one individual holds the knowledge and mysteries of life; we were all given a piece of the puzzle. We are all a part of the Sacred Hoop that needs to be mended, and we must make a humble effort in this task, if the seventh generation, our grandchildren and unborn are to survive this next awareness. My life was molded around the teachings of the tunkasila that you have instilled in our spirit as children, and my spirit has directed me in this effort to help our brothers and sisters of the four directions, and I have already chosen not to fail the Tunkasila. Mitakuye Oyasin [All my relations]."


"The Lakota Dakota way of life has been considered illegal by the United States Government until the Freedom of Religion Act was passed by President Carter in August of 1978. In the past, the United States Government threatened the spiritual leaders with a 30-year prison term if they were reported and caught conducting ceremonies and praying in their native language. The psychological effect of religious suppression, oppression and depression by the United States Government has created an enormous amount of fear within the spiritual leaders and the belief system of the Lakota and Dakota Nation. Through this fear, the spiritual leaders have retained a 99.9% silence about the Lakota and Dakota ceremonies, and it is shared with only a few chosen people. This spiritual knowledge was and never will be available to the public until the people are sincere in their spiritual growth and have no interest in marketing the system of the Lakota/Dakota."

"Many books that have been written and published concerning the ceremonies of the Lakota/Dakota do not scratch the surface of the spiritual belief system of the Lakota/Dakota, because they were written by individuals who were just passing through, or just spending a few weeks on the reservations. These Authors and journalists have very good intentions, but by no means are experts or professionals on the subject of Lakota/Dakota spirituality."

"Christianity has played a major role in cultural and spiritual genocide among the grassroots people of Turtle Island {North America]. Religious Denominations were contracted by the United States to Christianize the "pagans", and they were often given the rations the Grassroots people needed for survival. These rations were used as a tool to get Grassroots people to come to church and learn the ways of being a good Christian. Those individuals that committed their efforts on preserving their spiritual and cultural ways were often reported, and the rations for the month were taken away from them by the religious orders. Many children were left without food and many Grassroots people succumbed to Christianity for the sake and survival of their children."

"Christianizing the Grassroots People has had a devastating effect on the Lakota/Dakota people themselves. Christianity had created a division amongst the Lakota/Dakota people, and the Government's Policy of "divide and conquer" had been accomplished. Traditionalism and Christianity is now the two major differences amongst the Dakota/Lakota people. Traditionalism has remained the same, but Christianity on the reservations is also in question because of the different religions that have appeared. The religions on the reservations now consist of Catholics, Presbyterians, Protestants, Mormons, Baptists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Methodists and many more of the 386 different religions that have all said they are the true religion. This religious system spells religious and spiritual chaos. These different religions have also added to the division within the Grassroots people. Many Christians have strayed from the "flock" and found their answers among the traditionalists."

"The Traditionalists (Medicine Men and Pipe Carriers) have practiced their ways very secretively and privately, and their ways were used in extreme cases that involved the healing of the sick. Many incurable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, AIDS, etc.have never been a problem for the traditionalists to cure. Again, this defies all modern medical belief that the human body will not fight the infectious diseases that science or technology have created. The traditionalist knows there is no organizational methods in the art of healing. There is no "cure all", because the problem lies within the person's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual belief system, and all are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems of each human beings and are drastically different. The Traditionalist has the gift to sort through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems of the clients and focus in on their condition internally to create the cure for that specific disease.. The Traditionalists believe all diseases come from forces and elements of Mother Earth, so all the opposites of disease lie within the same forces and elements of their origination."

"The Medicine Men held secret ceremonies for individuals having physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems over the decades, and they have asked their clients to keep quiet about their cures and ceremonies. The reason for silence was to protect the medicine men from long-term jail sentences because the medical fields of society would charge the medicine men with witchcraft or practicing medicine without a license."

"The Medicine Men and Pipe Carriers have the ability to communicate with all that moved with the spirit of Mother Earth. Many spiritual entities such as: the Eagle,, Hawk, Owl, Horse, Elk, Deer, Wolves, Coyotes, and the Star Nations, etc. are utilized in the ceremonial system of the Lakota/Dakota."

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"The Star Nations were the most crucial of all entities, because the thought of other races communicating with the grassroots people would create a major threat to the religious systems, the economy and educational system of any government. The greatest fear in the governmental structures was the knowledge that all forms of "Star Governments" had no menetary systems within their governing structures. Their system was based on the mental, spiritual and universal laws with which they were too mentally and spiritually intelligent to break. The collapse of the monetary system within the United States Government and the Religious Denominations became a National Security issue, and so it became an easier task to make the Lakota/Dakota belief system illegal to participate [in] and practice."

"The Lakota/Dakota Medicine Men are now being instructed to share the spiritual knowledge of the Star Nations because of the contamination of Mother Earth and the pollution of the air. This contamination of the air, water and soil is vital to the existence of mankind. The destructive forces do not lie within the "evil" of industry or progress, but within the entities that choose to utilize the progress of industrial technology. The first challenge is for those individuals out in front to "walk their talk" and to give up their earthly material and desires. They must be willing to accept themselves as living examples to stop the contamination and pollution which we all created as a human race."

"The prophecies of the Lakota/Dakota have stated that you are the foundation of the thousand years of peace. But first there must be a spiritual purification of man by fire and water. With that purification comes truth."

"In closing, there are those entities who do not want peace, there are entities that do not want truth, and there are those entities who do not want you to be free."

"The prophecies have already won."

Hehaka Inazin (Standing Elk)

[transcription of Standing Elk's printed announcement of the Star Knowledge UFO Conference and Sundance on the Yankton Sioux Reservation]


JUNE 12-22, 1996


The Lakota/Dakota Oyate invite all nations to come together for the spiritual gathering of the century. Experience the knowledge of the Star Nations "Wicahpe Oyate" with many tribal medicine men, spiritual advisors, and UFO experts who will be sharing their latest knowledge on UFO's. Sundance to follow conference.

June 12-16 Conference
June 17-22 Sundance

Guest Speakers Include: Standing Elk, Floyd Hand, Jaquar, Wallace Black Elk, Paul Ortega, Sidney Keith, Flrentine Blue Thunder, Jerry Dearly, Paula Underwood, Rod Shenandoah, Steve Red Buffalo, Gary Holy Bull, Galen Drapeau Sr., Norbert Running, Harry Charger, Preston Scott, Don Felix Poot Chut, Zack Bearshield, Gerald Ice, Leonard Crow Dog, Robert Dean, Barbara Marciniak, Darryl Simms, Leo Sprinkle, Richard Boylan, Giorgio Bongiovonni, Dea Martin, Angela Browne-Miller, Chet Snow, Steven Greer, Whitley Streiber, Rauni Kilde, John Mack, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Roy Little Sun, Randolph Winters, Scott Mandelker, Joshua Shapiro & Joke Van Dieten (caretaker of "ET", an ancient smoky quartz skull) and many more.

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